Elements That Speak French Country Style


Today I thought I would share some elements you can find and use in your home to create French country style. I was looking around at what I have used and thought I would share some French country elements in my home.

Demijohns: I use to grab and buy every demijohn that didn't have a huge price tag on them. I have even found them as cheap as ten dollars. I have green, clear, and amber glassed ones and I have several that are wicker wrapped, too.

This large amber colored one is my most expensive one that I purchased in France. Using these lidded baskets or French market baskets adds French style, too.

French farm tools: This old hay fork works just leaning against the wall. It used to hang on the wall in the breakfast room.

 I have them everywhere.

Ceramic one in the great room and the confit pot behind it came from France.

And my favorite is this aubusson pillow that I bought about three years ago at the High Point Furniture Market at wholesale. I don't know where you can get one since I get asked all the time.
Yea, I have a thang for cows.

Old pottery like this pot I found at a local antique mall. Some of these you find are real and old and some are reproductions. This one is old and I paid a bit more for it.

Another one of my confit pots from France. These are pricey and hard to find, but I love them and have two.

Dough bowls/trenchers:
I love using dough bowls. I have a huge one on the dining room table that I recently shared and this smaller older one landed here. I like it just leaning there.

In the past I have also just set mine on a coffee table filled with magazines

French Style Fabric Pillows:
I like using grain sacks whether it has been turned into a pillow or just display them in a stack. They also make a great runner. I have one on my dining and breakfast room tables. Other linens like toile and checks say French, too.

I have a pair of these pillows made from vintage French ticking.

I also have these vintage French ticking pillows in the master that I recently shared.

And of course ironstone even though most of my pieces are from England. I love the French tureens, but not the price. I do have the one above behind the little cow that I lucked up on for a very good price.

There are so many other elements like copper, enamelware, china, silver and the list goes on.


  1. What a great post. All of your French touches are just classy and smart looking! Must admit, my favorite ones are your cows! I'm crazy about cows too! Of course, your dough bowl and all of your demijohns are to die for!!

    Have a fabulous Sunday, Kim!


  2. I love all the wonderful French touches that you have in your home, Kim! I love cows, too! And your vintage confit pots are fabulous! Hugs...Debbie

  3. After looking for months (years?) for cheap demijohns, I couldn't believe my luck when I found two this morning in one of our empty-your-attic sales! I thought of you immediately! The ones I bought were used to make vinegar, so the inside is very dirty and they are soaking in my bathtub in soapy water for now!

  4. Really enjoy your posts and love all of your ideas and shares of wonderful items to make the home, "Home." I found the pillow on Amazon, or one that is very similar anyway. It is pricey--$330--ouch! So getting it at cost will make it even better! That's the only place on the internet that I found it. Thanks for all the good information and pleasurable reading.

  5. Here's a link for the cow pillow for your readers who are interested. http://www.deluxepillows.com/cw-dl100b-16-x-24.html

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Kim. I am realizing that I have several things that say French too!!! I love the style. Have a great day.

  7. The style of your house adapts so beautifully to French Country, Kim. It has all the right elements. This house is so "waterfrontish" that it is a whole different decorating avenue for me. I have always loved French Country and the last house we sold in the historical district was decorated that way.

    I don't think I have ever seen an amber colored demi-john anywhere--other than here and in blogland. You have some great examples. xo Diana

  8. Hi Kim, love this French style. We received a demijohn (full of wine) as a wedding gift years ago. Could kick myself for not keeping it (after the wine was drunk of course!)


  9. Thank you for sharing this Kim:) Now I know what I'm looking for, and I love how you decorate your beautiful home:D

  10. I have a lot of those things! You have some wonderful pieces. I love the amber demi john.

  11. You have so many wonderful French Country antiques from those amazing confit jars to the demijohns...and new things such as that fantastic cow pillow.....I had a yard sale yesterday and sold many new items...my goal is to just buy beautiful old things that need a new home...

  12. Hi Kim- Thanks for the inspiration! laura

  13. Kim, your home is packed with so many beautiful treasures! Thanks so much for sharing this. I grew up in the north of Spain where cows are everywhere, you even see them on the fields along the freeways. I do have some cow paintings and cows, they remind me so much of my home!

  14. Love your french country style Kim. You always pull together the best decor vignettes. I love your cows. What is is about Cow?!!! Just love them! Have a wonderful Sunday and great start to the new week.

  15. I love the French country stay. Thanks for the tips. And I love your Amber demi john. Now I can keep and my eyes open to find some. I might have to opt for ones at the world market store. ;)
    Have a Blessed Sunday.

  16. Kim,

    Everything looks fabulous! Love all of your French finds but my favorites are the cows and the ironstone!

    Have a great day and an even better week.

  17. Kim I have added French bottles to my more rustic elegance of rural tone on tone French.
    The Green bottle I found imprinted France on the bottom came from a Goodwill store for a $1.00 I was in shock when I spotted it clear across the store and could not get to it fast enough with hopes that someone next to it did not grab it, only later in research of its lizard like glass surface would fetch more then $90.00 for it and the upward amount. It has old deposits of minerals in the bottle, I gentle washed to sterilize the bottle and yet the age of the minerals still appear and I love it so.
    Your collection wows me, and truly nudges me to keep a watchful eye open for the real deals in French clays and Glass ware. I really don't like to buy mass produced in fear it will get away from me and start looking to new. With that being said the find can be quite a wait but well worth the wait would you not agree.

    I leave here always saying darn Kim finds the best pieces, and I am going to have to try to find some as well :)

    Beautiful Sunday to you.
    All things French.

    Ps. The cow photos are great my mom collects French farmhouse cows in about anything. As for me it's become a donkey thing, I think ones don't think of them as French, yet it was the French who raised and bread and used Donkeys/mules long before the U.S.
    So Donkeys yes! A real French thing.


  18. Your home always looks beautiful,Kim. Your French style elements and accessories make your home even more lovely!
    Mary Alice

  19. Kim, I just love all of your collections and the way you display them! My sister-in-law is building a new French Country style home next door to us and I frequently refer her to your blog (and your magazine feature last year as well!)

  20. I have many of these things in my home too...you know I love your style Kim!

  21. Thank you Kim for all the great ideas,you have some wonderful pieces and i know you look long and hard,that is what it takes.

  22. Kim, everything is just beautiful, as always! And thank you for the ideas! I'm working on transitioning to a little French country style and these will help me out! Have a wonderful evening!!

  23. Of all these elements, I am just enamored by the demijohns and the dough bowls! Great round up!

  24. Love your French touches Kim- those cows are all charming me and love that dough bowl!!

  25. I'm always on the lookout for demijons. My maiden name is bulls so always on the lookout for them too

  26. Great post, I love all the french touches you have around your home. The dresser with all the ironstone is really beautiful.

  27. I'm headed to france for a flea market trip on our way home from a friends wedding this year & wanted to ask you how you get the items back home when you go? I assume shipping is the best option but don't you worry about the pottery and bottles arriving broken or not at all? I'd love to hear your advice!

    1. I have only been one time and we had a host who handled all the shipping. My stuff was shipped by container since we had large furniture pieces and it is quite expensive for a container. Smalls can be sent by air in a crate.