Party Time


Saturday was my granddaughter Leila's fourth birthday and her party was at a bowling alley. I have not been in a bowling alley in years and boy have they changed. Here are some photos from her party and I did not have time to edit them getting ready for my trip. These were all taken with my Samsung camera.

Leila is sporting the bowling shoes and ready for action.

Granddad is showing her what to do, but I think she already knew.

This little fellow, Colton has downs and he was the cutest thing. After he made his shots, which were really good by the way, he would come over and high five everyone.

The birthday girl in her balloon hat.

Cousins ready to bowl.

Happy girl after her shots.

Cups and plates provided by the place.

The theme was "Frozen".

Cupcake cake made by her other grandmother.

Taking a deep breath to blow out the candles. It takes a lot to blow out four candles.

She got in this booth to catch some coupons and she was not happy at all and they stopped it and we got her out.They still gave her some coupons for the arcade. She had a long and busy birthday. She opened gifts, went to Build A Bear later in the day and then we went out to dinner with them.

Yep, these bowling lanes sure have changed since I went to one.

I'm sharing this mostly for her mom/my daughter, but y'all get to see them, too.

I hope y'all will join Wow Us Wednesdays tonight.

I have it ready to post and will be there from afar while still out of town.

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  1. She is getting to be such a young lady....yes, the bowling lanes have really come a long way from back in the granddaughter loves to go to "bowling birthday parties...such fun...and that "cupcake cake" is beautiful....Happy Birthday Leila!

  2. Looks like fun!! Happy Birthday sweet Leila!

  3. Bowling Alleys sure have changed! I love the cupcake cake. I've never seen that before. You and Shirley have fun.

  4. I can not believe Leila is 4 already! Looks like she had a wonderful day.

  5. She looks like she had a wonderful time at her at birthday party. I think every little girl loves Frozen so many of my friends kids just love it too!

  6. I haven't been bowling for a long time either...they certainly have changed. She is just adorable as some of the pictures the balls look quite large for the wee little kids! Looks like they had a wonderful time : )

  7. Leila is precious. What a beautiful girl! Fun outing!!

  8. Happy Birthday to sweet Leila! I love her cake! Her other grandmother makes the best cakes. We had Will's birthday there one year and invited all of his classmates They provided pizza and drinks and after bowling, they played laser tag and played in the arcade. That's a great place to have a birthday party! I didn't know they provided bowling shoes that small. So cute!

  9. Hi Kim,
    Your granddaughter is so adorable. Love the Frozen theme my 4 year old granddaughter is so into Frozen too. What a fun day. Yep those bowling alleys are sure different now! Have fun with Shirley this week end.

  10. How can one concentrate on the pins with that advertisement screens stuff going on? WOW! It's been a long time for me, too! Oh, and at birthday parties for little kids, we used "spit shields", because the little ones would blow out the candles and the spittle would fly. (A "spit shield" was a sheet of waxed paper.)

  11. So precious! Such sweet memories! Looks like she had the perfect birthday party.

  12. Precious!! Precious!! Precious, Kim! I can't believe how quickly they grow up!! Happy Birthday, Leila! blessings ~ tanna

  13. Kim, I can't believe she's four already. She's gotten so tall. Love her hair style and cute little outfit. How much fun. Gosh, before you know it, she'll be headed off to college.

  14. Leila is getting so big! What a that Frozen cake! Oh we used to bowl...then I developed tennis elbow just from playing WII I don't bowl anymore...but it's fun! Great photos with your phone!