Nautical Style Guest Room From 2010


Today I thought I would take y'all on a little trip back to February 2010 right after I started blogging and share the way the now farmhouse style guestroom used to look. I even edited each photo that was way too dark since these were all taken with a point and shoot and way before I knew what editing photos was. The room was done in a nautical theme. You will see a matchy matchy bedroom suite that I have since painted some pieces like the now red armoire. I know I have many new readers and y'all may enjoy seeing how this room used to look. I did love this room, but it was time for a change.

 This room was my son's room. The first set of furniture we had in here was sold to my sister for her son to use. We bought the sleigh bed, night stand, and armoire at Rooms To Go. I then added an antique steamer trunk to the other side of the bed to be the other nightstand. I really wish the other pieces didn't all match, but they do. I also added a recliner, that use to be in the living room in the old days when I had a lot of blue, for a place for guests to be able to sit and relax. One day I would like to get a slipcover for this chair. For right now it will have to work as is.

The first picture is how the room looked before I repainted and made several changes. It wasn't bad, in fact it stayed this way for a couple of years. Then while I was browsing my decorating magazines a catalogs, and blogs I discovered a new paint color that I just had to try. It is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. Even the name of it sounded good. I believe it was in House Beautiful that I first saw this color. Everyone was surprised I was painting a room gray since I really like a lot of color. This was going to be a better backdrop for my ideas in this room though. They would see when I finished.

This is how it looks now and I love it. Good bye baby blue walls. I do wish I had invested in non glare glass on the piece above the bed. More on that in a minute.

This is the view from the entry to the room. Eventually I am going to re-invent the window panels with a red ticking or stripe fabric on the bottom part from the window sill down and add a piece of rope across the seam. I have not found the fabric yet.

This is just a close up of the layers of pillows. I love pillows. I did something a little different here by incorporating a bench cushion into the mix since I did not have a place to use it anymore. The red plaid cushion was ordered from Ballard's not too long ago and was used on a bench at my breakfast table. Well, since then Mr. Savvy let me get a new farmhouse table and chairs for our upcoming anniversary. So then I had the dilemma of where was this cushion going. I was carrying it all over the house and this is where it found it's new home. I really like how well it works here. At least I think so.

Here is the antique steamer trunk that we bought many years ago for only $55. I am amazed at how much these sell for now. Glad we bought this when we did.

This was one of the first purchases I made that started the change to this whole room. 
I told you I love pillows!!

This piece of artwork I created is an actual vintage swimsuit from the 1920's that I purchased on ebay. It was a very good deal at $140.00. Now that may sound like a lot for an old wool suit that is just going to hang on a wall, but I have seen these framed like this and being sold for $1200.00 and up!! No way I would pay that so I am very pleased with the $140.00. I bought the shadow box frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The frame was black and the background piece that the suit is attached to was gray. I could have used it as it was but I decided to spray paint the frame cream and painted the background piece red. Mr. Savvy helped me attach it to the back piece. He is such a perfectionist I knew he would do it just right. We used velcros strips on the backside of the suit to attach with.  I do wish the glass was non glare, but this was all I could find.

The place that I have been able to find great prices on bed linens is Ebay. Every piece of bedding on this bed was bought on ebay except the small lifesaver pillow in the front. That was on sale at Williams Sonoma Home on line. The euro striped shams, blue and white throw pillows, coverlet, and blue ticking duvet are all Pottery Barn. I saved a fortune using ebay for these items. I got a fantastic deal on the very soft cream colored  Ralph Lauren sheets.  I know my guests are very comfortable in this bed.
The bedside lamp bases are from Target and I got the two red Pottery Barn shades for fifteen dollars on ebay.  Not just one, both.

I always include down filled and synthetic filled pillows just in case someone has an allergy to down.

I don't normally sew, but I did do some work to update these drapes and you can read that post here.


I hope y'all enjoyed that little trip back in time.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Looks really nice. I like the pop of red in the accessories:-)

  2. I loved the way you did this room back in 2010. It looks friesh and stylish even for 2015.

  3. I love the redo, it's got a fresh feel. I love the wall color and the bathing suit what a great idea! I have those Ballard cushions would have never thought to use them like that, love it!

  4. I loved that bedroom dressed in that nautical theme...especially that vintage framed bathing suit!..thanks for the walk down memory lane...Have a great weekend!

  5. While I'm not a fan of theme rooms, the bed linens look great and I also like the bathing suit hung above the bed. The color of your recliner works well in the room for now so I wouldn't worry about a slipcover.

    1. tina, this is a repost of an old post as I explained. This is the now farmhouse style guest room and that chair is long gone.

  6. Wow! That's a big difference from what it looks like now! I love both though:) I hope you found a new spot for the vintage swimsuit!

  7. Hi Kim,
    I remember this post and I really loved your vintage bathing suit over the bed. That is such an awesome piece to own. I get a lot of my bedding on Ebay too. You can find some good buys on Pottery Barn and Ralph Lauren bedding. Happy Friday have a great week end.

  8. This is a wonderful transformation. All that red, white and blue makes the room look very fresh and bright. I especially love the dog-in-the boat pillow!

  9. I like the bench cushion on the bed-- very clever. I really like that idea ( it would have been awhile I came up with that myself). The swimsuit story was interesting. Wouldn't Hibby Lobby cut you a piece of non- glare glass? I don't know if they offer larger sizes, though??
    The room is so pretty!

  10. I like this room slot! Did you find the metal scroll lamp on the trunk at Target? I have seen bathing suits framed like this online in houses on Tybee Island Looks really cute and great price. I always check for things on EBay first.

  11. I have been wanting to freshen up the guest room (although right now it is wedding central). You made me realize that all I need to do is swap some of the pillows.

  12. I love the nautical and farmhouse look both. Funny though, our first home was painted in the same blue color - the living room and dining!

  13. I really love that room and all the nautical touches in it.