New Location and Styling for the Chippy Cabinet


 Did you know that in just ten minutes you can make a change in your home and create a fresh look? If you are a regular reader then you know that I know this all too well. Welcome to our monthly series, 10 Minute Decorating, where I along with three other fabulous bloggers share some quick ideas to get a new look in your home.

A few weeks ago I shared this chippy cabinet from Decor Steals styled in my sun room.

I wanted to place my fiddle leaf fig back in this spot so I found a new home for the cabinet.

I placed it on top of my sideboard in the great room. The bread boards had moved to the wall in the breakfast room so I needed something here.

I was going to leave it styled like it was in the sun room, but then I figured new spot new display.

I have a large dog painting over the mantel and other dog items so I added my dog trophies to this cabinet.

I added more vintage books.

I kept this silver creamer with the feathers since it works in this space, too.

I kept the coral too and the sea fans for texture and a hint of summer to come.

I swapped the clear siphon bottle with this green one.

I'm liking the new location.

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  1. I like the new location for your cabinet! It looks great!

  2. Very cute cabinet and it's perfect on your sideboard...for now. Love how it's styled...the perfect blend of books and vintage favorites.
    Mary Alice

  3. Looks great... you can do more in 10 minutes that I'd get done in 10 days! Ha! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Beautiful Kim! I just love your sea fans - it seems that every time I come across good ones it's when I'm traveling and those would be tough suckers to pack to come home!

  5. I love it all!! Those feathers are amazing, but of course I love everything you do.

  6. Looks great Kim! such a beautiful and versatile little cabinet. Love the way you styled it Nd used the dog trophies.

  7. What are great idea, 10 minute decorating! Typically when I "get crazy" as my husband calls it, things are hauled all over the house and new rooms are created. Typically I do this when he is out of town and come home to a big SUPRISE!

    This looks great by the way, I love that lille cabinet.

    Have a great day Kim!

  8. love the new location! I wouldn't have thought about mix matching the sizes of the pieces the way you did (the dresser and hutch) but it looks so great. Love the natural elements in your decor for this vignette - it's a keeper! xx, b @

  9. That was a fun change up, Kim. I LOVE that pop of green in the cabinet and I see it picks up the green on your stairs/landing, too. Love the layering of the small cabinet on the dresser. Perfect! xo Diana

  10. Kim,
    I am liking the new location too. Very nice.

  11. Love your cabinet and where you have it for now.
    love the side board also with the toile material on it

  12. I'm a newbie here ... and am loving your style, especially the addition of natural elements. Very pretty. Found you over at Cedar Hill. Thanks ladies.

  13. I LOVE the cabinet's new space and all those beautiful pieces in it!!!

  14. I agree with Shirley, it looks great!! LOVE that oiece anyway!!!

  15. Kim, It looks gorgeous! I love the new location and the new style!!

  16. This little cabinet is really charming!

  17. Love that cabinet! And you did a beautiful job showcasing your collections!

  18. Perfectly styled! I love the silver creamer with the feathers- too pretty!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  19. Isn't that little cabinet just adorable! Looks fabulous on the dresser!

  20. This is one of those pieces that can move with ease. I'd love to have one of these. What fun to style those shelves.

  21. I love it there ( but it's such a pretty cabinet that I think I'd like it anywhere )
    It's styled beautifully ( as always ) !

  22. I just love this cabinet! It looks great styed each way and in each location!

  23. Where do you find fiddle leaf figs? I live in Franklin, Tennessee and haven't been able to find them. I just love their look.

  24. I has wondering ..Where did you purchase the tile. That you just put in your guest bathroom? It's kinda
    of like a basket weave. Sorry, to go off today's subject.