Shopping in Savannah....or Paris


Let's go shopping in Paris! Well, The Paris Market in Savannah, that is. I wish we had had a few days to shop in Savannah, but that wasn't the case. We had part of one day and so the main store I wanted to make it to was The Paris Market. This shop is filled with so many things I love and here are some photos from it taken with my phone since I didn't want to haul the heavy camera.

So funny seeing the Do Not Enter sign. Of course that is for the street. You definitely want to enter.

This is the view when you enter the store. On this floor are many gift type objects and books. But let's go downstairs to the goodies.

If I could have and if I had room in my home I would love the large table with drawers. That would make a great kitchen island in a very large kitchen.

I saw so many great chandeliers in all the shops on this trip and this was a favorite.

Love these yummy French twin beds.

Sorry for the blur (iphone shots), but wanted to show you how they filled this fabulous case.

Other side. I had thought about purchasing the large sponge for my Master Hutch makeover.

I truly thought about purchasing this dough bowl, but the price was a bit more than I wanted to pay.

Great crock.

We also stopped by a shop a few doors down so my sister could find some new sunglasses since hers broke. I told her she should get these and don't know why she didn't. :)

Thanks for coming along with me on this girls' trip. We had a great time together and loved our stay on Tybee Island in our cute cottage and the rental was made very easy by Mermaid Cottages.

Have a great weekend!
 Family was coming for Mr. Savvy's (a.k.a. G Dad) birthday this weekend, but they got snowed in and can't come. Maybe in a few weeks.

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  1. Kim, I haven't visited in a while because I'm in such a busy season of life and don't blog as often as I like. I wanted to pop in to say I love Savannah and Tybee Island and we plan on visiting again this May... We cannot wait!! I will have to check out this lovely store! Isn't it so much more fun shopping at a destination such as beautiful Savannah? Your last picture with the shades is great! You know how to have fun!! ;)

  2. Gee I wonder why!!! Sunglasses that is....too cute!!
    Thanks for the tour of the shops and all the lovely eye candy.

  3. I loved Savannah and The Paris Market!! I could have spent all day in that store.

  4. Fabulous market! I would love to visit Savannah. Need to add it to the list... :-)

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  5. Love that shop and must say I love those beams in the ceiling!....It is always a must see when I am in Savannah...and I love that huge table too....yes..would make a great island!...Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to Mr. Savvy....and cannot believe that Kelly did not get those glasses!

  6. Is that the dough bowl that Kelly ended up buying? Love it! What a GREAT shop. Your sister would have looked fantastic in those glasses. What a spoil sport she was for not buying them....Mickey Mouse ears would have been a nice touch, too. xo Diana

  7. You got some great shots of that store! I didn't get as many as I would've liked. I think because I was so enchanted with looking at everything. That really was a great store! I actually bought some nicer sunglasses after I got back in town. But, now I can use the others as a back up if I need too. They made everything look kind of "blue" through the lens.

  8. What a great shop and your right. If you had the right size kitchen that table would be the perfect island. Such pretty things and what fun you and Kelly had


  9. I love stopping in The Paris Market when I'm in Savannah. I get lots of great ideas! I love the upstairs, too, with the stationery, books, perfume, etc.

  10. I would love to shop there too!

  11. Kim, I was in Savannah last September and visited The Paris Market. I just loved this very Parisian shop and their French cafe, where I enjoyed a latte and delicious macarons. Thanks for the re-visit! Blessings, Pam (

  12. You and your sister share the same savvy haircut. How cute. Those sunglasses are hilarious.

    Tybee Island, what a fun time you must have had! And this store is perfect for you - did you end up getting anything there?

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Michelle that is me modeling the glasses kidding around with her and telling her she needed them. Yes, just the little balls that I shared last week in my chippy cabinet Decors Steals post.

  13. LOVE this store! I stumbled upon it by chance when we were in Savannah two years ago and would love to go back and explore it more when I had more time. Such beautiful things - thanks for the tour!

  14. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous trip and great shopping too.

  15. I love all the stuff you loved Kim, most especially that chandy and dough bowl!

  16. I love the Paris Market in Savannah I guess I have been there 4 times,
    yes they are pricey in the lower level where the goodies are.
    I like all the large books they have also
    makes me want to head back down to Savannah instead of going to New York ?
    GO to Back In The Day Bakery on Bull street

  17. I have heard about Paris in Savannah and it looks amazing.

    That long table with the drawers is bigger than my house, but awesome.

  18. The bank account can definitely take a hit when walking into The Paris Market, but there are SO many goodies! I love your model sunglasses shot - very cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. The Paris Market is a fabulous store...could spend hours in there. Looks like you all had a great time.
    Mary Alice

  20. That is one of my favorite shops in Savannah...Glad you go to go there!

  21. You're so cute, even with a tag hanging on your nose! It does make it hard to decide on glasses, doesn't it?

  22. I love Savannah, and shopping there. Well, I love the squares and the houses, and the moss draped trees...I could go on. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for the info on where to stay on Tybee. We usually stay at Hilton Head, but Tybee would be a nice change.

  23. I'm sooo jealous I don't have a store like that...what a bummer. And with those shades, your Hollywood status now! Lol!

  24. One of my favorite stores, but I haven't been there for several years. I'm itching to go stay at Tybee for a few days and when you get an itch, you've got to scratch!

  25. Kim, this is probably my favorite store in Savannah. I think their window and store displays are works of art. At least they were the times I visited. Totally amazing, like theatre sets.

  26. What a fun time, browsing the beautiful displays and checking out all the goodies. Those glasses suit you, Kim!;))

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!


  27. That shop looks like a place I would like to visit. Love those dough bowls, never see them in Ireland. 😒