Do You Have a Spot?


One day last week it was hot. I mean H-O-T! Way too early for it to be ninety and humid. I love spring and I need spring before it gets hot. Anyway, I am normally sitting and blogging in my sun room, but we haven't put the air conditioner in there yet this year, seeing how it is early April, so I found a cooler room to sit in. Do you have a room that is quiet with no t.v. and you have a comfortable spot to just sit and reflect? A spot where you are surrounded by things you love? Things that all have a story behind them?

This is that spot for me in this chair in my sitting room. This chair is so comfortable.

From my spot I see this beautiful bosphorous toile pillow across from me that I bought at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta a few years ago at a ridiculously low price for custom made and over stuffed with down.

....and it's mate.

 I see pieces I have painted and things bought on a trip far away that remind me of that time spent in another country with friends.

There's a huge window in here where I can enjoy the view and the natural light and miss Bailey can look for something to bark at.

When I look up at the wall from this spot I see a gallery wall I created over time with artwork I found in antique malls and I'm reminded of the thrill of the hunt.

 I see the new sconces that were found in Franklin, Tennessee that were just what I had been searching for to finish out this wall.

From this spot I see my favorite dog picture that I found in an antique mall in Alabama.

To the left is a leather chair we bought the day after 9/11 that miss Bailey has jumped up into while I sit in my spot.

One of my favorite pillows that I got for a song at the Restoration Hardware outlet years ago is right behind her.

Right in front of me is this old drum table that was in very poor shape when I bought it, but I knew it just needed a little repair and a pretty coat of paint.

On top is the rare ironstone punch bowl I found at City Farmhouse in Franklin, Tn. on the same trip I mentioned before. Pretty ivy is spilling out of it.

To my right is my favorite find of all time... the antique vaisselier. I'll never forget my pal Shirley spotting it and telling me I had to get it. I had to convince someone else first. :)

Yep, all that from this spot. 

Do you have a spot?

Of course after complaining about that 90 degree day we have had clouds and rain ever since and they are expected all weekend.

I sure hope y'all have a nice one!

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  1. A hot 90 degree day doesn't sound so bad now compared to the dismal rainy weather we've been having lately! That's a great room to sit and relax in. No TV and comfy seating with pretty things surrounding you is the perfect space.

  2. I must say that I could sit in that room all day is so beautiful and cozy and who cannot help but stare at that vaisselier all day too....that piece is magnificent and truly was a great deal...and I do not think it took much convincing that someone else that this piece belonged in that was a total jaw dropping moment when we saw that piece in the antique mall...and obviously this is one of Bailey's favorite rooms too...she is a smart cookie! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Your sitting room is sooooo gorgeous and is my favorite room in your house :o) My living room is my quiet spot and is a room that holds a lot of memories for me too. Have a great weekend!!!

  4. That really is a pretty room and you have found some fabulous treasures to use in it.

  5. What a lovely "spot" you have in which to rest, reflect and enjoy your treasures! I have a front guest bedroom/office, with a window to the front of the house, and I enjoy it as my "sanctuary". I can sit in my leather wing back chair with my feet up on the matching ottoman, and either read, work on the laptop, listen to music and relax, or watch tv....or just relax and gaze out the window at the trees as I listen to the birdies singing. It is decorated with my collectibles and has a cabinet with things that I have collected throughout the years. Yes...that's my special "spot". Thanks for sharing your post this made me look around and appreciate my little corner as well!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. You have a wonderful spot to blog in Kim. I love your pillows. Right now my spot is in my den, but I don't know where I will end up in my new home.

  7. Kim, what a lovely spot to relax, enjoy your quiet time and wonderful treasures! I've got a spot and it's in my music room, it's quiet when I want quiet!
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  8. How luvly... I bet I would sit there and stare at all your lovelies as well.
    I have a favourite spot.... my sitting room. Sweet and quiet, except for snoring from Master Vic across from me on the couch.

  9. I have followed you since you first started blogging. I think you sitting room has evolved nicely since you started. Everything in there is a memory.

  10. That sounds like a GREAT spot, Kim. I love all the pieces you have collected over time and use in that room. I missed seeing those sconces before and I love them!
    I have a small sitting room in the front of our house that has a big bay window to the side and 2 large windows that face the front porch. I do have a very small TV in there that is tucked away (the one I painted white) and Dr.Phil and I have conversations in there at 3pm on a lot of afternoons. It is my "white room" so calming to me. xo Diana

  11. You have a great spot there and things/colors I love. I have the same color way of bosporous in the sunroom right now - a lumbar pillow. I have one of those drum tables stored at my grandmothers that I need to paint! You have inspired me to do that.

    We have tried to convey that feeling in our home. Each room has things we love, have picked up on travels, family pieces and antiques. I am so lucky that my husband also enjoys hunting antiques. Lucky too that my mom loved antiques and I have some of her things (she is no longer living). Very special to us. My favorite spot is the sunroom and we use it daily. Thankfully we do have heat/ac in there. Another favorite spot is our bedroom - I'm there right now. Window from the front of the house with a mountain view - which is hazy right now. We're overcast but no rain predicted today, so maybe the sun will come out soon. The master has a sitting area and is quiet and I love to watch out the window. Like your Bailey, my pup, Abby, is laying on the end of the bed where she can watch for cats or perhaps someone riding a bike or jogging. We all need a quiet spot! Great post.

  12. I meant to also say I love that puppy picture!!! I need to start looking for a great puppy pic on our antiquing adventures!

  13. I relaxed just viewing your spot. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Your rug in these pictures looks like what I'm searching for. Can you share your source?

    1. two or three years ago. They may still carry it.

  15. We have been having the same crazy weather here in Birmingham. Your spot is wonderful! I hate rooms that look like people walked into a store and bought everything in a display group. My spot when it is hot is in the LR because the sofa is right under the ceiling fan. It is cool, somewhat dark, no TV, very cozy. I make a nest in all the pillows and relax.

  16. What a perfect spot to spend time to relax and remember nice memories!

  17. Every detail is beautiful, Kim. Your pillows could move into our home any time. '-)
    Love the sconces. Are they vintage or did you buy them new? Would love to know more about them.

  18. i do have a spot......and just blogged about it yesterday and shared it on share your style 9.......its my sunroom....i lost a good friend yesterday to today i am enjoying the peace and quiet of my your spot too....i am a huge fan of browns and neutrals colors...and what a sweetie sitting in that leather chair....

  19. I haven't perfected my spot yet but,i am working on it. I love your spot it seems really peaceful.

  20. Kim, I love your spot! How nice to have a comfy chair surrounded by so many pretty things with such wonderful memories and stories behind them!

  21. Your sitting room sure is a cozy spot to wait out this dreary weather! Thank goodness that you listened to Shirley when she encouraged you to purchase the vaisselier. It is such a wonderful piece that grounds the room. I had that same bosphorus print made into a window treatment in our bathroom and I have really enjoyed it. I have enough fabric to make some pillows!

  22. Oh Kim, I could sit in your sitting room FOREVER and just stare at your vassilier all day long. I ADORE that piece. I do have "a spot" too, my living room is "MY spot"!!! I love that room and sitting on my sofa, reading or just taking it all in.

  23. Kim, I love the soft muted colours in your 'spot, and mine is similar. Lots of calming blues, soft sage green and neutrals, and with big windows overlooking our garden. I love the attachment you have to each item. Very special. Mimi xxx

  24. Kim,
    Your "spot" is just wonderful, filled with lovely, special, storied pieces. I am looking forward to creating a special, quiet spot at some point in our home renovation! Love Miss Bailey! My Miss Lulu likes to be in whatever room I am in, as well!

  25. It's a beautiful spot, Kim. I am hoping for a good spot somewhere in our new home. Noah asked me last week, G'ma when are you going to have a real living room? LOL Soon...taking it a day at a time.

  26. I love your spot Kim, where you can enjoy your most favorite of things...I recently created a private spot in the master bedroom where I can retreat and recompose, and it works magic on my psyche!