My New Ride and Weekend Musings


Did you see my new ride on facebook over the weekend? Yep, finally got another SUV. I desperately need it to unload the hoarding room. I know Mr. Savvy really didn't want another car payment, which I pay half, but this will help him not have to borrow a truck to pick up some items I buy (like the PB chair) and now I can start cleaning out that room!

Well, of course we had to take the new ride for a ride so off to the produce stand we went which is about 45 minutes away. My daughter, son in law and Miss Leila went and my son in law drove since he was chomping at the bit to drive it. Mr. Savvy stayed home and worked on his old truck he is restoring.

The main thing I went for is peaches. Wonderful sweet and juicy peaches that are coming in fresh here in Georgia now.

They had so many varieties, but we ended up buying the Ga. Belle's and the Sugar Giants.

Silver Queen corn is a must and boy is it good. I cooked some Sunday night.

Tomatoes were on my list, too since we didn't plant a garden this year. I thought at least we would plant tomatoes, but it never happened.

We arrived about twenty five minutes before they opened and once we got in the place filled up quickly. I could barely navigate the cart around.

Before we left we enjoyed a cup of home made ice cream. I got peach and the others got strawberry.

Next year I will make sure we at least plant tomato plants!
It was a fun outing though.

Do you have anything new to share. If so I hope you will share at Wow Us Wednesdays tonight!
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  1. Very nice new ride!! I love the farmer's market here.

  2. that was a great morning!!!those peaches sound amazing, your new car looks just like ours!!! You have a sweetie of a grand daughter,

  3. Oh how I love those peaches! My tomatoes are starting to come in, and I'm loving it! Perfect with some fresh basil and fresh mozzarella! Enjoy!

  4. Luckily, we have a produce market very near. I'm there at least twice a week. I'm going to get peaches later in the week - promised the hubby a peach pie. Love silver queen! Our new favorite tomato is cherokee purple. We only buy the heirloom tomatoes anymore, there really is a difference!!

    I don't know how often you buy a vehicle, but if you don't buy one real often, you can just put the monthly payment back and then when it's time for a new one - you have the $$$ or a big chunk of it! For some reason I thought you had a truck, then a read it's being restored. I'm a car gal myself but we also have a full size truck, so no problems.

    Leila is so pretty!!

  5. I can smell the fresh peaches!! Researching SUV's as that will be our new choice coming next year.
    Happy today.

  6. Congrats on the new ride and how convenient it will be for you!!!...The Farmers Market looks wonderful..need to go to mine soon...and that peach ice cream sounds yummy!!!..

  7. Kim, your granddaughter is precious. :) Congrats on your new ride! :-)

  8. Love the new ride, and the farmers market is fabulous.

  9. Pretty new ride Kim. Love the color. I wish we could get peaches like your varieties up here in the midwest. They look so yummy. I bet the peach ice cream was so delicious. Leila is just too cute.

  10. LOVE your new ride!!! It is beautiful, what is the color? I have had an SUV for MANY years cuae Joe has the tiny T-Bird so we NEED an SUV to haul stuff. Plus, being short I love to be up high and SEE everything. You will love it. Leila is so pretty. I need to make a run to a farmers market too. See ya tonight;):)

  11. Congrats on the new ride Kim...I couldn't live without my SUV! The peach ice cream sounds so yummy...what a nice way to spend the day!

  12. I like your logic, Kim! LOL
    So helpful for Mr. Savvy! I use this same logic myself. It's very effective. hehehee
    Leila is so adorable and I love markets like that. They are full of so many fresh goodies.
    Georgia peaches, yum! What do you have planned for them?
    Enjoy stuffing your new ride to the brim. :)

  13. You didn't tell us what make it is....We are starting thinking about something new also....just curious.
    YOur grand daughter is too precious. Soon, I will have a grandson!
    Wish peaches were good around here...the best were early.....
    What fun you had.

  14. Can't beat fresh local summer peaches! :)

  15. So happy for you! Love the new ride! We have a farmer's market here in Oglethorpe Co. You know, I've never been. I will have to check it out very soon. We didn't do a garden either. :( Hoping to downsize to at least some raised beds next year. I love fresh green beans!

  16. Love your new ride Kim and the color too!

  17. Oh, my goodness! I can hardly believe that Leila has grown so much... except I see how mine have, too. Way too quickly. ;) Love your new ride! And, that produce stand is a dream! blessings ~ tanna

  18. Love your new ride! Let me know how it is for big items.We will be in the market for a new SUV too.Our Jeep patriot is so small,not much room for big items.I hate car payments too.We still have our 1999 car we brought our daughter home in and we have had it paid off for 13 years!And our other SUV is also paid off so I get why he doesn't like car payments.But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go for it!What a sweet photo of Leila!

  19. Love your new ride Kim! Mr. Front Porch has a white one.