Pillows On The Move and a New Camera


As most of y'all know I have a lot of pillows. Most of them were purchased as just the pillow covers and I have plenty of inserts to swap them out from time to time. This past week the pillow swapping palooza happened again. I just can't help myself.

Let me explain how the domino effect really takes place when pillow swapping happens. The vintage French ticking pillows were in the sitting room and the cow pillow was on the black bench.

These older tan colored pillow covers took place of the vintage French ticking pillows.

This rooster pillow took place of the cow pillow.

The rooster pillow was here on this antique bench from France on the stair landing, but now a new pillow that I ordered from the Lucketts website after I got home from there sits here.

This pillow was in the master bedroom and is now on the chair in the sitting room.

The master bedroom pillows look like this for now.

And this is a new vintage French ticking pillow in blue.

And another one on the other chair.

I placed my flag pillow on the guest bedroom bed for Memorial day.

The only change in here is the red plaid pillows and solid red pillows swapped places.

All of these photos were taken with my new Samsung NX300 camera with built in WiFi that has been given to me by Staples. I love this little camera and will be taking a photo each day in June and sharing it on Instagram or Twitter or both and probably Facebook, too. I am still learning it since I am technically challenged. My daughter will help me get the app I need on it to use the wifi directly. Glad I have kids who understand this stuff.
 Then at the end of June the kind folks at Staples will be giving away one of these cameras to one of you!
Woo Hoo!

The winner of the Decor Steals giveaway is Debby from the blog Cozy Blanket.
Congrats and I need your email address.

Have a super Sunday and week!

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  1. Your pillow swap is a great success! Of course they would be ;-) as I love everything you do! I would love to see how high your stack of covers would be if you took all you have and put them together -- maybe 5 feet? There is NOTHING like a great pillow, I share your passion. I just need a few more in my own home!! Have a great Sunday

  2. Love them all, you sure have a big pillow cover stash. I remember the post when you organized them all in the large wicker trunk. Where did the flag cover come from?

  3. Nothing I like better than a good pillow swap out as I have been known to indulge in that activity myself:)

  4. It is so great how a room can transform just by changing out the pillows....and you certainly are the "pillow queen" !!!...Love all the changes!!...Have fun with the camera!...and congrats to Deby!!

  5. Love all your pillows! I have to tell you, you were the one who taught me to buy pillow covers (it was an "aw ha" moment for me...changed my life! LO!!! Thanks!~~Angela

  6. I love moving pillows around too. I love your newest ones. Where did you find the blue ticking pillows in your dining room? Those are pretty!

  7. I love swapping pillows around too...gives a room a whole new look! Love all of your pillows Kim!

  8. Oh Kim you have a beautiful collection of pillows and covers. I love to change up pillows too. I love that bench on your landing you brought back from France. Gorgeous. Have a great Sunday.

  9. That so cool about your camera! Everything looks so fresh and pretty!

  10. Good grief that makes my head spin!! You could open a store with all your beautiful pillows...Savvy Southern Pillows. :) My Pottery Barn flag pillow has made it out to the porch. I am no techie either. Does your camera load directly to computer if it has wifi - or is that just for Instagram and stuff? I want a way to show what images I take directly to the computer. Is there a cable that does that? Ask your techie kids for me please. :) (My techie kids know nothing about cameras.)

    1. Kelly, I am still learning this camera, but it can direct link to a smart phone through wifi and to email, facebook, Youtube, and others. Does not direct link to instagram, but I can send it to email and then grab from my camera roll. Yes you can share it on the pc or tv with a cable and probably wifi if I figure that out.

  11. Love your pillows and your beautiful home! You are inspiring me to move some of my things around for a fresh new look!

  12. You have such a fantastic collection of pillows!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  13. I just need to follow your lead and do some pillow swapping as well. I have brand new pillows stored that I have never used...........your pillows are so pretty. I know I am going to change out my bench pillows. I have a large rooster pillow that is aching to placed on that bench.

  14. I NEED some pillows. I have fabrics to make some but it always gets bumped down to the bottom of my to do list... I LOVE your pillow swapping. They all look so good. That little gray table with the brown drawers caught my attention.. so cute. I might have to copy cat that :) Have a great week!

  15. Kim I love all your pillows. I love your guest bedroom, and the flag pillow looks so good.


  16. Kim...love your loads of pillows. And...I have had my new Canon with wifi since Jan. and have not connected it. You are inspiring me to go ahead and figure out the technology! Thanks

  17. Ok.. wait a minute. :) Head spinning with all the luvly pillow swap. Pillows!!! I can only wish to have pretty ones. Master Vic, chocolate lab mischief king, Luvs to walk around with pillows in this mouth. I can't begin to say home many he has 'luved' on. So I have given up... we have only a few out and he leaves them alone for then most part. Gave him 2 as his own... nope, we still find him with the others.
    Yours a beautiful Kim.
    HUGS, Gee

  18. Just adore your flag pillow! So sweet!

  19. I love ALL your pillows! You always do a great job of rearranging! I am SO technically challenged it is pathetic. I am now using my new tablet and TRIED all night to do a new blog post but can't get my pictures to load!!! I don't know what the heck to do. UGH!

  20. LOL, Kim- If those pillows had minds of their own they would be VERY confused! Who goes where? I wonder if they start silently shrieking when they see your hand coming towards them? lol You got a camera? Oh-how exciting. I REALLY need a decent camera and .I am pretty techy challenged myself.

    Congrats to Debby. She won my last giveaway, too. She is just the sweetest most down-to-earth person. She is thrilled, I'm sure! xo Diana

  21. You have so many pretty pillows! I really like the ones you have in the sunroom.

  22. Your new camera takes beautiful photos!!
    Mary Alice

  23. Love the changes and enjoying seeing the pics from your new camera.

  24. I get a chuckle from you Kim, because I totally get the domino effect. I thought I was the only one with the switch it up disease! Even if it is just pillows, don't you feel better after it's all in the right spot? ;)

  25. Hi Kim, Wow, you have some fabulous pillows! I love them and always enjoy seeing how you move them around from time to time. Each time you move them, actually, I think ... now it's perfect.

  26. Yeah, I am a winner. Thank you. My address is: clowninabug@gmail.com. I am so excited.

  27. I need that cow and rooster pillow now! : )
    Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Boy that's a lot of pillow swapping! I think I'm dizzy! Everything looks great. I had to laugh when you said your daughter will help you with the app. Although I use a computer at work and many different programs, it seems the simplest things get me screwed up or is it I'm too tired after work and don't want to think anymore. Anyway, one of my grandson's who is only 3 1/2 yrs. old can run circles around me with the computer. How they manage to learn so easily is beyond me!

    Great photos and hope to see more pillow swapping!

  29. How fun a new camera! You are the queen of beautiful pillows Kim! Wish we could go shopping together so you could help me in that department!