French Farmhouse Style Vignettes


You don't have to live in an actual farm house or in France, but you can create the look of a French farm house with a few simple items. Today I'm sharing some vignettes/centerpieces I have created in the past. Maybe some of these will spark an idea to try in your own home.

Here I used a grain sack, a vintage breadboard, a baguette basket, enamelware pitcher filled with lavender and an ironstone bowl of fruit with some cloth napkins hanging out.

From this view you can see the salt and pepper shaker holder, too.

This is the same grain sack and breadboard and this time I used an old yellow ware bowl I have had forever, an enamelware pitcher filled with roses, and the same salt and pepper shakers.

This time I placed a French torchon, that's French for towel, a breadboard, ceramic rooster, ironstone bowl with pears, and a mint green mason jar filled with tulips.

In the dining room I used another grain sack and the placed two blue and white happiness jars and an ironstone pitcher filled with sunflowers.

Same jars and a glass jar filled with cut hydrangeas from my one bush.

This is a long wooden slatted bottom tray from Antique Farmhouse years ago and I just placed this and that in it...a cement rooster, blue mason jar filled with clipped flowers from the yard, a stack of bowls, stack of plates with a demijohn on top and a crock filled with vintage flatware.

Same tray filled again with different items.

And again. Yep, love using this supersized tray.

This is a grain sack, vintage dough bowl filled with dried lavender, and the two happiness jars filled with Carolina irises.

Now go create a new vignette with some French farmhouse style.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Lovely vignettes, Kim!
    Mary Alice

  2. You give me so much inspiration! Just wish I had all the items I need to style a vignette!

  3. I love each table top! Sheila

  4. I love each and every one of them! Beautiful!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  5. Kim,
    They are all such beautiful vignettes. My faves are the yellow filled tray and the rooster and aqua mason jar too sweet. Have fun at Haven.

  6. Loved the photos and your tables tops !
    Have a great day!

  7. Love every vignette. Have fun at Haven!

  8. Very well done, Kim - all your vigs look awesome. ♥

  9. Love the look! Each vignette is prettier than the one before!

  10. I like all of these vignettes you put together! I think I like the rooster one the best!

  11. I love them all! My favorites are in that gorgeous Dining Room:D