Memory Refresh


I thought I would refresh your memory, or for those seeing this for the first time, show you what the guest bath looked like for the last nineteen years before we recently remodeled it. When we built our home we were on a very tight budget so when choosing things for our kids' bathrooms we were able to get some end of the year models, that needed to be sold to make room for the new models, at a very good price. Who cared if they were brown, right? The brown worked for my son's bathroom. I never loved these pieces, but the price was right at the time. My daughter got the white tub, toilet and sink which made that bathroom much easier to make over. It was just a band aid fix on that one.

The wallpaper was the only thing I still liked, but it had to go to create the new look.

The other day I shared how you can Paint Over Wallpaper.

Yes, there was a lovely brown toilet. So glad that baby is gone. 

Yes, that is linoleum flooring. Like I said we had a tight budget. I am so glad it is gone, too.

Faux marble vanity top and a very cheap 90's brass light and brass faucet. This is not the brass that is in style now. Outta here!

So glad the brown tub is Brown No More.

Now that you have this burned into your memory you will be ready to see the new and improved bathroom.
I'm looking forward to revealing it tomorrow!

You can see some of the items used in the new bathroom here.
Read about the tile floor saga here.
Tub transformation here.

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  1. There is NO WAY that this makeover isn't going to be utterly amazing! I am looking to seeing it.
    Michelle from

  2. I can't wait to see it, Kim! I've loved all the "sneak peeks" so far!

  3. Oh Kim I cannot wait to see the new bathroom reveal tomorrow. I know it is going to be so awesome.
    Kris :)

  4. Looking forward to the reveal!!!!

  5. Cannot wait Kim, so something inspires my 2 bathrooms.
    I know you will amaze us :)


  6. Oh yes, that wallpaper had to go. I am guessing your style at one time was much more country? We built our house around the same time as you. We went very neutral with fixtures, etc. I did put the brass fixtures in the master bath and wallpaper/border halfway up in kitchen. The other thing I wish I had not done was carpet. Wasn't long before we tired of the wallpaper and later on replaced the brass fixtures. We lived her about 10 years before removing carpet and putting down hardwoods in all rooms but kitchen/baths. Best. decision. ever. That and converting a screened-in porch to sunroom! Like you - ours is furnished with regular furniture and the room is used daily. You build, you learn! LOL

  7. Looking forward to seeing how your bathroom turned out.
    Mary Alice

  8. Kim,
    Can't wait to see the reveal!

  9. I cannot wait to see the reveal tomorrow!! I know is going to be gorgeous!!

  10. Excited to see what you'll be revealing!

    Have a glorious week!