My Favorite Room....Blue Roof Cabin


 I am so thrilled to share my favorite room here on Savvy Southern Style.  I have been a huge fan of Kim's and her blog for years and when I got the chance to meet her at the Haven conference last year I think I even told her that I love her.  

My favorite room is definitely my Living Room.  I just finished giving it a makeover but it was my favorite even before that.  I guess it is because it's the room we spend the most time in together relaxing.  Also, I love to build, re-purpose & create and I've poured a lot of myself into this room.  Most of the pieces I either built, reupholstered or painted.  I haven't bought a "new" piece of furniture for at least eight years.  I prefer to find and old castoffs and give them new life.  

My favorite DIY in the room is the Faux Mantel I built.  It gives some much needed architectural interest to the room.  I love the white against the dark wall.  I painted the two opposing walls charcoal gray several years ago and still love it.  It makes the space very cozy and adds a little drama. 

I love to decorate my mantle with rustic and natural elements.   All that rust needed some color so I added some moss.

We have a ridiculously large TV but I like big TVs and I cannot lie.  I have never photographed this entire room for my blog before because of it.  Here's a sneak peak at the new Media Console I just built.  It's the reason I finally took photos of the TV.  I will be sharing all the details about how I built it on my blog soon. 

During this makeover process I decided to splurge on a new rug.   We haven't had any rugs or carpet in the house for years but nothing grounds a room like a area rug.  It makes all the difference in the world.  The room looks so much more finished and brighter.

The antique writing desk is my favorite piece I own.  I bought it to re-sell but fell in love instead.  If you read my blog you are probably thinking not that thing again but I had to mention it for those who have never seen it.  He's old & worn and perfect.   

My coffee table was green.  I love green but it wasn't working with my new changes.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it so I stripped it.  After the first batch there were bits of the old green here and there.  I loved it, decided to leave it and just wax the top to protect it.

The sofa is last on the list.  I keep having crazy thoughts of recovering it but I really just need to replace it.  I'm taking my time, saving my pennies for the perfect one.  Other than that I'm done, for now.    

To see more of the changes I made to the room come on over to my blog, Blue Roof Cabin.  I'd love to see you. 

Thanks again Kim for letting me share my favorite room and for giving me motivation to finish just when I needed it. 

Thanks Mimi for sharing your beautiful favorite room with us. That antique writing desk made me gasp!

If y'all want to see more of Mimi's pretty home just pop on over and say hi at Blue Roof Cabin.

You can catch up on all the past favorite rooms here.

Have a super weekend and come follow me on instagram.


  1. Oh Mimi - I could just curl up in that spectacular living room right this instance ( I'm living in a reno from hell at the moment lol )
    LOVE everything you've done - you even make your monster t.v. look great with the console you built for it - but more than anything I'm in LOVE with that faux fireplace - coming over now to pin it ( because I'm making one for my bedroom and this is exactly what I'd like !!! )
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. I can see why this is your favorite room! did an incredible job on the faux mantel and surround and I must say that I do so love that writing desk and can see why you kept it for yourself...I would have too!...beautiful room with so many great details...Have a great weekend Kim and Mimi!

  3. What a great many pretty things!! LOVE the antique writing desk and the wicker trunk under it too!

  4. SO good! I absolutely love the antique writing desk. The room has so many special things...also loving the mantel and the light upholstered chairs. :)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  5. What a cozy, comfy room! The use of color, furniture, and accessories just makes that room say, "Come relax in here." Love it!

  6. I just adore your living room! That desk...I'm in love. The room looks so relaxing. The mantle looks great! I wish I had the nerve to build things. Thanks for sharing, Kim.

  7. Mimi's living room is so warm and cozy, a perfect gathering place for family and friends. I love the pieces she has repurposed and brought to life. Her antique desk is fabulous. My eye was drawn to her fun mantel display with all that rusty goodness.
    Mary Alice

  8. Beautiful Mimi! I love the architectural detail of the faux fireplace and mantle. I can see why you enjoy this room so much , it's looks so comfy. I can see why you've kept the desk, it's a great find. I love that you do your on building. Most of the time I have the ideas and the know how but I leave the power tools to my husband! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing!

  9. I in luv with the writing desk!! I can see why it is your favourite piece. Thanks so much for sharing your luvly room.
    Have a wonderful weekend .
    HUGS, Gee

  10. Beautiful room, Mimi! I love that antique desk!!!!! I can't wait to come browse around your blog!!! Thanks for featuring her, Kim! Happy weekend everyone!!!

  11. What a charming home....Kim, I love this idea of posting my favorite rooms! Very fun!

  12. I love this room -- you have done a fantastic job. Everything is so balanced and beautifully composed. The formal table juxtaposed against the more casual elements is perfect, and the mantel looks the way it should look if one is using the rusty pieces. It takes a very skilled eye, and you have it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ya know, I might like this room if your tv weren't so small. I'm thinking if you went bigger, it may have more of an impact ;) Bahaha. All kidding aside, I like your faux mantle & the little logs in the basket. I'm pinning.

  14. Mimi your room is so cozy! I love all the rusty artifacts on the fact I have several of the old floral why are mine in the garage! I'm bringing them in (with a few other old things) to display...thanks for the inspiration! I really enjoy your blog. Thank you, Kim,
    for featuring Mimi and her favorite room!

  15. Mimi, I love the old rusty floral frog, too. I have one just like it and you've inspired me to put it on display. I can see why this is your favorite room because it's so warm and cozy. I'm just amazed that you built the faux fireplace yourself, not to mention your tv cabinet! You are amazingly talented!

  16. Nice!!! Love the desk, curtains, rug! Very pretty!

  17. Hi Kim and Mimi!
    GREAT guest post! Love your room and what you've done. SO impressed that YOU have built things within this lovely space! That's awesome, Mimi. I am so glad Kim has shared your room and introduced us to you and your blog! Coming over to see more.
    Nice to cyber meet you.

    Alison :)

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  19. It´s welcoming and invites to stay long. The fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere. Thanks.

  20. Beautiful. The wall is amazing and I don't care for gray, but it definitely works in your room. Now off to visit your blog.

  21. What a gorgeous and cozy room! Love all of the decor and furniture, especially that desk!!!!

  22. Gorgeous room!