Ralph Lauren Home at High Point


A few weeks ago I shared the Bramble showroom with you that I toured at the High Point Furniture Market and forgot to share my other favorite designer with you....Ralph Lauren Home. I have always loved his home line. I just wish I could afford it.

 Have fun browsing this collection.

Oh, how I want this armoire. It's perfect for my bedroom to replace the one I just painted.

Love all the chippy worn pieces.

Perfect patina.

Great chesterfield sofa.

See anything you like?

Have a super duper weekend!

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  1. I liked everything. Period. Amazing we spend so much money on
    things that look they came out of an old barn, but I love it. Can't
    afford it though! High Point...right down the road a bit from me.
    Have a great weekend too!

  2. Those are all just gorgeous pieces! I love Ralph Lauren Home too and am always checking out their new stuff at ABC Home but just like you it's a bit beyond my price point!

  3. Kim,
    Ralph Lauren is fabulous. I love his collections for the home too. That bench and table are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures. I love that he uses rustic and good patina in his designs but keeps it warm and inviting.

  4. Oh yes! Love all the chairs and that wooden bench/setee is fabulous! Same here with affordability, price is still too steep even if their on sale!

  5. Gorgeous, I too adore Ralph Lauren! I'm into the Tartan decorating lately. I just sent to French chairs to reupholster them with an English plaid to acquire his look. I love the two chairs that look like they're with leather and the big Chesterfield couch too. Lovely.

  6. So many beautiful pieces!!! They are out of my price range too though......
    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I like that sofa.. The seat being a different fabric catches the eye and would feel more cozy than a leather seat.

  8. The Ralph Lauren showroom was definitely one of my favorites!!!

  9. I love his American farmhouse vibe. Rustic, yet elegant.

  10. I like everything! Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite American icons.

  11. I'm a big Ralph Lauren fan too, Kim! That arched hutch is SCREAMING my name! Can you hear it! Thanks for showing me my next piece!

  12. That showroom had some pretty pieces.

  13. Gosh I love Ralph Lauren everything!! thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Kim
    I will miss your blog. I have to say buh bye. Those disracting pop up ads are utterly ridiculous. Why?

    1. I'm so sorry about those and they are very easy to make them disappear by clicking the arrows on the upper right hand corner. They don't show up all the time. They are sporadic and the ads all across the board have not been paying as well and the in image ads will have to make up for that.

  15. I love all your designs, so inspirational....
    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!
    Just remember to show love to your loved ones, you never when the end will come.

  16. oh..and your dog id soooooo cute

  17. I love the first leather chair!

  18. Love R.L home line.... His salvaged line is so inviting with comfort and serenity.
    When my daughter was a baby her room was all RL. Baby.

    Beautiful share, but now I want to add some RL. Pieces to my rustic cottage.

    Happy ThanksGiving


  19. That chesterfirld sofa IS beautiful and I hate to be a nay sayer but those pillows look like they came out of a frat house and were used for 30 years:(:( That's ther only thing that I didn't like. Have a great weekend!

  20. Just Beautiful items.. Out of my budget though..

  21. I have always loved Ralph Lauren. Everything with his name on it presents well and his fabric blends for bedding and sheets to men's shirts are second to none. Always beautiful design in fine English style. Thanks for sharing them...

    Miriam G

  22. Ralph is the master! Always was. I had the pleasure of working for him early in my career. It was the early 80's and I was in women's wear, but the Home Furnishings line was just starting up and the office was so overcrowded, that I sat with the Home design people. I'm still in touch with many of those early designers. The experience has informed my sense of style in both clothing and home, ever since. I only worked there a year, but it has touched my life more than any other professional experience. He was intimately involved in driving the design process (unlike many other so-called designers I have worked for) and had maintained the same impeccable vision all these years.

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  23. Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to check out that desk for a client.

  24. Those are gorgeous pieces and totally my style (if I could afford it lol.) Thanks for sharing.

  25. I can see why you love it so much Kim....it's beautiful! What an amazing collection <3

  26. Oh my goodness...I really love that armoire too!! It is perfection!