Liberty Antiques Festival Part One


Last Thursday hubby and I traveled north about 5 1/2 hours to my friend Shirley's. Mary Alice and her hubby drove south about the same distance from Virginia. Shirley lives in the middle and lives about 45 minutes from the Liberty Antiques Festival that takes place twice a year so she was kind to invite us to her home and then a day of shopping at the festival.

According to the web site there are over 400 dealers at this festival and it covers 100 acres. We had watched the weather for over a week before this event and it rained all day on Wednesday, but then it was supposed to be out of there. Well, nope, nada, it drizzled most of the morning on Friday which makes an outside event like this kind of miserable.

The rain didn't bother the lower half of me. I was armed with these rubber boots I found at Nordstrom Rack a few days before the trip. 

I took lots of pictures and I'm not going to talk too much, but let you just see all the varieties of things found at this sale. This was a cute display at one of the tents.

Mary Alice did a lot of bargaining with the dealers.

I saw several old rocking horses and  would have loved to get one, but they were all a bit more that my pocketbook would allow.

There were lots of signs for sale.

We ran into Kristen of Sophia's Decor blog and her mom Linda since they live in the area, too. Kristen's step dad took this picture of us. Excuse the hair after the rain. We weren't looking our best by this time.
Like my bag? Well, that is a wonderful leather tote bag from Duluth Trading, but I will talk more about that another time.

I have many more pictures to share so we will leave those for part two.

Do you have any trips or fair pictures to share? Well, link them up tonight at Wow.

See y'all there!

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  1. Too much fun!! All the displays are so beautiful. Worth the trip just to see! I did see a few things that would have been coming home with me. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  2. That looks like fun, and manageable with just 400 dealers. I say just because too many of these fairs have grown waay too big. And as a dealer just coming off a barn sale, the only thing worse I can imagine than the dirt we endured would be rain mixed with the dirt! Wha'd ya buy, readers wanna know?! Have a great day.

  3. Looks like fun and lots of good stuff....I'm only about 30 minutes "down the road"!!! and that bag!

  4. Bummer with the weather but it looks like you all still had a great many pretty things!!

  5. You got some great photos, Kim! Lots of fun memories now.
    Mary Alice

  6. I have always thought about going to that fair. It looks like there were a lot a great booths.

  7. You always bargain with the dealers! LOL We are big antiquers but these kind of festivals with so much to see overwhelm me. I like Duluth Trading Company but could never carry a bag that big. For a shopping trip, I like a crossbody bag - hands free. As for the hair - well, mine would definitely be sporting the curl like the lady in the back row!

  8. I've been to the Liberty Antiques Festival 2 or 3 times and it's always a lot of fun!! I only live about 15 minutes or so away......sad I missed it this year!

  9. That looked like a neat festival. You and Mary Alice almost match each other too!

  10. He visto una preciosa casita de muñecas que me encantaría comprar... estos mercadillos son geniales, gracias por el "paseo".

  11. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

  12. Kim,
    Oh what fun even with the rain. That cow was too cute!!!! Love the picture of all you girls together. Adorable. Glad you could get together and have some fun junkin together.

  13. There's nothing like looking for treasures with a friend! So what did you buy Kim?

  14. Kim, it looks like fun, even with the rain. Round Top is this week, but I'm staying home this round. Just returned from France and enjoyed four different markets while there. I need to sit this one out. '-)
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  15. My sister has been to the Liberty sale several times. We wanted to go this year but we couldn't because of doctor appointments. :-( Maybe next year!

  16. Hi Kim, I love the picture of all of you guys together after a rainy day of shopping and bargaining! Looks like a fun day!

  17. Looks like a FUN day, even if it was drizzling:( Love the boots, I would have been up the creek! I am betting you bought the green bucket??? LOOOOVE the rocking horse, I would love one too!

  18. Looks like fun. Can't wait to see part 2! I went to Round Top last week and will be posting about it soon as I am still traveling this week but it was almost overwhelming it was so much.

  19. Wow looks like a fun day and I spy lots of amazing treasures! Great photo of you all...and of course I LOVE your bag!

  20. Looks like you girls had a great time, even in the rain. Lots of treasures. What did you buy? Glad you all could get together.