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My name is Janet and I have been blogging over at Shabbyfufu for over 8 years now. I've recently gotten to know Savvy Southern Style when I participated in several link parties. I thank you Kim for inviting me to share my favorite room with your readers today!

Since we've lived in this South Florida home for 24 years and raised our family here, it's gone through many changes and several style incarnations as you might imagine. It's difficult to pick a favorite room in our homes I think for most of us, and I'm no different than anyone who looks to home for sanctuary and comfort...

With my on-line vintage business, as well as working as a stylist and freelance editorial photographer, I am happy to have my quiet place in the master bedroom to retreat to at the end of a typically hectic day. So for me that favorite room would probably be the master bedroom...
It's a chameleon of sorts, as is the rest of my home. Always basically the same, not much new...just moved around and restyled. Often when I'm working on a photo shoot it can look a bit "over the top", but it doesn't stay that way for long...
This room was part of an addition to our home about 15 years ago. Originally the room had tile floors, which is actually fairly common here in the tropical part of Florida as it helps keep the room cool...
I was never a fan of the tile personally, but in this case I did not win out in the decision with a husband who is a builder...
A large Aubusson rug did the trick of covering up the tile, but now I'm happy to report that the flooring is a light colored WOOD:-))...
The light in this room is quite delicious!
It's a great room to photograph the dogs...shown here are 2 out of 3 of our babies...
The shot above is from the blog last year at holiday time, shortly before we started renovation to finally change out that tile for wood... 
With the walls in our home all painted white, it enables me to seamlessly style and change out rooms to suit the season..
In my home styling I always use flowers. Sometimes from my gardens, sometimes good quality silks and more often than not... from the florist...
I'm unabashedly romantic (but have a husband:-))...so just these few touches that are often moved around and restyled are just fine by him in every room. He knows that it won't stay that way for very long!
On the blog I often share that one can definitely achieve a high end elegant look on a budget. This chair came from an estate sale years back and was very inexpensive, as was the small French table that I painted about 10 years ago with milk paint...

I'm huge on freebies and not at all ashamed to admit to that! The pink linen cabinet was given to me by a good friend who was about to toss it to the curb! 

The florals are local bougainvillea that I cut from an abandonded lot. I think that they add so much to the room and for no cost, as well as doing the neighborhood a favor by trimming that lot. The florals in the bucket...a contractor's bucket spray painted grey of the day...

I shop my own home quite often and love to accent the bedroom with various linens. Benches are a favorite flea market treasure when I can find them, and pieces like the above can be used both in the home or outside...
The mantel above was free to me from a client's home who no longer wanted the piece. It now lives in our bedroom and get's a weekly styling to bring color and texture to the room....
One thing that you can count on in the master bedroom in our home (and every room for that matter:-)), is that it will always look different by adding florals, linens and shopping my own home and closets and adding color and texture...

I hope that you enjoyed visiting my favorite room today, and that you'll find some useful tips on adding to your own favorite room. Thank you Kim for this fabulous series!

Thanks, Janet for sharing your stunning favorite room with us! 

If y'all don't know Janet of Shabbyfufu you will want to get comfy and pop on over for a visit. There are many more stunning photos to get lost in. 

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I have a busy weekend coming up of celebrating Leila's birthday tomorrow and then getting ready to head out of town to the High Point Furniture Market for a few days. Follow me on Instagram for some peeks at the goodies.

Have a good one!


  1. Janet's home is so lovely and dreamy!!! Love, love, love her style and ease of decorating...she's so talented!
    Mary Alice

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    xoxo laurie

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