Time To Go Back


It's fall and time to go back to the pumpkin farm.

Silly man I haven't bought any yet, but will today!

It is chilly and windy here today and finally feeling like fall!!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Yes! The temps dropped here in Virginia too. We're forecasted to be in the 40s for our football game tonight. Yikes! Bring out the quilts!
    Have a wonderful day in the pumpkin patch!
    Hugs ...

  2. Hi Kim,

    JUST saw your new profile pic - you look AMAZING!

    Oh yeah...those pumpkins look pretty good, too.;)

    Happy October!!


  3. Freeze warning for tommorrow morning here in NC. geez, 80 one day, freeze the next...

    going or pumpins and mums today also.

    have fun.

  4. A perfect day to go pumpkin picking! We are only going to be in the 50's today, but it is sunny!

  5. How cute, Kim!!! I bet you took that tall, ball cap covered "pumpkin" in the middle of the patch home with you!

  6. It is FREEZING today! Bundle up if you're going to the pumpkin farm today. It will be even colder there. Did you know that the Walmart down near me (off Hwy 9) has pumpkins, including the colored Cinderella shaped ones for just $4.88/ea?! That's a deal!! I was surprised that they're all the same price. They had all colors too.

  7. Chilly and windy here in Southwestern PA too and what a blustery difference from yesterday morning! :(

  8. Have fun at the pumpkin patch. Love your new profile Kim ... you look amazing.

  9. You DO look great in your new photo! :) So glad the warm and muggy weather is gone (at least for a little while.) I soooo wish I could find pumpkins around here that are not orange...may have to travel up to your area of the state for some variety!

  10. Love your new pic.....beautiful!!! Our weather has taken a drastic change....rain and cold. Fall at last, no more sweaty summer!!! Have fun with the pumpkins, esp. the one in the center!!

  11. Have Fun at the Pumpkin Patch. It is chilly here in the midwest this week end too. Fall is here.

  12. LOL- I am sure you are the type to stand or sit on a pumpkin! lol Have fun- I still have to go get my pumpkins IF it ever stops raining here. UGH!!!! We were in the low 30's here this morning and just NW of us they had 2" of SNOW. OMG- I am NOT ready for that!!!

  13. So looking forward to the ones you chose :)
    I am leaning towards all the green/grey ones and some whites this year!

    Have a beautiful day....you can barrow my wheel barrel if you need and extra one? I am sure you will be loading up many for that beautiful home full of Harvest beauty on your porch.


  14. Love your picture Kim. Wish we had a pumpkin patch here. The pumpkins look amazing. We only have lots set-up in parking lots selling pumpkins, not the same as going to the farms.
    Have fun at the patch. We having 102 today so it is not chilly.

  15. Happy Fall Kim, I have a lot of small pumpkins on my island, but felt I was wasting the large ones-so I have a large, very real looking plastic on at my front door. Hope you have a great weekend.

  16. beautiful day to be at the pumpkin patch. enjoy

  17. We had cooler temps and rain on and off today too. Sad that the pumpkin patch has to post that sign. We have a pumpkin/farm market in our neighbourhood that we love to visit as well.

  18. Wow what a lot of pumkins. I have never seen such a lot!
    Lots of blessings

  19. It's a shame that people need to be told how to treat property that they do not own! Geez...

  20. Looks like a good time was had by all! Kim, it was a great idea to bring Mr. Saavy along to shlep those pumpkins from the patch.
    I noticed your new profile picture - looks nice!

  21. Yep...guys never understand why we need all kinds of pumpkins....you can never have enough...great pumpkin patch!

  22. Wow now that is a pumpkin farm! Hey love your new photo! I need to do that soon too!