The Painting Switch


Can you believe it is the last day of May already? Since it is the last Sunday of the month it's time for our monthly Country French Style series.
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Recently I showed you some changes I made in the dining room by switching out some artwork. The large painting of the dogs that hung over the mantel moved in there and replaced the large painting that was there. It was really a simple switch. Today I'm showing you how the painting that was in the dining room looks over the mantel. Just moving art around can really refresh a room.

The great thing about neutral walls and the same style running throughout is the capability of moving accessories around like art, lamps, pillows, etc.

Just adding this painting in here changed the whole feel of the room.

Here is a close up.

Here is the dog painting over the mantel. This gave the room more of a lodge feel. I even had someone come in and said I didn't know your husband was a hunter? Well, he isn't. I am the hunter. lol

What do you think....dogs or this one? Of course I could switch them back in the winter. Not sure the mister will like that since both paintings are quite heavy.

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Hope y'all have a super week!
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  1. Hi Kim! Both work well. Love the frame on this one. I try to stop by your blog from time to time to "catch up"! Take care!

  2. I love the cows, gorgeous painting.

  3. I like the frame on the dogs one with the fireplace the best.

  4. I love the paintings in both how the theme of the painting goes so well with your favorite pillow!

  5. What a beautiful picture, and the frame is gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask what color is on the walls? I love that color in there, it just goes so nicely with all your furnishings and decor! I love it:)

    1. Cindy, it's Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore.


  6. Kim, both art pieces are equally lovely. Like you, change my artwork around. Your thought of replacing the dog picture during fall and winter seasons is what I vote for.

  7. It's amazing how one picture can change the whole feel! I am in love with paintings and prints with cows so I'm partial to that one but you are right, the other definitely gives your room a lodge feel. Love the both!

  8. Both paintings are beautiful, but the cattle looks just right over the mantel. As you said, it fits the mood--and the painting has movement. I love paintings that invite the viewer inside and allow the imagination to soar. Love the hunting dog painting, too (I have a cousin to yours). It's smart, fun, and zero-cost to switch paintings--as you said, art can give a room a wonderfully different vibe; I also like the idea of changing them seasonally. Have a great week!

  9. It was so timely reading your post today. This is exactly what I did yesterday. Moved our paintings to different rooms. It just seems to refresh each area Yours are so lovely.

  10. Since I'm partial to anything dog-themed, I like the dog painting best. Although the cow painting is very nice too (and I see that there is a dog in that painting as well), and contributes a more Country French vibe to the room.

  11. I love the cows because they just say Country French to me...and you know I am partial to that style! There's something so peaceful about them, too! Have a great week, Kim!...hugs...Debbie

  12. I love being able to move things around to give a whole new feel!
    Mary Alice

  13. Love them both, but I really love the cow painting!

  14. So glad May is behind us in Oklahoma! It's been the worst month ever for rain, floods and tornados. Looking forward to June. Love the cows!!

  15. Kim, your painting could work almost anywhere, but it certainly does look spectacular above the mantel. You know I'm a bovine fan. In fact, my new post is C is for Cow. ;-)

  16. Such a great painting- they are both pretty but am loving the cow artwork most.

  17. Hey- Your hubby IS a hunter! He hunted you down and bagged you, didn't he? Or would that be caught you---bagged doesn't sound so good there, does it? lol Anyway- I agree- it is fun to move pictures around and just change things up a bit. It can make a huge difference in the ambiance of a room. xo Diana

  18. Both paintings are great, I agree with you the dog painting does lean towards a lodge feel. I like the cow over the fire you comment "your the hunter" cute smiling.
    Have a blessed day

  19. I agree! Keeping the same color palette in the house, means you can move things around all of the time. Love your gorgeous painting!!

  20. The cows and couple remind me of a book read over and over to my children, "Ox-Cart Man" by Donald Hall, beautifully illustrated by Barbara Cooney-- any of which could be framed. (I still bring it out every Fall.) Thanks for bringing back sweet memories!