Favorite Room.....Far Above Rubies


I am so excited and honored to be joining Kim for this series! 
After Kim asked me to share my favorite room, I immediately thought I would share my kitchen. But then I realized my dining room is actually my favorite -- but you would never guess why. 

My dining *area* actually started out in this little space 
near the kitchen six years ago. We never had enough room, and since everyone uses those french doors as the main entrance, I had to come up with something. Since I have an open floor plan and long, narrow living area, I decided to play musical chairs and move my grand piano here where the dining space was.

Then I moved the dining table here to this area since there was plenty of room at the other end for the living space to move when the big piano was taken out.

I thought about it for several years before I did it, but I am so glad I took that chance, because not only do I love how it looks, it functions as a dining area much better here.

My style has definitely changed in the last few years as I have found a more vintage/country vibe by using family heirlooms and treasures I find around the property, which has been in my family for five generations. 

Because I couldn't commit to this as a dining space at first, I hung these candle chandeliers over the table. I have recessed lighting, so I didn't need light and they really help define the space. 

Not only do I enjoy decorating with family finds, but I also love to change things out seasonally. 

I took out the pink and went with aqua blue for summer when my mother gave me the antique chinese silk fabric, which was passed down from a relative. 

To keep so much vintage from feeling too old, I used a more modern fabric for the buffet.

I brought out all my brass and gold to warm things up.

Since the kitchen is so close, I really wanted the buffet to have more of a library feel than dining room, so I have accessorized with my grandfather's old books, a 1965 radio, and family photos.

Yes the radio works and we actually use it a lot. It was a $15 flea market find.

My dad's old camera was buried underneath tools in his shop.

My grandmother disliked this antique print so much, she kept it in the basement. 

Originally, there was a regular door here, but since this is just a side porch and entrance that no one ever uses, I changed out the door for a French door we had on our storage/playhouse.

I am so glad I did as it overlooks the creek and lets in lots of light.

The focal point of my dining area is the table. I designed the base about 10 years ago and had a local craftsman make it for me.

I made the top from wormy chestnut boards off one of the original houses here. It was my first big DIY project, and one that I am still proud of. It has held up to almost daily use by our young family and just gets better with age.

Although I started out with brown leather parsons chairs, several years ago, I bought a damaged Duncan Phyfe table with 8 chairs for $125 just to get the chairs. I originally covered them in a brocade, but recently recovered the seats in burlap. I made long slipcovers from drop cloth fabric because I  wanted a little drama:-)

The bench is the same one I had six years ago, but I stripped off the striped fabric then covered it with burlap leaving the frame exposed.

I really do love how this room has evolved.

It is definitely more *me* than the other space was.

It is filled with things that mean something to me...

...and it's a wonderful place for us to gather as a family.

It's a space we actually use.

I also love it because I carved it out of wasted space. "Making something out of nothing," is what my grandmother used to say. Maybe that's why it means so much to me.

I am thankful to Kim for this opportunity to share. I hope I have inspired you to make something out of nothing:-)

Thanks so much Anita for sharing this beautiful space with us. I can certainly see why it is a favorite.

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  1. I love your dining space! Your Savvy Southern Style is beautiful and inspiring!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

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    Hugs, Gee

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    Jane xx

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