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Welcome to My Favorite Room!
 I was asked by Kim 
to post on her popular series about bloggers and their favorite rooms.
I certainly have one room in my house that I prefer over all the others.
My living room!
 Its my favorite room in the house, hands down.
I think the main reason is that the natural light is so nice in here, and 
I appreciate that quality the older I get.  It's also a room that doesn't have
a television in it, and that means, it stays neat and tidy most of the time.
Come along with me and I will show off some of the things I love
about this room.  The pair of celadon green velvet chairs and silver garden stool
are both new additions to the room.
The room itself is on the narrow side, and so the floor plan was a bit of a challenge.
The fireplace calls for a seating arrangement gathered round it. Furniture has
been in a few different positions, and until I found the smaller pair of chairs
nothing seemed to work. The moderate scale of the chairs was just right! We need to walk
 through this room into our dining room, so we couldn't have anything oversized.
Pale green mixes with various soft blues in the mostly white room.
The walls are painted #1515 Natural Elements by Benjamin Moore. 
The woodwork is White Dove also by Ben Moore.
My bookcases are backed with a vintage Mario Buatta floral chintz fabric in powder blue.
My mantle recently got a makeover using appliques I sell at my shop, and it really
made a huge difference in the elegance factor in the room. Its classic and pretty now.
 Another new addition to the room is my miniature antique mora clock.
 I have plans to paint it, as it was originally painted and someone stripped
the paint off of it!  Its a project I look forward to doing.  I remade the chandelier in the
room with parts of an antique blue opaline chandelier a blog reader gifted me.
You can see the edge of a baby grand piano in this room too~
we have quite a bit of stuff in this relatively small space, but I love
how it feels open and airy and light. 
We have oversized windows and a large french door as our front door
so they let in lots of light.  A sisal carpet bound with an aqua border
keeps the room from feeling too precious.  My personal style is a mix
of French, Cottage and Vintage styles.  I buy what I love and somehow it
all works.  My coffee table is an antique hand painted tea table that my
decorator friend Betsy Speert snagged at an auction for me.  I planned to 
sell it in my shop, Maison Decor, but I decided it had to come home with me.
My sofa has a white slipcover that I made about ten years ago.
We let our dogs get on the couch, and a white slipcover is the way to go!
Throw it in the wash with detergent and some Oxyclean and you will be all set.
Here is Mr. Dillon after I finished the photo shoot. I sat down in the room
in one of the green chairs with Mr. Maison Decor in the other, and Dillon
hopped up on the freshly washed couch! I snapped this pic with my iphone
so the colors in the photo might be a bit different than the other shots,
but I wanted to share a bit of real life in this, my favorite room.
Anyway, back to my favorite little table~isn't it pretty?
It's made out of pine and has flowers and a pastoral scene painted on the top.
The old wood knots are showing through and the paint has chipped off
to reveal the gesso base, and I find the whole thing delicious.
 I find most of my artwork on Etsy, like the pieces you can see hanging
above my mora clock. The sofa pillows are from HomeGoods. That is the 
fastest way to update a room you know~use pillows!   
My white cotton smocked curtains are from Pottery Barn.  I fabricated
some old stamped metal window box cornices to fit my windows
and then painted them white and hung the cotton panels inside the cornices.
That was one of my favorite projects that I have yet to tire of.
Being a DIY addict, I find that I change things up often, so its
nice when you have something that seems to stand the test of time.
In the corner of the room we tucked in a baby grand piano.
I made a linen skirt for a long bench. Decorating a piano top is kind
of a challenge.  It can look pretty contrived sometimes I think. What I have 
on my piano now is pretty simple, and it repeats the colors in the room.
A pair of pastel portraits of my two older sons was 
done by a noted local artist about 25 years ago.  She made the
colors of their shirts per my suggestion of what I wanted!
Its kind of funny that the colors fit just right in my decorating scheme
this many years later.  The large vintage mirror was one I had hanging
in my dining room above a bombe chest.  As things go in home decor,
I sold the chest to make room for a large French Provincial cabinet,
which meant the mirror needed a new home.
The top of the piano has a few florentine style photo frames in soft colors
from HomeGoods.  These are the perfect frame style for 
my vintage french decorating preference. 
Past the piano and the green velvet chairs is the opening to the dining room.
 The dining room and living room are quite connected since the opening is so
large.  We don't have an open floor plan, yet it feels like it due to the French doors.
The view looking into the dining room past the double French doors
is one I enjoy everyday while I sit at the table having my breakfast coffee.
I hope you enjoyed this tour of my favorite room as much as I did getting it
all spiffed up and photographed to share with you.
Thanks for hosting the Favorite Room party Kim!
Your blog rocks!!

Thanks, Amy for sharing your favorite room with us. 
I've been following Amy's blog for a long time and even got to meet her in person a couple years ago when we went to Boston. If you don't know Amy's blog Maison Decor I hope y'all will go over for a visit and say hi. Amy is one very busy lady running her own shop and she sells on line, too.

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!

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