{Movie Review} The Longest Ride


Mr. Savvy and I usually go to a movie on Friday, if there is a decent one to see, and yesterday we saw The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I normally love Nicholas Sparks books turned movies and this one did not disappoint. I have seen so many action films lately with lots of shooting and bullets ripping into bodies with the sound effects that it was nice to see a sweet love story for a change.

This is a story about a bull rider trying to make a come back after an accident and a college student who fall in love, but with conflicting paths.

The scene is set in North Carolina. They referred to Greensboro on signs and the hospital many times. I'm originally from Greensboro.

Scott Eastwood, Clint's son, is easy on the eyes, too.

Britt Robertson is cute as a button.

The story flips back and forth to another love story that started in the 40's being told by Alan Alda.

So if you get a chance to go to a movie this weekend this one is really good. In fact, as we were walking out hubby said that was the best movie we have seen in a long time.
What?? You loved a romantic film?
Yep, even the men will like this one.

Happy Saturday!
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  1. Thanks for the review. MAYBE I can get Joe to go. Scott Eastwood is VERY easy on the eyes!!! Wow!

  2. Looks like a good movie! Thanks for your recommendation! i am lucky that my husband likes romantic movies, so we will have to see this one. I like the fact that it is set in NC. I live in Greensboro! Do you still have friends and family here, Kim?

  3. I've seen it advertised but didn't realize Clint Eastwood's son was in it. We are not movie peeps and I can't even tell you the last movie we've seen! LOL Glad you and Mr. S. enjoyed!

  4. Hi Kim,
    I love Nicolas Spark and this was one of my favorite reads of his. I will have to see the movie. Love his wonderful love stories. Happy Week End.

  5. I would love this one. Need to go. Thanks for the review.

  6. HOW fun. We saw Cinderella today and even my husband grudgingly said he liked it.

  7. Oh Kim, my daughter and I won't miss this one, we see all of Nicolas Spark movies, is there anything better? So nice that your MR. savvy enjoys them with you, what a guy!


  8. Thanks,sounds good it is hard to know what will be good these days and with the price it cost to go,i don't want to see a bad one.lol

  9. We were thinking about seeing this one. Love N. Sparks and the hubby does too. Great review.