Summer is in full swing and I haven't shown y'all any of my summerizing. So today I am sharing how I added a few summer accents to the family room. Y'all know I am all about color, but for summer I like to lighten and brighten and cool things down a bit and there is no easier way than by adding white accents.

Let's ignore the big black television and just look at the accessorizing above. I have added white accents and texture.

I have a few sea fans that I have collected over the past couple years and love adding them this time of year. I moved the scale from the mantel to the bookcase and added the sea fan behind it standing up in the basket that was already there.

A stone finial, ironstone, books with pages facing forward and a shell are simple updates.

The balance/scale that moved to the bookcase that was on the mantel has been replaced with a piece of knotty driftwood.

Not as much white added to the other side, but there are a couple new accessories that I have had for some time that I have not shown y'all.

I found these dog trophies on an etsy shop and decided to purchase them. The tails are broken, but that's o.k. Y'all know by now it doesn't have to be perfect.

Another sea fan has been placed against a black tray behind the ironstone. A preserved boxwood ball adds more texture.

I shared this cool piece I found at HomeGoods in this post.

Dried hydrangeas are still in the fireplace. My bush is not putting out as many blooms this year....poo

I swapped out some pillows and added the French ticking ones in here.

Do any of you photography buffs know what is causing this white spot on my photos?? See it on the sofa?

On the opposite side of the room on the sideboard I have added another sea fan to the vintage bread board and filled the old French scale with real coral.

When I shared the foyer vignette I shared how I swapped the two demijohns to add the more bluish colored one to the foyer and the greener one is here now and I swapped the black lamp shade for this lighter one.

This piece was brought out of hiding and added for a little more French country style.

So simple and nothing fussy, but a lighter feel for the summer season.

I know there have been lots of summer home tours around blog land, but have you summerized your home?

Another super cute favorite room will be shared here tomorrow.
Be sure not to miss it.

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  1. I really like those sea fans! :)

    Not sure about the white spot...a friendly little ghost?

  2. Great Summer touches, Kim! I love your sea fans. I saw some in Naples but figured it would be difficult to get them home. Enjoy your summery room.

  3. Did you check your lens to make sure there is no dust or fluff stuck to it?

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  4. Your home always looks so elegant, Kim! Love all of your summery touches.
    It helps me to know your hydrangeas aren't blooming in abundance this year. Out of my 4 bushes combined, I only see 6 blooms. :-( Not sure what's going on but I'm very disappointed.
    Mary Alice

    1. Glad to know it isn't just mine. Must be from the colder winter.

  5. Morning Kim.
    Luvly summer touches. Like you, I have added some white pieces and sea shells about the home for a lighter brighter summery feel.

  6. I'm starting on "summarizing" our living room too and it involves starfish! Love your sea fans Kim, how much do they usually run? Just curious, I would grab one in a heartbeat if I ever get lucky! Love the changes!!

  7. I love the little boy and cow figurine. Tres French. See you at Haven!!!

  8. If this comment comes through twice, I apologize. When I hit "preview" it just disappeared! So I am typing again. Love your sea fans. They are so delicate, and add a light touch in the shelves. I am not sure about that white spot. I get them sometimes when a ray of sunlight (or a reflection of it) makes it to the lens. Looks like you were facing the sun some in that photo. I know what you mean about the hydrangeas. Our lawn looks terrible after the very cold winter, and our daisies are blooming much later this year. Maybe your hydrangeas will bloom late as well.
    Definitely summerized around here...lots of ice cream accessories in the dining room (yesterday's post) and on the porch. I like it so much, I may not want to change for fall! Your home looks beautiful as always. :)

  9. So pretty Kim - I'm envious of all of your sea fans!

  10. Your lighter touches look very pretty Kim!

  11. It all looks beautiful, I love the little cow and boy

  12. Beautiful touches, Kim! I love those sea fans. You've inspired me to start summarizing. I still have a lot of spring stuff out....time to refresh and restyle. :-)

  13. I love all of your well thought out details through out the house, Kim. We are summerizing the house by bring in lots of dirt and mud indoor... : ) along with fresh flowers from the garden. Usually my hydrangeas bloom like crazy but not even a bud this year. My roses on the other hand bloom like crazy.

  14. Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Kim, Your Summer white additions are beautiful!
    I'm always impressed at how whites and cremes can brighten up a space . . . and your choices are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Have a great Thursday,

  15. Love all the sea fans and all the light summer touches. One of my hydrangeas is doing well but the other is slow going!!!

  16. Great summering at your home Kim. My hydrangeas only have one bloom. The winter was too cold for old growth blooms, so I am getting just new growth blooms.

  17. I love it all, but the dog trophies are my favorite thing of the day!

  18. I like the changes you made. I know it's fun to rearrange those bookcases for the seasons. I have a black spot show up on my pictures every now and then too. Not sure why. Makes my pictures look like something is on the wall. I tried cleaning my lens and that didn't make a difference. I don't know what the cause is. I would be interested in knowing what is causing your white spot. It could help me with my problem too.

  19. Stunning! I love how you've styled the bookcases. Love the scale, vintage breadboard, shells, fans, books and trophies. Your room is beautiful. Makes me want to change everything in my room! And isn't that what great blogs do!!

  20. It looks lovely Kim. I love the sea fans, they look great. I feel like I want to run home and redecorate!!

  21. Your home is styled so well. It's elegant but not stuffy. Love the sea fans!

  22. Looks great Kim! I haven't summerized much around here but now you have me motivated!

  23. Kim, I love all your summery items and changes, but my favorite is the coral on your scale with the sea fan propped on the bread board. I've just begun to add some summer touches to our living room. Lots of inspiration here!

  24. Love, love, love EVERYTHING about this room. I wish I was that good about incorporating different styles and making it work. That last photo looks like it is from Architectural Digest. Beautiful

  25. Love the changes, Kim!

    I was going to say lens smudge but I see that isn't it. Sometimes when the light is just right and there is a UV filter on the lens, the filter will reflect dots or flex of light. When I get that I just remove the filter. I usually don't have that problem outdoors. It seems to happen most often on sunny days, shooting indoors with the filter.

  26. I love everything you have done to summerize the family room! I, too, have summerized, taken pics and WANT to share but we can not figure out how to install the Blogger app to my tablet. I am SO frustrated. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to tomorrows post!!!

  27. Kim, not sure what is causing the white spot, but my iPhone camera has a black spot in all the photos. The Apple Store told me I'd just have to get a new phone. They don't know what is causing it. ;-(
    Love seeing the bookshelf styling. I'm in the mood to restyle our living room shelves. I'm looking to you for inspiration. Oh, and by the way, should you ever want to part with the cow pillow, I would be happy to give it a good home. ;-)
    Happy Weekend!

  28. In Houston I don't feel the need for seasonal changes, but in Maine I like lightening everything up for summer. This early morning the sun shining through the house is helping do just that, too!

  29. I love your French scale, coral, sea fan vignette! Sooo pretty!

  30. The sea fans are are so beautiful. It's amazing how something so graceful can really scream "summer!"

  31. My hydrangeas also did not perform well this year:( Love the addition of cream any time of the year....ha ha.

  32. You really have the coolest stuff Kim. I love the white accents for summer especially. And the sea fans. I don't think I've seen those before. As always, beautiful!