How is your weekend going? We are finally having beautiful sunny weather and I was finally able to get outside to paint the garage doors and the front door. I'm not through yet, but hopefully I will finish today. Here are some progress shots.

I started on the front door on Friday. I cleaned it and primed it and then started painting it yesterday. This is with one coat. It looks much grayer in these photos than it is. It is the same color as the shutters which is a gray green. I'm using Devonshire Green by Benjamin Moore.

I cleaned the garage doors and removed all the decorative hardware. The mister is painting those. This is the ugly stage with one coat of paint. 

This is after two coats and I'm afraid they will take three. Darn it!

Left side has one coat and right side has two. The garage doors look greener than the shutters and front door, but it's all the same color.

The paint on these doors was in really bad condition. I painted these probably over ten years ago. The shine was completely gone and the paint was coming off on the rag I used to wipe them down. The front of our house gets full sun almost all day and it is so hard on the paint and finishes.

This side is almost done. I painted the first coat of gloss white on the trim on this one right before I lost the daylight. I didn't paint the trim last time. We just left it in the white it came with, but it had gotten quite stained over time. 

The light fixture between the doors is going to be taken down and painted, too. The sun has done a number on it.

I should get all this finished and put back together today. Y'all don't know it, but I have been painting most of the week. I painted a room inside and I did a quick change on a piece of furniture. I think I need a break from the paint brushes and the paint clothes......but not for long. 

I will probably share the room I painted tomorrow so be sure to come back for that. It wasn't even on my Project List I shared, but it was on my mind.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and it's a holiday weekend for some!

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  1. You're being really industrious! We had one day of sunshine and near 60°, but it's gone today. Lucky you to have the better weather for a longer period - it's good motivation!

  2. Looking good. We are planning to get out house painted this year . Seeing your freshly painted doors gets me excited.

  3. love your garage doors! Great color~

  4. Love the front door and the garage. Looks fabulous.

  5. Apply a coat of car wax to those painted surfaces and they'll stay new for a long time. Usually it's a 30 day wait, especially if you're getting any rainy periods. Love the new color!

  6. Wow, Kim, the color is gorgeous! I love your motivation and energy! You have done a great job on your gorgeous home ( you and the mister! ) Was your home a certain house plan or was it custom?
    I'm down in Savannah and, like you, happy to finally see sunshine this weekend.

    1. Thanks, Donna. We came up with the plans ourselves. We toured lots of houses and then hubby drew up a rough draft on a napkin while sitting in a restaurant and then our builder friend drew it up on his computer.

  7. It looks really great, Kim. Love the color!

  8. Looks great, KIm! Nice color.

  9. OOffff!!!!! Planning on getting our home painted sometime this year, and shutters put up as well. Yes, Southern suns nine can play havoc on painted surfaces.
    Luv the new colour choice!

  10. I absolutely LOVE the new looks amazing even though it isn't even complete!!! The front of our house gets full sun too and it fades the color on our light fixtures within one year...just crazy! I can't wait to see what you painted inside :o) Be back tomorrow.....
    Happy Sunday!

  11. Oh Kim your garage doors are going to look fantastic! I love the BM color you selected. You know as much as I paint and see what others have painted I am always amazed and how paint can transform almost anything! But yes after the task of painting your garage doors plus a room in your home it is time for a break! (But I am looking forward to seeing your newly finished projects.) Now relax and enjoy some of your weekend! XO Barbara

  12. Lots of work, but it pays off! Lovely.....
    We had our house painted last year and I noticed that the garage doors always seem slightly different, don't know why....of course ours are a steel door, maybe that's why...
    looking good....

  13. What a big undertaking with beautiful results!

  14. The door and the garage doors are looking great!!...I can just imagine how beautiful the full reveal is going to be!!!...Glad you had some sunshine to work on the doors!!

  15. Love your garage doors Kim...the new color looks great! You took our sunshine...raining and damp here today :-(

  16. Your home's design is lovely and the fresh new doors are going to look fabulous. It's a lot of work but so worth it for both your investment and enjoyment.

  17. I think Devonshire Green might just be my new favorite color. It looks so pretty!

  18. Can you send the fair weather over here, please? I had time to apply primer to my front door, but now it's too cold to paint! Oh, well, I'll just admire your front door and imagine it's mine!

  19. The sunshine has been heavenly this weekend! Your front and garage doors are going to look fabulous. and I'm always amazed at all that you can get accomplished!

  20. make me tired! It's looking good Kim, love the color!

  21. Colder weather where I am :) The best that I could do with our weather break yesterday was to FINALLY vac and wash the car when it went UP to 35 degrees :)

    But what you are doing looks wonderful :)

  22. Ypu are lucky that in these winter months you can be outdoors and work outside. It is too cold here to even work in the garage! I love the new color, can't wait to see it all done!!!

  23. It's looking good! I like the new color you chose. It's nice that you're able to take advantage of the milder weather we're having to get it done.

  24. Hi Kimmie! I just don't know how you do it! Your are so full of energy and I love how your door and garage door looks. Love the color! Do you ever take a nap? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  25. Loving the new color Kim!

  26. What a beautiful color Kim! Hey....wanna come over and paint..Ha! Seriously I need to paint my house again...but I am not up for it just yet.I think I will just do a little touching up for now.Wish we had a little sun around here.It's cold and gloomy.