Transforming Plastic to Stone


On September 16, 2013 I shared the new hanging lantern in the breakfast room and I said I would share how I painted the ceiling medallion, but I never did. Oops.  So a little more than a year later I will show you now.

You can buy ceiling medallions at your big box stores or at a lighting store like I did. They aren't very expensive depending on how large and how much detail is on them. This is an old photo so that is why the stuff on the wall is different.

I purchased one without a lot of detail since it was going in our casual breakfast room. You could get a much more intricate one for a more formal space.

I usually work on my kitchen counter with a drop cloth down.

You don't always have to hang a ceiling medallion, but we had to since there were holes from moving the light over. The medallion was a much easier fix than having the dry wall replaced and painted.

I don't really have a step by step tutorial, but I did a mix of colors using these paints. I just play around with colors until I get the look I want. I wanted it to look kind of like stone.

I believe I painted French Linen all over it first and then brushed Old White over that, but leaving some of the French Linen showing.

I painted over the detailed part with Graphite to give it depth and then back over it with the French Linen and some Old White leaving the Graphite showing in the crevices.

 I dry brushed some Graphite here and there for more depth. I love how it turned out and I do think it looks like stone.

This is what it looks like today.

If it hadn't turned out like I wanted I would have just started over with more paint. 
That's the beauty of paint!

 This is the first medallion I painted in 2011 in the dining room. You can see how I painted it here.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. The stone/weathered look is great!.......and still cannot get over how clever Mr. Savvy was in using those antlers as "brackets" !!!

  2. I love ceiling medallions. You did a great job transforming that one.

  3. You do amazing things with that paint brush of yours - love the finish that you created!

  4. Looks so nice and so much better than just plain white!

  5. Love how it gives great architectural detail to the room and a great cover up when changing a new fixture with holes left behind (Great tip!). Wonderful job and thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Love the medallions, both look fabulous.

  7. Kim, you really did transform that ceiling medallion! I love the way the lantern fixture looks with its new medallion. Your eating area is so pretty and I am happy to see that you have copper molds hanging in there. I have them hanging in my kitchen, too. They have been there for years, but I never tire of the warmth they bring to the area. We, as you probably know, are long time Disney fans and so I even have a large copper Mickey Mouse head mold! Thanks for sharing how you painted the medallion!

  8. I love the medallion you chose and then how you put your style on it.

  9. I've been reading your blog for a long time, so I shouldn't be surprised by your talent. But everytime, the way you use paint amazes me. The way you transformed the medalion is brilliant.

  10. The medallion does look like stone. I think i have several post promises that I have not yet delivered. :) I love that table and chair wood color combination together.

  11. I've always loved the look of medallions. I remember as a little girl, staring at one and wondering how they got it to stick to the ceiling! Your's looks wonderful.

  12. You always have a way with paint Kim! It does look like stone. And it looks great with your new colors.

  13. That looks great, Kim. Yep-you turned plastic to think you need to concentrate on turning water into wine.....just a thought- xo Diana

  14. So pretty, Kim! Love the extra detail it adds to your lantern!

  15. It looks great Kim! I love the look of a medallion it just makes things look finished.

  16. I love medallions...and thank you for telling how you did yours.
    I have one in my garage waiting to be put up!