A Vignette Using an Antique Find


Yesterday I grabbed two bunches of pretty rose sprays at the grocery store. One in yellow and the other a blush color. It used to be I didn't buy flowers much, but now I love how they brighten up a room.

The sunflowers that I had used died long time ago and the pitcher has sat empty.

This small yellow ware bowl is one of my finds from the Liberty antiques festival I attended last weekend.

I have a larger yellow ware bowl that I bought many many years ago and it was $25 way back when, but the prices on these have risen over the years.

So I was very surprised to find this bowl marked $5. Yep, only $5!
Funny thing the tag said "as is" and Mary Alice and I said as is what? It's in perfect condition except for showing some age. So I paid for it and ran.

I'm loving it filled with apples on my French farm table.

More of my finds coming soon.

Have you been to any antique shows or fairs yet this fall and have you scored any deals?

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  1. Kim I love your vignette! Spray roses and vintageware....what a winning combination! I scored a cream depression era mixing bowl and a large depression glass juicer recently for just $2 each, so the bargains are out there. You just have to be quick. Like you did, I grabbed and ran....lol!

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous! What a deal. I've always wanted one of those, but the cost was always prohibitive.

  3. Bonjour,

    Ce bouquet de fleurs illumine merveilleusement bien votre cuisine. Belle acquisition que ce saladier !
    C'est souvent très amusant les remarques faites lors des brocantes.
    Ces derniers temps, j'ai fait plusieurs brocantes, notamment celle de Leyment une des plus importantes après Lille. Puis d'autres, où dernièrement j'ai acheté diverses choses... une superbe table de jardin du début du XXème siècle avec ses chaises dans un état exceptionnel, même si je dois les rénover, différents plats en céramique, un couteau à champignons, une cloche en verre, des jouets pour ma petite-fille... et très certainement d'autres choses que j'oublie sur le moment !

    Gros bisous ☼

  4. The roses look beautiful in your breakfast room, and I love them in the enamel pitcher paired with that terrific yellow ware bowl.
    Mary Alice

  5. sadly, no 5.00 finds for me lately. saving my pennies for country living!

  6. PRETTY! The roses AND the bowl! GREAT find, Kim!

  7. Kim, what a score on that bowl and it looks so pretty on your table! I couldn't help but notice the cute salt and pepper holder, either!

  8. Hi Kim-
    I love the bowl - My Mom had a bowl very similar to that one..
    Enjoy your new find...Rose

  9. Im in the mood for apple pie now...everything looks so cute and charming!

  10. I love fresh flowers. Your vignette is pretty Kim. The bowl was a great buy!

  11. Great find Kim and the roses are beautiful!

  12. That bowl was a steal! One of my favorite Liberty finds this Fall are the 50 plus vintage spools of high quality silk thread I bought for $10 -- all on wood spools. The dealer had emptied a thread cabinet and tossed them into a bag. They weren't even really for sale until I was snooping around and found them. Like you, paid him quickly and jetted out of there.

    1. Oh, I saw the empty spool cabinet. How cool that you stole the spools of thread. I have seen those sold for a lot of money since they don't make them in wood anymore.

  13. I have been trying to think of something to put on my breakfast table for a couple of days now! Thanks for the inspiration! I now just what I'm going to do!

  14. Love love love it! Great find!

  15. it was a wonderful festival filled with great buys and great friends!!!....that bowl was a steal!!