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Hi Savvy Southern Style readers!  I'm Lisa from Shine Your Light.  I'm so happy to be here today; I can't begin to tell you how much I love Kim's style and blog!  I adore her sun room and millions of amazing painted furniture projects, and it's so much fun to take a peek into different homes via Kim's My Favorite Room series! 

I live in Massachusetts with my husband and our 3 kids. We moved from a young and beautiful home with all the bells and whistles to an 80s-era, basic ho-hum house that was dubbed "The Peach Pit", because literally every surface was some shade of peach, including the garage, the brick fireplace and the kitchen countertops.  I think I've been painting for 4 years straight.  Is Longest Painting Project a category in the Guinness Book of World Records?  Because I'm pretty sure I'd win it.

The other night when we were eating dinner out on our deck, I asked my family what their favorite rooms were, and was surprised when everyone said the living room.   Really?  The room without the TV???  The room that is eternally not done?  But yes - this is the room that everyone gravitates to.  Any given afternoon, a bunch of teenagers can be found lounging around in here - I think the big draw is that it's light-filled, comfy, and most importantly, near the kitchen :)

I love walking into the room to find my kids looking through our old photo albums and laughing together (probably at me in my maternity overalls - whatever - they were in style!!!)….
or playing cards…..
sometimes I even find them reading books!!! 

I built this wall of bookcases in the spring and not only is it functional, but it also brings a big pop of color into our neutral home.  

Painting all our interior doors black made such a dramatic difference to the feel of our house that I love.
I also gave our old TV armoire a makeover recently…..
…and now it's a really useful piece for entertaining.

I like a good mix of high and low….
our coffee table is one of our favorite pieces (perfect for Crazy Eights or Slapjack, as well as cocktails and appies) 

and our curtains are simple cotton panels from Ikea (Lenda) that I painted with a border.

It's a comfy room for reading the Sunday paper or blogs, curling up with a good book, or having a glass of wine with friends.  There is always music on Pandora and even on the gloomiest of days there is natural light in this room.

Come and visit me at Shine Your Light anytime - I saved a seat for you!  You can also find me on Instagram, I'd love to hang out with you there too.

Thanks so much to Kim for having me over today, 
it was so much fun to share our favorite room with you!

Wishing you all a happy and sunshine-filled rest of your summer!

Thanks so much Lisa for allowing us to visit your favorite room. How nice to have a room for your kids and their friends to hang out in and I love the fact that it is the room your family chose as their favorite. 

If y'all don't know Lisa at Shine Your Light please go over and say hi.

I hope y'all have a beautiful summer weekend!

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  1. Love Lisa and so fun to hear/see about her living room! xo

  2. I never tire of seeing this room Lisa - it truly embodies all the hard work, love and your timeless style!

  3. This room is super as well all the details! I like it very much!

  4. Love her style and her blog. Great to see more of her living room.

  5. Thanks fr introducing us to her, I will go over and say HI! I also love that this is the room her family chose too! Have a great weekend, both of you!!!

  6. Thank you Kim for hosting Lisa, The room is beautiful. It is warm and inviting. Blessings, Catherine

  7. I love a room without a TV! Very nice...thanks. Cheryl Ann

  8. I love Lisa's room and her style. She is one of the sweetest bloggers and I always enjoy seeing what she is up to. She always does such an amazing job of making her house into a home!

  9. Hi Lisa and Kim! Thanks for sharing your favorite room! Our house was covered in peach too! We moved in in 1987 so it must have been the thing! Glad it's over!! Your room is beautiful and I can see why it's your families favorite! Very cozy! ~Kathy@The Daily Nest

  10. So fun to see my sweet friend Lisa sharing her home over here! I'm still blown away by that gorgeous built in bookcase she made, she's always an inspiration with her fearless use of power tools and willingness to jump right right in! Her beautiful new dining room would be right there in the running, too!

  11. It's easy to see why Lisa's family claims this as a favorite space. I love the natural light and the comfortable furnishings. Beautiful space! Who wouldn't like to spend time in this space?

  12. So excited to Lisa on your Favorite Room series - I'm blown away by that bookcase that she built every time that I see it! She's a girl with some serious DIY skills! I love that her living room is not only beautiful but fits her family's lifestyle perfectly. So hard to believe that her house started out as the "Peach Pit" :)

  13. Such a pretty room...I can see why it's her families favorite!!

  14. Such a cozy, comfy room...no wonder it's a family favorite!
    Mary Alice

  15. Beautiful room and loved seeing the gorgeous details...love the doors painted black..such a great statement!

  16. Love Lisa's living room, and her entire home! She has such a gift for making spaces feel elegant and put together, yet totally relaxed and comfortable. And, those bookcases are the icing on the cake!

  17. Beautiful room! It's so warm and welcoming too. I'm amazed that she built the bookcases ~ what a talent! I adore that coffee table...just so many beautiful elements.


  18. A great comfy room that is truly lived in! Love it. The black doors are fantastic - I'd love to do that in my house!

  19. Love Lisa & her beautiful living room! I love that this space brings her family together and that they are truly enjoying it. Thanks for sharing! :)

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  21. I love this room Lisa and your design/budget philosophy.