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What are your plans this 4th of July weekend? Will you be enjoying some fun in the sun? Maybe you are looking for some good reads. Well, this is one I can recommend. I may be just a bit partial though since my sister's home is featured in it. Yes, Kelly's magazine shoot that took place just a few short months ago, right After Mine, is in this month's Romantic Country. All of you may not even know she has a blog. She would love to have you come by for a visit. Her style is a bit different from mine now. We use to decorate very similarly and now she likes a bit less color than me. Just pop on over to The Essence of Home and see for yourself.

Her magazine spread turned out beautifully even though it was styled with a bit more stuff and color than she really prefers.

And look Miss Mustard Seed is on the cover!

All these photos were taken with my Samsung nx300 camera and there will be a chance to win one this weekend!

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  1. I'll see if I can find a copy.

    I think we are going to take tomorrow off and try to have a real do nothing sort of 4th, before jumping back into the transition thing Saturday.

    Happy Independence Day, Kim!

  2. Loved her spread! Glad I found it yesterday.

  3. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Congrats to your sister too!

  4. that is why i do not like magazines is they never just leave the rooms the way they are and move stuff all over. i what to see the homes as they are. that is why i like to look at blogs and the magazines cost too much.

    1. I was surprised they mostly left my house alone except for adding a few flowers and food props.

  5. It must be in the genes! I regularly visit your sister's blog. She has a lovely sense of style. Like you, I prefer a bit more color, but sometimes I fantasize that I'll have a cottage somewhere with a very neutral, soothing palette. I love MMS, too. Have a great holiday, Kim. I love your festive sunroom!

  6. Love your blog and Your sister blog beautiful home!!!!!!!
    Happy 4th of July!!!!
    God Bless América!!!!

  7. I have a copy of the magazine and Kelly's home looks great! Have a Happy 4th!

  8. Good taste and talent runs in the family, happy weekend!

  9. Oh how exciting. I have to go buy the magazine. Her home is so pretty. Congratulations to her.

  10. I have that magazine and her feature is gorgeous!...love Kelly and her home!

  11. That's so exciting! Happy Fourth!

  12. Picking up a copy today when I'm out running errands!

  13. Kim, that's so exciting! Congrats - well deserved!

  14. Oh yeah for Kelly! I follow her too Kim and I love her blog. I see Miss Mustard Seed is on the cover as well. Looks like I am going to be running out to grab the latest issue of Romantic Country! Congrats to both you and Kelly on your magazine features! The two of you are so incredibly talented!
    XO Barbara

  15. Well that would explain why I suddenly have so many more readers on my blog this morning! You little devil! Thanks for the shout out. It was a nice surprise! I have been adding in more and more blue to my spaces. For some reason I'm really attracted to that color this year. I just added some more that I plan on sharing soon. We haven't decided on what we're doing for the 4th yet. Still debating. Jimmy is off though.

  16. Good Morning Kim,
    I have this magazine and love the feature on Kelly's home. It is so beautiful. You two make a great team with your blogs. Both of you give us so much inspiration it is always fun to visit both of your blogs. Plus you two are the two of the sweetest bloggers out there. Have a wonderful southern 4th of July. Enjoy.

  17. Fabulous taste and style runs in the family! I love each of your homes! Congrats to Kelly on her home being featured in Romantic Country- what an honor!

  18. How exciting! Will have to pick up a copy. Happy 4th Kim!

  19. Will be traveling so yes, I better grab my copy for some serious reading! Happy 4th Kim!

  20. Kim,

    This is so exciting! How wonderful for you both to have your beautiful homes in these great magazines!

    I hope you have a safe and fun filled holiday!

  21. Thanks - I signed up for your sissy's blog too! Enjoyable! Happy 4th!

  22. Kim, I've looked for the magazine, but haven't found a copy yet. Will call Barnes and Noble right now.
    Will definitely be back this weekend. I need a new camera! Been using my iPhone and now it is having issues. The camera leaves a dark spot on my photos. '-(
    Boy would I love to win a great camera!

  23. Hi Kim....miss visiting you...have a great 4th!

  24. How exciting for your sister and MMS to be featured! That is just so fun for them and I know they must be feeling a great sense of accomplishment to make the pages of such a lovely magazine. I have the issue with your beautiful home and so enjoy going back to revisit it. A job well done!

    Off to visit your sis now.


  25. It is always interesting g to see how the stylist change rooms up for the magazine! Congrats to both of you for getting printed!!!

  26. Congratulations to you both how exciting!Still never heard a word from either of those photographers.Next month will be a year.I have lost hope.If anything ever happens it will be a shock and surprise!