So Much To Do


Happy Saturday! These two photos are from last year.

This weekend I hope we get some much needed yard work started. 

List to do:
cut grass
need to replenish mulch
trim bushes
buy ferns to replace dead ones in pots
buy flowers for pot on front porch
paint front door, too after pollen lets up
extend the bed in the photo above a bit in a spot where the grass is not doing well

That's just for the front yard.
The back is a whole other story. It is in such bad shape and it looks like #*@!
Yep, that bout sums it up.

So much to do, but I love it!!
At the end of the day you may find me sitting here cause I'll be tired.

Have a glorious day whatever you do.

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  1. Wow, you better get to work you have a long list :)

  2. Hi Kim. Sounds like pure fun to me! We've already potted most of our pots but have a few left. Haven't planted any annuals yet because it's still going to be down in the 40s. It's definitely beautiful spring time here though...I have buds on my rose bushes and should see flowers within a day or two.

    Thank you for your sweet comment at Marty's blog yesterday. You are right, some of us can't live without color. I wouldn't want to try. :)

  3. Oh my, good luck! That's a really enthusiastic list - I love it, too!

  4. Enjoy the tranquil moment by the water :)

  5. Have fun! We got the cleanup in the front done and now we are working on the back this weekend. I cleaned the screened in porch yesterday because I couldn't stand it anymore! I hope the weather stays nice for you!

  6. Oh my you will be busy! Wish we were that far ahead with spring. We still have snow in our back yard.

  7. We're right there with you, but expecting snow tomorrow! Have fun, it will look beautiful!!

  8. Kim, you and what army is doing all this work! I am so jealous of your energy... not to mention your beautiful yard!

  9. Your yard is gorgeous! Enjoy the time outside and I hope you get all your work done so you can relax! We just had our mulch put in and it really makes a huge difference.

  10. Gorgeous, Kim! Enjoy this weekend in the garden, and hope you get to play a little. xo

  11. I'm sure you will have all of that done in no time! As long as the weather cooperates, that is.

  12. Lots of work I'm sure, but so worth it if that's your view :) We are just beginning to see Spring weather.

  13. I just came in from doing the same thing Kim! The weather here is beautiful and I am so happy to be outside working in the gardens!

  14. Kim, I'm doing the same thing. I've been in the garden most of the day with more on the agenda tomorrow. It feels good though! Good luck with your projects.

  15. Well, I am sure when you are done that it will look every bit as good as it did last year. I am so glad that you are able to be outside and working. We still have some snow left and it was super cold and rained hard all day here. xo Diana

  16. Been moving boxes all day and wearing myself out. This moving thing is not for the faint of heart.

  17. Oh let's not even talk about how our yard looks! I have so much to do. The pollen has done its thing to my nose. I think I will do some painting inside and work on the yard when the pollen goes away, or is at least not so bad!

  18. Oh, I so envy that you can start planting this early! Your yard is beautiful, especially that pond.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  19. Kim, we are antsy as HE__ to get home and start on OUR yard too!!!! This is very frustrating being stuck here but we will catch up! You have a lot of energy but I get it cause we love doing this stuff too!!! Your yard is always beautiful!!!!

  20. Glad that is will be a nice weekend to be outdoors (except for the dreaded pollen)....after the tournament, my mister will be working in the yard too...looks like a great plan and lots of work ahead!

  21. Wish I could hit a like button! Yard work is so rewarding!!