It's All About the Green


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Since today is all about the green I thought I would share some green that I used to have in my home before lightening things up over the years. Since I have a lot of new readers you may not know that green was a favorite color of mine in home decor.

You may need your sunglasses on for this one. Guest Bedroom 2010.

Then the apple green walls were painted with a softer green (dillweed by Benjamin Moore) in 2011.

March 2011 the birds duvet and shams brought spring to the room.
You can see the more current version of this room here.

The breakfast room and kitchen use to sport green, too. This is Rosemary Sprig by Benjamin Moore.

I do still have some green in my house. The back of the bookcases in the great room are green.

And I recently shared this green hutch in my master bath.

So here's to a day filled with green.
 Do you have green in your home?


  1. I like all your greens you had in the past and also like how you accented green in the back of your bookshelf...I like green too and have green walls in my kitchen and family room. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

  2. I'm not really a green person - but I am in a way because I love turquoise and aqua shades. So, greeney-blue! LOL You know I love your new paint colors because I love neutral "backdrops" and bring in color with accessories, smaller pieces of furniture, bedding, etc. Love the color in your guest bedroom now - and the breakfast room. We are in the process of repainting right now - a beautiful silvery-taupe shade.
    Happy St. Paddy's day!

  3. I have the birds duvet from Pottery Barn also! So cheerful for your guests. :-)

  4. I have a green sofa in my living room. I thought about selling it for a nice white PB sofa, but decided I still liked it and kept it! Just got some new fabric to pull out the green of the sofa and adding other green accents to the room!

  5. Ooh, love the green Kitchen! I am such a green lover! I have a green master over at My Kentucky Living.

  6. Mi dormitorio principal es verde y cambia de tono segĂșn la luz.

  7. happy St. Pat's day! Love that green hutch - divine! xx, b

  8. I do love green too! My dining room used to be green until a little while ago. I have splashes of green here and there in pictures, pillows, throws and of course Boxwood wreaths!!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I will see you at the party at 7:00, thanks so much for hosting!!

  9. Kim, I love the green in the back of your bookcases, it's a beautiful color and really showcases the pieces you have displayed! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  10. I love the green with your bird duvet and shams! It looks so fresh and springy - exactly what I am ready for now!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  11. some beautiful green jars and pots. I love green paint too as I think of it as a neutral if it is a lighter green. Thanks for sharing all your greens. I would say, "top of the morning to you" but it is way too late for that!!

  12. Beautiful shades of green...and why yes I do. I just painted my farmhouse table and kitchen island...yet again LOL! But I painted mine a turquoise green!

  13. I have painted my kitchen and family room in Behr's grasscloth green :) Love it for the past 4 years now :)

  14. I love all the green you've ever had, Kim! I love lots of color, so it all looks fabulous to me.

  15. You can definitely see the yellow in the apple green room. It now looks a lot cooler. I love green, warm or cool. It is such a soothing color. My kitchen is jade green and my master bedroom is a meadow green. The ceiling in my kitchen is hunters tan and I am currently painting the ceiling in the master bedroom autumn blond. Have you thought of adding color to your ceilings?

  16. Debra Jerry, the room is no longer green at all. These were pulled from old posts. Yes, I have several ceilings painted. My dining room ceiling is yellow, my master is a brown and faux textured, my powder room ceiling is the same as the walls...Revere Pewter.

  17. Happy St. Pattys Day Kim,
    No! No more green in my home that went out years ago for me, yet I often see greens and blues I would love to add back in. Love your green rooms, I too had guest room of green walls in my last home. Now I am white and want to pale that out with a faux aging ever so soft that one hardly sees it with some grey like French stone walls.

    Love that green cabinet in your bathroom....I so remember when it was blue, and I still can't decide what colour I love best....I guess I will have to draw straws on it the longest one wins.

    Love your style.


  18. We do have some green, but mostly in house plants, fresh flowers, and the occasional accent color.
    It's fun to look back at your previous decor. It's all pretty!

  19. I'm thinking about painting my husband's office in green. It was helpful to see your different colors, thanks for providing the paint info.

  20. I like soft greens, like the ones you used in your second version of the guest room or the hutch in your bathroom. I find them very soothing.