The Top Ten


It's the end of another year and time to look at the ten posts that were the most viewed by you, my readers. There is a good mix of home decor and DIY projects. I'm starting with number ten and working the way down to number one. You can click on each link to view the full post.

Wow Us Wednesdays #254


I hope y'all had a great Christmas. I can't believe this is our last Wow party for 2015! That's okay we will just march right into 2016 and party some more. Thanks to all of you who party here each week and may you have a healthy and Happy New Year!

Let's look at some features from last week.

I love how Home To Cottage dressed up these antlers and she shares the tutorial.

Christmas Tour 2015


I know Christmas is over, in fact all mine has been put away, but I like to put together a full tour with a few snippets from each post I shared during the month and I'm a bit behind getting this posted. This makes it easy for me in the future to look back at what I did this year. Each link will go to the full post.

December Kitchen


I thought I would share how the kitchen has been decorated this month and I'm not calling it my Christmas kitchen, but my December kitchen. I didn't change much, but just changed out some things in the open shelving and added some cocoa fixings and cute mugs when the mood for hot chocolate strikes. It's actually too hot for hot chocolate these days. Also some Christmas cookie jars that I have had for many years are out and filled with Christmas cookies.



Did y'all have a merry Christmas? We sure did. We enjoyed time together starting on the 23rd with my son and his family after they arrived in the afternoon. Then we went to my daughter's on Christmas eve for our annual Christmas eve dinner that we take turns hosting.  

These are my four grands. Joshua 4, Rachele 7, Leila 5 and Naomi almost 6. They had so much fun together even thought it wasn't long enough.

The Glow


I love all the Christmas decorations during the day, but come night everything comes alive. Today I'm sharing how my home looks after dark or first thing in the morning when I get up in the dark and plug the lights in on the tree.

I love my huge lighted wreath that I won last year from Balsam Hill. I already had the lighted garland around the door that I had bought from them years ago.

Not Born To Bake


Last Sunday my daughter and granddaughter came over to make Christmas cookies. I had started making some before they arrived in the afternoon or we would have been making, baking and decorating until midnight.

Wow Us Wednesdays #253

Wow, it's the last party before Christmas and I'm so glad y'all are here to party with me in this very busy time of year. I know I still have some cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking to do. I'm looking forward to having my son, daughter in law, and grands here for a couple days and my daughter, son in law and other granddaughter will be here on Christmas, too. Fun to have a house full especially when there are little ones.
 I hope y'all enjoy time with your loved ones this season and have a very Merry Christmas!

Let's look at some features from last week.

I love the way this door on the detached garage is decorated by Everyday Living with the fruit fan and you should check out her front porch, too.

Tweaking the Christmas Foyer


I said tweaking not twerking! Do y'all decorate for Christmas and then tweak things? I sure do. I think because I try to get the decorating done quickly so I can get all the bins and mess put away that sometimes things don't turn out exactly as I had planned.

I had originally planned to use greenery around the deer and sleigh on the chest in the foyer, but when I found the bin of poly fill that I use for snow I started adding it instead.

Oh, Little Christmas Tree


I have had my tabletop tree decorated since right after Thanksgiving. It is usually the first thing I decorate when I pull out the boxes and bins. The tree seems to set the tone for the rest of the decor.

Simple Christmas in the Master


Each year I like to add a bit of Christmas cheer in the master, but not too much. After all this is where we go to rest each night so I want it serene yet cozy. I change up what I add in here each year. Last year I added reds, but this year I basically kept the soft browns and blues and just added some winter whites and a little bling.

Simple Christmas Decor in the Sitting Room


I didn't add a lot of Christmas decor in this smaller room, but just enough since this is one of the first rooms you see when you come in the front door.

Old riding boots that I bought many years ago on ebay are filled with Christmas greenery and gold sprays.

Simple Christmas in the Dining Room


We're going in the dining room today where I literally just grabbed some things in my Christmas bins and just started slapping them on the table to create a simple centerpiece that adds a bit of Christmas in this room.

Wow Us Wednesdays #252


Wow, only a little over a week to the big day! Are y'all ready? I almost am. I have a couple more gifts to come in and wrap and then next week I will get the house ready for the arrival of my son and family.

Thanks for coming here to party! Let's look at some features and get started.

Cute doggies in red plaid.....enough said! See more at Home is Where the Boat Is.

Gift Wrapping and Miss Bailey


Yesterday I finally wrapped some gifts that have been sitting and waiting. I really don't like to wrap gifts and I think it's because I always end up on the floor and that just isn't comfortable.

Farmhouse Christmas Guestroom


 The sunroom is probably my favorite room, but this is my other favorite room
 to decorate. This room is full of color, pattern mixing and whimsy.

Come on in!

Christmas Great Room


I shared the mantel last week and now I'm sharing the other ways I added Christmas in the great room/family room. Just a change of pillows and some natural and faux elements is all it needed.

Christmas Tours One Stop Shop


Notice anything new around here? Yep, it was time for the blog to get a little nip and tuck. I wanted a cleaner and more professional look and I do believe I got it. I picked out a premade customizable template on etsy and then had Brenda from Cozy Little House do the nitty gritty work in html to get it all loaded. I don't even go there. I hope y'all like the new look.

I was part of three fabulous Christmas tours last week starting with my foyer. You can find all the links to the All Through The House Tour Here.

Christmas Breakfast Table and Tour


Every Christmas my (grown) kids expect me to make breakfast on Christmas. I mean we do have to eat, but hey, they could cook for me. :) This year both my kids and all the grands will be here Christmas morning. I love to create a pretty table and this year's table was inspired when I found some new cute plates at HomeGoods. The six adults will sit at this table and I will set the island counter for the grands.

Christmas Sun Room 2015


I'm sharing my favorite room to deck the halls in. The sun room is basically where I live each day and night so it's filled with color and whimsy. The only new things are the plaid pillows from the At Home store and the cute deer pillow. When I start decorating I don't have a plan. I just start pulling out bins and then ideas usually will start coming to me. Ideas seem to come easier for this room.

Wow Us Wednesdays #251


Welcome to Wow! I'm so glad y'all are taking time out of the busiest time of the year to come share at my party. Have y'all finished your decorating, shopping, baking? I can say yes, no, and no, but I'm getting there. I have had a darn cold, and I'm never sick, that kept me in my pj's over the weekend. My energy is much better now so I can get some things done, Miss Bailey has a limp and I took her to the vet and basically she is supposed to take it easy for two weeks with not much walking, no running and no jumping. Now this is not going to be a fun two weeks. Then if no better she will probably see a specialist and possibly need surgery. Yea, fun stuff around here just in time for the holidays. I hope the rest works and then I will need rest after watching her like a hawk.

Let's get on with the reason you're here, but first let's check some features.

Just look at that fabulous DIY wood plank ceiling by Red Head Can Decorate!

Traditional Christmas Mantel


The last few years I have done some fun things for my Christmas mantel, but this year I decided to be very traditional. As I am getting older I want to do less and less decorating with stuff for Christmas which means dragging out less and having less to put away. I took a lot of stuff to GoodWill this year and that felt good. I hope others can find joy using my decorations that I just don't need anymore.

Christmas Foyer


Today is the first day of the All Through The House Christmas Tour hosted by Jennifer at Town and Country Living and Barb at The Everyday Home which runs all week with a different room featured each day. You'll find all the links at the end of the post.
Today it's all about our foyers or porches.

What has snow, a sleigh, a reindeer, some bottle brush trees, a few ornaments, a lantern and a pretty wreath? My foyer decked for Christmas, that's what. Every year I like to change my Christmas decor up a bit and when I knew I was sharing my foyer in this blog hop this idea using the reindeer and sleigh that I already had popped in my head.

Mini Christmas Tour


Have y'all been enjoying all the fabulous Christmas tours in blog land? I sure have and I hate to say this, but sometimes it's noon before I'm even getting dressed for the day. I just can't quit touring these homes. Today I'm sharing a mini Christmas tour of my home or more like some peeks at my Christmas decor. There will be full posts coming soon.

Holiday Style on the Deck


Visions of Christmas added to the deck have been dancing around in my head since this is the first Christmas after the makeover. Did I come up with a plan for making the deck festive?  Not really. So what to do? Well, you just shop the house, buy a small live tree, put it all together on a cloudy and fairly cold afternoon and start shooting pictures.

Wow Us Wednesdays #250


Welcome to Wow on this first day of December! Say what? It's December already? My, oh, my! Do y'all have your Christmas decorating done or are you just getting to it? I started mine on Friday and finished on Saturday with a few tweaks here and there. It feels good to have it done and I love the twinkle and the glow of the lights each night. I'll be sharing my Christmas decor soon.

Let's get on to the party and look at some features.

This is the time of year many of you are invited to parties and dinners and Botanic Bleu shareds some very good tips on how to be a gracious guest.

Festive Tabletop Ideas


Today I'm part of a Christmas tour blog hop with some fabulously talented bloggers! We are sharing tablescapes today and since I didn't start decorating until after Thanksgiving I wasn't quite ready to share anything new today so I'm sharing some favorites of mine from the past.
At the end of the post you will find the links for the tour.

I found this vintage looking Christmas decoration years ago and love to pull it out each year. In 2013 I used it in the sun room on the coffee table. It was placed on a wooden pedestal that was covered with faux snow. Looks like this year it didn't make it out of storage. Oops.

The Perfect Spot


Did y'all have a nice Thanksgiving and did y'all end up in a turkey coma afterwards like Mr. Savvy did? Yea, while I cleaned up he was asleep in his chair. We had a good time with our family, but not without incident. I think I cracked a rib before everyone got here when I leaned over to clean out my tub and then I cut two fingers on one of the cheese knives, but bandaids took care of the bleeding. Just call me miss klutz. My rib is sore, but I'll live. It just hurts to bend over and to move certain ways. My Christmas decorating may be in slow motion this weekend. Anyway it was a beautiful day with good food enjoyed with family and that's what matters. Now on with today's post.

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In this post I shared a uber cute new painting in my dining room from Minted. I told you it was not my original choice for that spot so today I'm sharing the one I thought would hang in the dining room, but ended up in one of the guestrooms. Sometimes things just work better swapped around.

It landed in the front guestroom over the stacked vintage lidded baskets. Yes, recently I had a different art piece hanging here, but you know that things don't stay the same very long around here.

Wow Us Wednesdays #249


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays! Are y'all ready for turkey day? I think I almost am. I just need to keep the house clean and start roasting the big bird early on Thursday and then welcome my family as they arrive. I can't wait! I want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to any of you who will be travelling to your Thanksgiving destination.

Now let's look at some features from last week and get this party started!

Chatfield Court shares a tutorial for creating these beautiful living ornaments.

The Last Fall Vignette


When I shared the new art work in the dining room and how the little black lamp from the foyer moved in there, too I told you I would share what lamp I'm using in the foyer now. I figured I better show you the way the vignette also changed on the chest some before I put it all away and start decorating for Christmas. So this is the way the top of the chest has looked for the last month or so. This is the last of the fall decor for 2015.

Stories of Savvy Southern Style Vintage Curated Collection


If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time then you know I have a slight thing for stools. They can be tall, short, new, old, wood, metal, stained or painted it just doesn't matter I seem to gravitate towards them when I see them. I was thrilled to be invited to create a curated collection for Bits Of Vintage. I love to incorporate vintage with new in my home and there are lots of items in this collection that will mix with many styles.

When I first saw this little white chippy stool I just knew it needed to be in my home.

Holiday Bedroom Ideas


Do you decorate your bedrooms for Christmas? Nothing over done, but maybe just some touches that add the holiday spirit in the rooms? I like to decorate mine especially if there are going to be guests staying in them. Today we are going back down memory lane to see how I've add a few holiday touches to the bedrooms.

For those of you who have not been reading my blog since the beginning the now farmhouse style room used to be done in a nautical style. In 2012 I added flannel sheets, a vintage quilt and then just added a big star pillow made from an old quilt. I purchased the pillow at the country living fair the first time I attended it. Also the enamelware pail was from the fair, too and I placed a small tree in it.

Rustic With a Touch of Glam


Can you believe Thanksgiving is only one week away? Gosh this month is zipping on by. Before it does I wanted to share one of my two tables this year ready for my family that will be gathering together here this year. We take turns hosting and it's my turn. The holidays is really the only time I get to set a fancy table. Well, really not that fancy, but certainly not the everyday look. I'm calling it rustic with a touch of glam.

Wow Us Wednesdays #248


Well, the countdown to turkey day is here! I've been planning my tables and getting things prepped for the big day since I am hosting this year. There will be fifteen of us this year which is down since my son and his family won't be joining us this year. Are y'all ready?
 Well, if you aren't ready for Thanksgiving I hope y'all are ready to party here!

Lots of fabulous links last week and here are just a few highlights.

This is so super cute by Cami at Tidbits. She shares a full tutorial, too.

Vintage Bamboo Folding Chair


When I shared the new look in the great room yesterday I didn't show y'all this side of the room. Today I want to show y'all my favorite find from the country living fair. I was looking around in one of the booths and I spied this vintage bamboo folding chair sitting behind the booth.

Great Room Project Reveal


 Two weekends ago when the rain began, that we thought would never end, I decided to tackle a project that had been on my mind for some time. If I suddenly get in the mood to paint then I usually will jump on it before that mood leaves me. So off to the paint store I went and there was no stopping me.

Do you see what got changed?

From the Sun Room to the Guestroom


When I shared the new pillows and sign in the sunroom the other day I told y'all the blue plaid pillows that were formerly in the sun room had moved to a new spot. The other perfect place is in the farmhouse style guestroom where I have lots of fun with color and mixing patterns.

First Impressions...Christmas Foyer past


Can y'all believe Thanksgiving is almost here and I'm still not sure about my tables and I need to send out an email to my family members telling them what to bring. While I'm working on Thanksgiving I have definitely been planning for Christmas and even attended a Christmas open house at a beautiful home interiors store about forty five minutes away. So worth the drive. I came home with a bag of stuff and can't wait to start using it. The first spot most of our guests will see is the foyer and it's important to set a good first impression. Today I'm sharing past Christmas ideas from my foyer. I hope these give you some inspiration.

In 2011 I filled a wicker tray with greenery from the yard along with pine cones and my wooden carollers. A tall chunky candlestick/pillar adorned with a candle ring and the lantern from Ballard's finishes it out. Funny thing I still have all these things. 

The Unexpected


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I didn't have any intention of changing things around in the dining room, but recently I was offered some new art work from I chose a couple of framed prints and they arrived quickly and nicely packaged. The one I originally purchased for the dining room ended up in one of the guest rooms and the one for the guest room is in the dining room.Yea, that's the way things go around here. This picture isn't exactly what you would expect me to hang in here, but I like the unexpected in decor. 

Isn't it cute? I chose the blue barn wood frame even though it looks black in the photos. There are a variety of frames to choose from.

Wow Us Wednesdays #247


Welcome to Wow Us Wednesdays. Is your week off to a good start? I cannot tell y'all how happy I am to see the sun shine again and clear blue skies!!! After eleven days of gloom we need this break. If you see me turning cartwheels out in my yard just drive on by. Mkay?

Let's get this party started, shall we?
  Here are some fab features from last week.

I love this sweet room which is shared in Anne's house tour.

Tabletop Tree Ideas


No, I haven't jumped into decorating my trees or any Christmas decor yet, but I thought I would share  some of my past Christmas decor from time to time this month to give y'all some new ideas and inspiration. A few years ago I decided to lose the large hard to decorate tree and go to a tabletop tree for our main tree and an even smaller tree in the sun room. These are so easy to put up, decorate and then take down and I'm all about easy these days.
You can click each link below the photo to see more.

2012 the sun room tree

A New Sign and Pillows in the Sun Room


A couple weeks ago I attended the Country Living Fair and told y'all some things came home with me. I have been wanting to share those things, but the house has been so dark with all the clouds and rain so I kept waiting. Well, since the weather is not going to break and I need to blog I grabbed my Samsung camera (good camera is in the shop) and brightened these shots the best I could and life goes on.

I shared some barn wood signs in my CLF post and one of the farmhouse signs they had on had came home with me. They had several of these signs for sale and they were going fast.

Master Bedroom Evolution


It's time for another room evolution and I have a doozy for y'all today. The master has gone through many changes over the years from paint colors and carpet to different bedding looks so get comfy and grab a snack.

This is how it looks today, but get ready to go way back in time.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


I truly am ready to share some recent projects with y'all, but the weather has a whole different idea. We have had rain and cloudy conditions for what seems for-ev-er. We had only a day and a half break last week and then nothing but dark skies since. Plus it doesn't help when my camera decides not to work correctly so it went to the shop yesterday and I found out the metering doesn't work. Well, gosh I need that to let more light in. So until I have brighter days and a fixed camera I thought I would share some of my past centerpiece ideas for a Thanksgiving table since it is certainly time to plan your table.

In 2010 I used a runner, a cake stand for height with faux pumpkins, acorns and leaves and two Pottery Barn candle holders filled with acorns.

Evolution of the Sun Room


Today I'm sharing the sunroom and it's many changes the last few years. As many of you know this is my favorite room and it also serves as my office. Yes, this is where I blog daily. I can't remember the exact year we added this room on, but I would say around fifteen years ago. Our deck used to extend to the length of this sunroom and we really didn't need a deck that big. We added the sunroom because we couldn't see our spring fed pond from the house unless we went out to see it and we needed some storage for our yard equipment. Underneath the sunroom is a room enclosed to store all those things.

Get ready for photo overload on this one.
Click any of the highlighted links to see more.

This is the way the sun room looked the very first time I shared it in April 2010. The Pottery Barn sofa is the same one I still have only with a new slipcover. The two club chairs were my grandmother's that I inherited. They were in a chintz fabric that was very worn and I had the reupholstered in some fabric I could afford at the time. Those were two very well made chairs, but eventually I sold them. They were so low. I haven't seen any like those since. The walls were painted the same as the breakfast room at that time in Rosemary Sprig by Benjamin Moore.

Wow Us Wednesdays #246


Welcome to Wow! How is your week going? I started a rather large project over the weekend and wrapped it up on Monday. I am loving the new look and I shared some peeks of it on instagram. Now I just need the rain and darkness in the house to move on so I can take some bright photos to share. Looks like it is going to stick around for some time.

Lots of fabulous links last week and here are a few features.

Frugal Little Bungalow shared some beautiful fall shots from her area including this covered bridge.

Blue and White Table Setting


While some are already jumping into Christmas decorating it will not be happening here until after Thanksgiving. I will just enjoy looking at those who share theirs for now. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and I don't want it to look like Christmas. Our tradition is to start right after Thanksgiving and I'm already gathering up ideas.
 Today I thought I would share some photos from a post I did in 2012 for a make believe Thanksgiving table since I was not the host that year, but wanted to set a pretty table. I'm sharing this just in case you need an idea for your table this year. 

Blue and white isn't what you would think for Thanksgiving, but why not?

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is


Does anybody really know what time it its? Does anyone really care...about time? Okay, now I have the song by Chicago stuck in my head and sorry you may, too. Remember the band Chicago? They actually are still around and performing and we saw them up close and personal in a private conference at a business conference several years ago. It was so good! I have always loved them. Of course this post isn't about Chicago.

Great Room Evolution


It's time for another room evolution. We are stepping over from the breakfast room into the great room and I have some photos from before blogging, too for this one so you can see what it looked like in the beginning.

These photos of old photos are all I have of the way the great room looked when we moved in. The sofa and rocker were in our old home in our finished basement. The walls in here were a mauve color and there was wall to wall carpet. All the trim, bookcases and mantel were a bright white. Our trim is still that same color. The bookcases and mantel have been painted since then. A couple years later the sofa and rocker were replaced with some leather/suede type furniture until we finally bought the furniture I have now in 2001. The leather furniture was poor quality and had to go.

Holy Cow(s) and a Giveaway!



If you have been following my blog any length of time then you know I have a thing for cows. I really am not sure why. I certainly didn't grow up on a farm, but I love farmhouse style and French country and I guess cows go along with those styles.
 Today I am so honored that the folks at Antique Farmhouse asked me to choose my pick for their designer picks feature on Thursdays. I don't have just one cow to share, but two!

Just look at that sweet face. I have a very colorful cow canvas in the other guest room and knew this sweet white one would work in this guest room.