How It Goes Around Here


I bought three bunches of feathers at a garden center that Shirley took me to, when I was staying with her for the High Point Market, to either stick in a Christmas tree this year or to use in a fall arrangement. Then I was walking by the chest in the foyer and BAM I had another idea for them.

I had actually changed the vignette on top of this chest a couple weeks ago and had placed a green olive jar at the end of the books, but after pulling these feathers out the thought of the black urn popped in my head and then the feathers. As I have told y'all this is how it goes around here.

I wasn't loving the vignette I had here so I switched things up just by grabbing a bottle from here and an urn from there.

The antler shed was in the bottom of the chest where other accessories are stored.

This is how the vignette looked a few weeks ago and as you can see the lamp has been switched out, too. That was the beginning of this change. With the need of the new mattress in the master which meant a new bed and changes from that have lead to chairs switching places and lamps moving around and new vignettes being created. Geesh!

Is this the last time I will change this vignette? Hardly. Hey, Christmas decorating is not too far off. It feels strange saying that. I swear it was just summer a few days ago.

I like the texture and the colors these feathers add. It all works together with my French country style.

And just past the chest I added a couple fall pillows to my bench. Found these while rummaging for something else.

So these will stay out until the Christmas decorating begins.

Geesh, there's that word Christmas again!

Have a super week and be sure to come back tomorrow as I join a group of bloggers this week in a Thankful At Home Tour.

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  1. Those feathers! I love them, and okay, what I love even more is that lovely chest. I'm sure you posted about it at some point and I missed it. Is it an antique or did you do something to it yourself to age it? Gorgeous vignette, as always!

  2. Looks great Kim!
    Also, your tote bag post sent me to Duluth, where I found a couple of flannel shirts for J. He had just about given up wearing flannel, then due to health issues he lost weight over Winter. Now he gets cold easily. Can't wait to see these shirts in person! Thanks so much for that post.

  3. I love change Kim! The feathers are beautiful! I need an urn to put mine in.
    Those pillows are pretty too. Now... let the Christmas decor begin :-)

  4. Those feathers really add a nice touch of texture to your arrangement. Love them. Hubby's grandmother had a lot of feathers and now I wish I had kept some of them. Happy Sunday-It is hard to believe that it is eventime to SAY Christmas already. lol

  5. Hi Kim,
    Love the feathers in the urn. I love the pretty vignettes you come up with using things you have and just rearranging from here and there. I know it just seems like I had the windows open and summer breezes and now the heat is on and a chill in the air. Christmas here we come!!!!!!

  6. I love the feathers and the whole vignette. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye...

  7. I love a bouquet of feathers and these look wonderful. Beautiful change on the vignette.

  8. Kim I have to have that owl pillow, it is just adorable. You found some great things on your shopping trip.

  9. The feather in th eturn look great and I love your bench

  10. I love your new vignette on your chest in the foyer! The feathers go perfectly with the leather books and brass lamp. I love using feathers to decorate with too. The pillows on your bench are adorable for Fall. I agree that this year is flying by!

  11. Gorgeous! I love the statement those feathers make in the urn.
    Mary Alice

  12. Those feathers are perfect in the black urn.

  13. A perfect place to introduce fall and that's here with you.
    Love the feathers in your urn, love the warmth and richness your home exudes.

    Happy Fall.
    Looking forward to the holidays here.


  14. Looks gorgeous, Kim! Right up my alley.
    I cannot believe Christmas will be here before we know it. Had to order greens
    from the hockey team on Friday so I am already having to think about decorating
    for the holidays too!

    Great job here.

  15. Love the feathers and the whole vignette. I actually have been thinking about Christmas decorating too, but will wait....not happily though:) I wish I had room for a chest in my foyer, yours is so beautiful..

  16. Kim,
    Oh,yes, the feathers in the black urn! I like this vignette better than the previous one, but liked it, too. You are so right that the feathers in the urn work with your French country style. Now, where did I put those feathers I bought?


  17. Love the feathers, Kim. I've got a few on a tray that I picked up on a walk. Love adding natural touches to the decor any time of year. Both vignettes look terrific!

  18. Now your making me want to buy some feathers too! Love, love!

  19. I think I have your same exact chest shown here. The doors on the bottom open up and there are drawers. Are yours like that?

    1. No, there are no drawers behind the doors. Just open space.