Deck Progress


Over the last couple weeks between rain showers the deck makeover has been moving right along.

Several of the steps going down to the yard were in poor shape so they were replaced.

All the top rails were replaced.

Mr. Savvy even added some extra trim below the rails for a more finished look. 
Yep, executive by day and carpenter by night and weekends. 

He also pressure washed everything on Saturday and now there is a lot of sanding to do to knock off the loose paint.

On Sunday he started the next phase of the deck.  If you follow me on instagram and facebook you may have seen what it is. I wasn't sure he would really get around to this, but once I saw him come home with more lumber I knew it was actually going to happen.

Don't you like his set up for sawing the lumber? lol
Hey, you do what you have to do.

Oh, and see our ugly dead backyard. Yea, that will be remedied this summer, too and I cannot wait!
I have a thing for green manicured grass, which we used to have back here before three years of drought and then grubs, and hopefully it will be green back here again. 

We can't paint the new treated wood on the deck yet so while that cures hopefully the yard will be started since now is the perfect time to lay the sod.

Do you have any new projects? Be sure to share them tonight at Wow Us Wednesdays or anything else you want to share.

See y'all at 7pmET!

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  1. I learned something! You have sod, not grass (from seed)? I had no idea you lay sod this time of year. I know it is NOT a good time to seed/re-seed, etc. that is best done in fall. We've been lucky with grass, but hubby does re-seed from time to time. You don't see much sod in our area, but I'm not sure why. Grubs, yuck! Hope you don't have skunks too (they love grubs). Do you have a patio, etc. under your deck?

    1. tina, it depends on what grass you are trying to grow for what time of year is best. We are going with bermuda or zoysia which both need to be planted in the summer since they are warm weather grasses. Fescue that we had needs to be planted in the fall. No, there is nothing under the deck.

  2. It is getting there, huh? I know this is very exciting for you and will be another great spot in your beautiful home. Isn't it the BEST to have a handy husband? Have a great day and see you tonight!

  3. Your deck is shaping up's going to look great when your done!!

  4. See I told you I knew nothing about sod! LOL You do see some bermuda grass in our area though. We have fescue. Odd you do not see more warm weather grasses in our area since our weather is very similar to yours (I'm in East TN). Best of luck with the grass/deck project.

  5. That deck is going to be fabulous, Kim! Mr. Savvy is quite the handy guy to have around...but then again, so is his wife! ;-) I can't wait to see it when it's all finished.

  6. Our deck is old and looking pretty's down on the long to-do list!
    Looking great Kim!!!

  7. I know you must be so excited to get this project underway! I'm sure Doug is "out of the doghouse" now. LOL! It's going to look great when it's complete.

  8. I just bought deck paint to spruce ours up. I love the top rail. We are having a fence installed right now with a top rail like that. It just finishes it nicely.

  9. We did this two years ago and I know what a huge job it is! I know you'll be so glad when it's done and you can enjoy just sitting on it! It looks like it'll be great.
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  10. Kim, you are making progress! When you get everything finished, maybe you will have time to enjoy! It seems there is always a long to-do list at our house! Have a great Tuesday! Pam (

  11. How exciting! I hope we can have a deck like that:) It will all be done soon, and it will look gorgeous! Can't wait to see the deck when it's done😍

  12. It's going to be so beautiful once you're done with the updates. Such a blessing to have such a handy husband.

  13. Very exciting! That is a big project and Mr. Savvy is making great progress!! Before you know it you two will be enjoying some cocktails out there!!

  14. Kim, you will have a fabulous deck very soon! I love how you two knock out the best projects ever!

  15. It is gong look fabulous once Mr. Savvy is done Kim!

  16. Well John's just learning to be a carpenter by night - ( I think he prefers to be an executive day and night though lol ) It's going to be beautiful to have a completely restored deck !

  17. man, gotta love that mr.savvy! he needs to come over and help us with our pergola and screened in porch. I am running my guy to the ground.:)

  18. Making some great progress that Mr. Savvy....You certainly have a resident "work horse" you really need a decent set of "saw horses".....:)....Our backyard was beautiful and green...and now that the rains hit, we got some brown spot over night!....a never ending battle!...

  19. You're so lucky to have a handy Mr Savvy!

  20. Looks like your deck is moving right along...I am so excited for you both...can't wait to see the finished look.
    Have a blessed day