Who Let The Dogs Out?


 I showed y'all the two dog paintings hung together over the blue buffet on Monday and actually those were an afterthought. I first moved the large dog painting from over the fireplace in the great room to the dining room because I wanted to see how the painting that was hanging in the dining room looked over the fireplace. Got it?

I love the color of the stained wood frame against the light walls in here.

The funny thing is we didn't have to even move the nail that was here or over the fireplace. The paintings are so close in size that they fit perfectly where the nails already were.

I love the way the yellow ceiling is picked up with the yellow grasses in the painting.

I think Charles would approve.....wink

This was such an easy way to add a fresh look in two rooms. 
I will share the change in the other room soon.

I'm on my way today to hopefully pick up a French style armoire.
 I hope it looks good in person.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. What a handsome place for your dog painting, I love it there. Can't wait to see where you hung the other one! Your re-do's always fascinate me!

  2. I LOVE your penchant for dogs, Kim!!! They really suite your home. And what an honor that this dog painting ended up in one of the most famous rooms in all of blogland! As always you inspire me!

  3. Great move!!!....I can see a great theme happening in the room....love it!....woof, woof, woof, woof!!!
    Hope the armoire is a great one!

  4. Wow, isnt' fun how one simple change can change everything?? The painting is perfect there....the wood draws your eye to the wood on the table and then back...love it.

  5. I love that painting and the plates that flank it as well, a very well suited spot!

  6. I love it when things work our and it seems meant to be! The dogs do look perfect there!

  7. :) Musical paintings. Luv them, perfect placement Kim .

  8. Nice switch Kim...good luck with the armoire!

  9. It does look great with the white walls and the yellow ceiling!

  10. Love the dogs in here. I hope the armoire is fabulous!!! Now I am wondering where it is going???

  11. The painting looks fabulous in the dining room! I painted a dog last year, but I've never gotten around to hanging it. Hmmm. Might have to do that tomorrow!

  12. Nice move Kim!! I love the dogs in your dining room. I love the post title too!! :)
    I hope the armoire is as nice in person as you hoped for. And I cannot wait to see it!! :)

  13. I think Charles would approve too:) I love that Dining Room! I have yellow in my house, but it doesn't quite seem to look the way your house does! Ha!