Miss Bailey and the White Stuff


I know most of y'all are sick and tired of snow, but this is the first good snow we have gotten in two years and I love to watch it fall.

I used to love getting out in it, but not so much now. I'm fine looking at it from inside.

I let Miss Bailey out this morning to see what she would do and she just stared at it at first.

Then she sniffed it to see what that stuff is.

Then she stepped in it.

Then she saw a bird or something and forgot all about the snow.

After I called her back she decided to investigate the white stuff a bit more.

Then she did what terriers do and started digging.

NO, Bailey! STOP!
No tearing up Mama's yard!

She was covered in dirt, but I didn't get a shot of that. I just
had to stop and clean her up before she could come in.

Warmer days are ahead and I am so ready!


  1. Don't yorkies love to dig. Does she ever scratch furiously on your couch? Mine do.

    1. Brenda...mine does. And she digs my bed covers. It makes me laugh.

  2. Miss Bailey is so cute. You must brush her hair every day. My Mazi girl went out ot play in the snow and came in with little ice cubes stuck in here fur. I had to give her a warm bath to melt it. Then I snuggled her up in a blanket and held her like a baby,

  3. She looks like she is loving that snow :)

  4. I know it's fun to see our dogs in the snow since they seldom see it. Max wasn't sure what to make of it as his paws sank down in it and it crunched with every step! He never stayed out long in it. Too cold! It's hard to believe that we will probably be able to wear short sleeves this weekend, isn't it?

  5. I am cracking up over the digging picture! SO cute! Rosie is definitely a snow dog. She just refuses to come in when she gets going in that snow! Enjoy the winter weather!

  6. That is hysterical. When we moved here from Florida years ago we had a little cockapoo. You should have seen him in the snow-it was hysterical-he just had this quizzical look about him...and he was a digger, too. GREAT pictures, Kim. So funny- xo Diana

  7. We used to have a toy poodle and she lOVED the snow. She would look like a deer jumping around in it. But RAIN??? NO WAY, she would go out, see the rain, PEE ON THE WELCOME MATand come back in! UGH.

  8. Too cute! Your dog is precious. (My daughter has been emailing me photos of puppies all evening so that we will get one.) Two beautiful dogs ran away from their owner early this morning in the snow and ended up on our front porch! (The owners got them later.) Our snow was more ice than snow...love how powdery yours looks. Glad you weren't in the Atlanta gridlock.

  9. We had a light snow last Friday. Sadie had to investigate too. She didn't like the cold, but it fascinated her all the same. Yesterday it was ice, so we had to be extra careful on our morning walk. ;-)

  10. Cute story, Kim! If you had let her stay out there, I bet your whole front garden of white would have turned brown in no time at all!


  11. I can't believe she was digging in the snow! I didn't think they would because they can't smell their usual smells to make them want to dig. We had a dusting of snow but the dogs weren't very interested because it was soooo cold. Even Violet who usually likes the snow.

  12. wasn't it fun....and cold! kids lasted all of 5 mins.

  13. Cute little Bailey! We got a little and Ellie-Mae runs around like a crazy pup...she loves snow! Stay warm!

  14. That is just too cute! Great snow pictures, Kim!
    Stay warm!

  15. Our dog, Clyde, was on the front porch after our 4" snowfall yesterday. We have "baby gates" on the two porch entrances, so the dogs can be confined to the porch and not run off. However, Clyde squeezed his fluffy, 60 pound body between two of the balusters and ran off! He left a clear trail in the snow beginning just below the end of the porch. We drove around the neighborhood for about 15 minutes, then came back home to find that he had returned. He lifted his paw and limped toward me with a pitiful look on his face. It took awhile to get the marble-sized balls of snow and ice out of his foot pads! If I could attach a picture, I could show you the trail of evidence (footprints) in the snow. :-)

  16. My son's dog loves the snow and looks like Bailey does too!…I loved it when the snow stopped and the sun came out and the snow sparkled!..Today..lots of ice!

  17. How cute! Bailey is a darling!~~Angela

  18. Bella my yorkie bichon loves the snow, & being in IL we've seen quite a bit this year. She's not so much a outside digger, unless she catches the scent of a ground squirrel, but more a rooter, whole head up to her ears in the nearest snow drift its hysterical. Due to the bichon in her I keep her fur on the short side, so we don't get the snow poms, but it is funny to watch her walk when she does get them. The look of "MOM" get these off me is priceless. Inside she does rearrange the pillows & blankets on the couches & beds to her liking too.

  19. Bailey is the cutest thing! My cats don't really like snow: they shake their paws because they think it's too cold!

  20. Miss Bailey is adorable! My dog loves the snow. I've had enough! I'm tired of having to wipe the snow out of her paws every time we come in, but she just loves walking in it!