It Never Hurts to Ask


When I was looking around in the garden center, that Shirley took me to near her home a few weeks ago, I spotted this little stool sitting in a room next to a table. I thought to myself what a cool chippy stool. 

I'm not sure why I'm drawn to old stools, but I am. Especially chippy worn ones.

I kept looking at the Christmas decorations, but I went back to the room  the stool was in and had to look at it again. I was hoping it was for sale, but of course there was no price tag on it.

One of the employees asked if she could help me and I said I was just admiring the chippy stool and asked would they by any chance sell it. She said, "well it's not glued down so I will go ask".

She asked me what I thought a fair price would be and I said $40.

So she went and asked and came back and said I could buy it.

So it never hurts to ask!

Do you have anything new to share? Then I hope you come back tonight at 7 pm ET and join Wow Us Wednesdays.

Stay warm and see you tonight!

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  1. Fantastic! Everything about it is perfect. :)

  2. Yep..that's my motto...all they can say is "no" that stool!...

  3. Wow it's not just me! I love stools of all kinds and have many but most are chippy too. My grandchildren love them and always want to sit on them vs a chair. My opinion is you can never have to many.

  4. She's perfect for stacking your quilts on Kim, so glad you asked! So often the pieces I am drawn to have a tag saying NFS which is a bit frustrating. Super colors too, love the black.

  5. i like the part that she said, "well it's not glued down so I will go ask". it never hurts to ask and the worst thing they can say is no.

  6. Great find Kim - I love stools too (especially the rustic, chippy ones like you found!)

  7. I like stools, too. That one looks like it has been well-loved. Glad you asked and that they accepted your offer! xo Diana

  8. Great looks great with your quilts on it!

  9. Love your new stool ! It is perfect !

  10. Love the stool! And of course the quilts!
    How do I add to Wow us Wednesday?? I have a quilt to share.....

  11. Never hurts to ask.....congrats on a cool find.

  12. all they can do is say "No." :)

  13. Love the stool, Kim! At the last flea market I attended a couple of weeks ago, there was a vendor sitting on an old stool that I liked, I asked if it was for sale, but nope! Bad luck around this parts. :(

  14. The stool would have caught my eye too, but I would never have asked... So glad you did!

  15. Love it Kim - and I would have definitely asked ( John says I have more nerve than a toothache )
    but look at what you brought home - it's fabulous !!!
    I'd love to have that !

  16. I have a little red chippy stool that is half as big. I keep it next to the sofa to balance a glass on and I love it! Your stool is adorable and looks great with the quilts. Great find!

  17. great way to display quilts.