Beach, Birds, and Outings


I'm sharing more vacation photos today so family, friends and y'all can see them. All of these were taken with the Samsung NX 300 that Staples provided me a couple months ago. I am loving this camera. I took most of these on smart auto landscape.

This was the the boardwalk to the beach.

View of the pier from our first steps onto the beach.

For some reason this wall of sand was at the shore that we had to step down. By the end of the week it was pretty flattened out.

There of course were lots of birds.

Leila loved feeding the birds unless they got too close.

I think Granddad may have enjoyed it more.

This one may not have liked his picture being taken.

Sorry birds the bread is gone.

These are the chairs the condo provides.

Leila doesn't care too much for the ocean....

....but loves the pool.

After fun in the sun we of course went out at night. This was a pretty court yard at Dewey's.

No one was sitting out here. Too hot.

We ate up on the second floor overlooking the bay and enjoying a slight breeze.

Walking and checking out the sites after dinner.

The sunset casting a golden hue.

I captured this shot on the next to the last day while sitting under the umbrella out of the sun.

Such sweet memories until next time.

Hard to believe it is time to start thinking about fall.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. So, so pretty. I grew up going to Florida beaches, but now we mostly go to North Carolina. Your post made me miss that pretty sand. Nothing quite like it anyplace!

  2. Growing up my parents and I would vacation in Florida every year for the month of July...the beach was right across the street from our condo. Beautiful beaches and great memories! Glad you all had a great time!

  3. Gorgeous photos and, more importantly, happy family! Looks like a marvelous vacation.

  4. What a beautiful time. I bet it was hot there. I love all the photos, I agree the camera does a good job.

  5. Gorgeous place! Love your pics - Leila in pool pic with sunnys & little foot up in a fav! Adorable!

  6. LOL! Leila shares Alex and Roo's love of the pool!! As soon as we arrived at the beach house this summer, Alex ran to the back door and THREW up his arms shouting, "It's AMAZING! We have a pool right out back!" Not a word about the beautiful beach and gulf just beyond!! LOL! I said they would have been just as happy at an inland hotel with a pool... ESPECIALLY if it has a Lazy River!! LOL!

    LOVED the post with your Dad. Great family photos and, girl, you are LOOKIN' GOOD!! Great inspiration. Thank you for sharing such sweet memories. blessing ~ tanna

  7. Kim,
    The camera took beautiful pictures. Leila is so sweet and adorable. I bet you loved being on vacation with her. It all looked so wonderful.

  8. Great pictures Kim, thank you for sharing your family's sweet memories.

  9. Sorry you had to have some of our hottest weather this August. Hope you had a restful vacation. I love your blog.

  10. Beautiful pictures Kim - and that sand looks so white!

  11. Such a beautiful day at the beach! I love your photos especially the one with the wall of sand, and the one with the birds, and the one with your daughter splashing around like only a precious child can, just beautiful!

  12. I enjoyed seeing all of the photos from your trip. I haven't been to Destin in a long time. I forgot how beautiful the beach and water are there. I love the lounges and umbrellas that your condo provided. That's so nice!

  13. Just love the white sandy beaches there...glad you all had a wonderful time...and glad "The Birds" didn't mistake you for Tippi Hedren!!!...

  14. Beautiful pictures, Kim and beautiful family!!! Looks like a great place to vacation!

  15. Looks like you had a great vacation! That little camera takes fabulous pictures. So glad you shared!

  16. We vacation in Destin every Spring and love eating at Dewey's. It's a favorite of our whole family. Too bad we have to drive 1100 miles to enjoy it! Already looking forward to next years visit.