Accomplished A Little and a Winner


Yesterday I told you I would be working in the yard and shared the to do list. I actually mowed the front lawn Friday and edged. Then Mr. Savvy came home and started trimming our tree line back in the back yard. All that had to be picked up and hauled off. It was thrown all over the back yard and I couldn't cut it until we moved all the mess he made.

I was pulling out some vines and things hanging from where he cut stuff back and this huge grapevine  was tangled in the trees. We got it out and then I had a light bulb moment and asked him to make me a wreath out of it. He has made a couple in the past so I knew he could. I hung it on the front door and will probably add some flowers to it on one side when I have time to get some.

We did go get the mulch and was thrilled to see that Home Depot was selling the kind we like to use for just two dollars a bag. The first year it was five dollars. Last year it was three. Maybe it will be one dollar next year! We bought a pallet which is 60 bags. I only put out three bags. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to because while Miss Bailey was out she decided to get in the pond after I told her not to.

I was talking to my neighbors and then Cliff said, "Bailey's in the pond." What??? Bailey, I told you NO!!
She was covered in muck plus grass where I had cut all the grass around the pond and most of it ends up in the water. Well, it ended up in her long hair which has now been cut off. I had to cut the mess out and now she will need to get professionally groomed again to fix the chopped up mess her hair is in. Geesh!

This is where the grass in front of our sidewalk and between two beds is not doing well so we will have to dig this up and bring in dirt and add mulch. Then I will have to figure out what kind of plants to put in this area. It's always something.

I did manage to plant a few flowers in pots on the front porch. I had to rush making decisions at Home Depot since Mr. Savvy was with me. He said that we did not come to shop for flowers. I told him he may not have, but I sure did. I grabbed a couple dianthus and some petunias.

In a few weeks the petunias should be spilling over the sides of this old pot.

I think the dianthus is pink. I don't know I grabbed them so quickly.

While standing in the mile long line at Home Depot to pay I spied these huge pots of flowers outside and asked the cashier how much they were. He said $29.99 and I said ring one up! I was surprised the price was that low. Just the pot alone usually runs that much.

I love the color combination. I just hope I don't kill the geraniums. I have a history of doing that. The petunias should be fine.

So today will be day three of yard work and hopefully the mulch will all get put out before I give out.

Gosh, back in the day I would get all this done in one day. I worked from morning till dark.
 Not anymore.

Enjoy your day and don't over do it.

You can see more past looks of the yard like the very first time I shared it here and more herehere, and even here.

The winner of the $50 gift certificate to Antique Farmhouse is Teresa of the blog Magazine Your Home.
Congrats, Teresa.
You have 48 hours to contact me.

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  1. Your landscape is beautiful, Kim. I agree with you about not being able to work morning till dark anymore. I've been in the garden every day this week and, boy, winter has really hit my garden in the meanest way! I will be having to replace several mature plants, and had to hard prune several more. Looks like this year may be less spectacular (for mine) in an effort to get it healthy again. We have some bald grass areas too, and I hate reseeding grass - it takes so long to restore! Btw, great price on mulch at HD this year! Hope your day is relaxing.

  2. Wow! A trip to Home Depot to check on that large pot of beautiful flowers is now on my to do list. Yard work is slow here in Ohio. We're supposed to receive a tad of snow Tuesday. My husband is itching to plant several veggies, but our ground is very wet. I love your Bailey. Our Bailey is a freshman in high school.

  3. Kim....Had the same kind of day yesterday. There is so much to do and everything just takes longer as we get older. Still nice to be outdoors again!
    Your yard looks lovely! I love geraniums and grow them every summer. My tip...deadhead them everyday,keep them watered, and Miracle Gro. They should be just fine!

  4. Wow, you were a hard working girl. My dog does the same thing, she goes in the pond several times a day and I have just learned to deal with it. I can't wash a 80 pound dog every day. LOL, I just make her stay outside until she's dry. You grapevine wreath turned out darling, and I bet you will have some great embellishments on it soon. It was 65 here yesterday but calling for snow again this week. I did get my perennial and herb garden cut back and cleaned out so I am ready for spring to arrive.

  5. We have been shopping at Home Depot, too. I got basil, chives, flat leaf parsley, red pepper, marigolds, phlox, dianthus and salvia. There is a nursery here in town where I purchase my geraniums because the ones I get there always do well. I am still on the hunt for a few other plants. Now, like you, to get them all planted.

    Thanks for the tip on the price of the mulch. I just showed my husband, and he will be headed there soon.

  6. Everything is looking great....Isn't it ironic sometimes....we beg for Spring to come then it does and my first thought is "Oh Crap...time to go buy 45 bags of mulch for my flower beds"

    I'll give you a tip about your grass that's not doing looks like a shady spot and I'm guessing it did great until a tree shaded it?...If you don't want a bigger flower bed to have to deal with (which is never my case but they are a lot of work) you can buy a bag a shade loving grass seed to fill in the areas and call it a day. And I don't do that whole "use a pitch fork, loosen the soil, yada yada stuff....I throw a semi thick covering of seed, sprinkle a little bag of garden soil over it and water twice a day for a week until little sprouts show up...Ta Da!

    1. Christine, this is a sunny spot in our front yard. I took the photo when the sun was setting behind the trees which was making it look shady. We have centipede sod and this area has what I believe is called centipede decline. The colder than normal winters are not helping this grass plus it is 18 years old. Thanks for your advice.

  7. Hey Kim I use the same BROWN mulch, hate the red.
    Walmart was selling it for $1.89 a bag. I want a dog like ms. Bailey.

  8. Oh, how I feel you about the old days when laboring in the garden for 8-10 hours was a breeze. Now, instead of knocking it all out in a day, I have to pace my chores to one or two a day. It has become a never-ending chore!

  9. It feels good to get the yard looking good. I love the idea of taking up that grass and making beds. My favorite is a perennial garden with shasta daisies,stella dior daylillies, black eyed susans....the list goes on. Have so much fun doing that.

  10. I have been doing a little yard work is definitely not so fun on the back but the rewards are worth it! Let's just say that Home Depot and Pikes have gotten a chunk of my money lately!

  11. Looks great so far! I'll have to see if they are selling that mulch for the same price up here. That is the exact one we use.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  12. It's great to get back in the yard in the Spring, but there is always so much to do! I'm so glad that Home Depot and Lowes have dropped their price on mulch this year. Getting bags is so much easier than having to pick up 5 trailers full of mulch!

  13. I also get it about not being able to work outside from morning til dark! That is what we USED to do too. Joe still lasts longer than me. I like to "putz" with the pots etc. I am dying to get home and get some FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. PS, Miss Bailey is so cute but I know you wanted to strangle her:):):)

  15. Love the new plants and that pot really is a great buy. Hugs, Marty

  16. I have to laugh every time you quote Mr. Savvy, Kim. I laugh because my husband would say the exact same words as Mr. S.!! It also sounds like Mr. Savvy puts up with you and your ideas the way my honey does. I think we better keep our men!!!

    Happy Spring!

  17. Oh yes I feel your longing to be able to get it done as in the past. The flowers are so pretty, I wish I could plant here in ohio but it's still too chilly. I am looking forward to flowers after this long cold winter. I can't wait to see your finished yard.

  18. Hahaha... Miss Bailey and that pond!. I know if we had one we would have the same thing with Master Vic.
    The glowers are pretty. Glad to know I an hot the only one with trouble with geraniums. if you figure it out... let me know.

  19. Yay to the winner of Antique Farmhouse! Teresa has been going through a hard time right now so I'm thrilled that she won. Love all of your pretty flowers. I haven't bought any yet. It's such a good feeling to get the yard in good shape. Little Bailey is so funny getting in that pond. She just can't help the temptation. Max would love it too.

  20. Congrats to the winner...the flowers look so pretty...I need to get out in my garden too!

  21. Oh no...Bailey in the pond again?....Looks like you and Mr. Savvy have been very busy....great job on the wreath...what a guy!!...

  22. Love the wreath...bad Bailey! lol. I am working in the yard this weekend too. You are accomplishing a lot!

  23. The flowers are so beautiful, and make itch to get some very soon. I over-did it thurs & fri, so I'm taking the weekend off. :)

  24. Make ME itch, see I'm still tired. :)

  25. Now why didn't Bailey listen to you? Little Lulu would love to come romp in the pond with Bailey.

    A flat of mulch - aren't your muscles aching? I am headed out to the garden again today. I am trying to do2 or 3 hours each day, but I have nowhere near the yard space you have.

  26. I was so excited when I saw that I won the giveaway! Thank you so much Kim!! I still can't believe I won, lol. Kim you've inspired me to get out and work in the yard, heaven knows there's plenty of weed pulling and trimming waiting for me. I love that Mr. Savvy made that wreath for you! Thanks again and have a great day!

  27. Oh- Teresa is so thrilled. I am SO glad she won-she has had such a rough go of it with her hubby in the past few weeks! Whoo Hooo.
    Poor Miss Bailey. lol Or poor you that had to clean her up. She listens about as well as my grandkids do! That is CHEAP for mulch. I need to go get some before it is gone. I can see I have my work cut out for me on this lawn this year. It is a MESS out there- xo Diana

  28. Glad you got so much done....I know how it is....just can't get everything on the list done....
    But poor Miss Bailey, bet she had fun though....
    We are off to do our yard today...

  29. Wow! You accomplished a lot and you've really made me want to run to Home Depot--what bargains! Thanks for sharing Miss Bailey's adventures with all of us. I had two Yorkies for fourteen years, and I miss them so much. Bailey always puts a smile on my face.

  30. WOW, you did a lot of work and I love the flowers you managed to get at Home Depot. The pot with flowers are stunning and I love the color combination.
    Poor Miss Bailey not listening to her mama - but she sure is a cutie.
    Have a great week.

  31. Oh I know the feeling of everything taking longer than it used to. I'm still amazed what all I could do in a day when the kids were younger and at home. Anyway...I know your yard will be beautiful very soon. I'm just now starting to see my perennials coming to life.
    Mary Alice

  32. We have the most wonderful little family nursery. I buy most of my plants there. All my pots and planters are done. I need one or two more baskets. Our azaleas are just starting. I love SPRING!!!

    We're enjoying another beautiful day today. Had a wonderful service @ church this morning, then grilled out.

    Poor Miss Bailey! Our yorki-poo is groomed every 4 weeks. I would hate to see her if I tried to cut her hair! LOL The groomer always says if she goes past time, her fur is like cotton candy.

    Don't over do it!

  33. Kim, I enjoy reading about your yard and watching your photos. It's very inspiring knowing that you and your husband do the job, here I know many people who hire a gardener for it, but I think doing the job by yourself is a better feeling and satisfaction.

  34. We spent all day Saturday in the yard clipping back tree limbs and all those other Spring chores! It's getting harder and harder to get it all done! I'm getting too old for this!

  35. Hi Kim, Charlie and I spent the whole weekend doing yard work too! It's funny that you too feel like it's taking longer and longer to get things done. I share that same feeling to Charlie today. And to think we still have lots to do!! Enjoy your evening, Gail

  36. Kim
    So great Teresa won. She and her sweet hubby have been having a rough go health wise. This will be a great pick me up for her. The timing on her winning is great. Good luck with the mulch. I will be doing that next week end. Ughhhh!

  37. Hi Kim, Our purchases sound alike-we spotted brown mulch on sale for $1.+ for smaller bags but they were all out. Hubby stopped at Home Depot last week and got 10 bags; we went back and got 55 more...yes put all but one out. Of course, we are fixing the yard for it to sell; seriously if I never put out that much mulch again, I'll be happy.
    All your flowers look so nice. Our plants are just coming back and of course it snowed all day today. I'm ready for some warm weather.
    Have a great Monday!

  38. Loving that wreath...I have been busy making a wreath and it is harder than it looks!i. Have been knitting lot so f little flowers for it!

  39. Glad to know someone else has trouble with geraniums other than me! Love your simple grapevine wreath! We've been spreading pine straw and working in the yard, pressure washing, etc. Miss Bailey may have to have a playpen when she goes in the yard! :)

  40. Kim, I know your yard is going to look gorgeous. It's a lot of work, but so worth the effort when you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Poor Bailey! I feel your angst! All of the oak trees are dropping catkins and the terrace is covered with green fronds. I sweep 2-3 times a day, but still they are everywhere, and Sadie is like a dust mop when she goes outside. We have to take a brush to her before she can come back inside. What a mess. '-)

  41. Your yard is going to be beautiful! Yards are so much work, but relaxing on the porch or deck make it all worth it! I think after Easter, I will get some flowers for my container garden and my flower garden and really get to work on my yard. Right now, I'm trying to finish up some indoor painting. Pollen is too much for me right now.

  42. I had to laugh about little Miss Bailey!!! But I am in the same boat as Sarah.... Our little Yorkie is a magnet for the oak tree "dropping Catkins"... such a mess... I have to pick her up or the kitchen floor is covered in them !!! Geeeeeeeeez.... Your yard is just gorgeous!!!! This is such a wonderful time of year!!!

  43. I'm not a fan of taking hubby to the garden shop.... I'm getting my plants next week. Alone :)
    I love geraniums too, but they don't love me, I think I water mine too often??