May Recap


How is this the last day of May? Where did it go? The months are just whizzing by and soon it will be Christmas again. No, I really don't won't to think about that yet. It will be here soon enough.

Not a ton of projects done in May, but here are some of the things I shared.

I shared this Antique Chest that I purchased locally. I placed it in one of the guest rooms. This room has been made over and will be shared very soon, I promise.

I shared what the Sun Room looks like now with some new additions.

Shared peeks of the Guest Room project.

I shared how sometimes you just have to Go With the Flow.

I changed up the breakfast room Seating.

A couple benches Switched Places.

It was time to change the Centerpiece in the dining room.

How about a room I've Never Shared before.

Shared my trip to Lucketts.

I tamed this mess in the Master Bath with help from HomeGoods.

I was part of a small group sharing some Vintage French Items.

I gave a little tour of the yard after some much needed Yard Work got done.

And we are still working on the house and yard. It just never ends.

I hope your weekend is fabulous!

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  1. Morning Kimmie! You've been a busy gal this May! Love everything you've done. I agree, the year is going by so fast! Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. You were one busy "lady in May"......Have a great weekend!

  3. okay. how much of that is still the same right now?? :) I am savoring the summer and hoping that it does not go by too quickly.

  4. Good Morning Kim. You accomplished a lot for the month of May. I still love love love anything you do in that awesome sun room. I could come and just live in there and be a happy girl. Love that sun room.
    Enjoy the week end.

  5. You accomplished a lot in one month--I can't wait to see what you do in June! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. You've had a busy month! I was just thinking the other day that the holidays are only 6 months away! I'm off to look at a few of your posts I missed! My internet has been spotty at best the last few weeks so I've missed some things! Have a wonderful weekend!!~~Angela

  7. You had a busy month! Enjoy the weekend as we welcome June. '-)

  8. What a lot you've accomplished in May - and you're still going strong!

  9. The month of May did fly by! You got a lot of things done!

  10. I'm with you Kim, where did the month of May go? Hope you have a wonderful June! It's good to get all of your projects done so you can enjoy being outside...

  11. Ha, I was just working on my May recap and realized I have to do April AND May!! The last two months are a total blur... so glad to have a little time to catch up now. Enjoy the weekend, Kim!
    xo Heidi

  12. You are one of the busiest gals I know! If you have any extra energy send it my way!!!

  13. You have done a lot Ma'am. Whew... you made me tired reading it. I am still in luv with your sunroom. awe are in the process of renovating ours. Sigh... I know it will take longer than Ai care for as we do it on the weekends and after the Mr. gets home from the office. But it will get done! Hahahaha... it never ends.
    Hugs, Gee