Touch Ups Made Easy


Today I am sharing a new invention, along with some of my fellow bHome bloggers, that will make your life so much easier especially if you change things up as often as I do. There is a special offer and link to a giveaway below so stay with me.

I get asked all the time how I fix the holes left on the walls when I move things?

See the plates on the wall? Well, I decided they needed to come down. 
No big deal right?

Wrong! I went to get my can of paint for this room and when I opened the can I found this mess and it wasn't the first time. It's so darn disappointing to find this rusty corroded crud and much of it has fallen into the paint. So that means making a trip to the store for a new can which is a waste of my time and costing me more money. Well, in comes this revolutionary new idea!

Meet "My Paint Saint"!
This product is a stress and time saver.
 My Paint Saint is part of the kickstarter program. Kickstarter is where new projects can go to get funded so they can go to the market place and this one definitely needs to get there and it can with your help.

This fabulous jar with built in brush  will have you ready for those touch ups in the blink of an eye! Just write the color and any other info on the label and you will know which My Paint Saint is for which job.

The long brush bristles stay wet in the jar of paint so you don't have to clean it and store it away. That certainly saves time.

After removing those plates from the wall I had a lot of holes from previously hung things because the plates covered them up. This time I'm not hanging anything back up so the holes had to be repaired. I counted 29 holes on this one wall. That is way too many holes. I spackled the holes and used My Paint Saint and now the wall is clean and fresh again.
I'll share the after soon.

So do you move things around a lot like I do? Or maybe you have little ones who for some reason always put their tiny little dirty hands all over the walls. Then you know you need My Paint Saint to make those touch up jobs simple and quick with no clean up!

Right now we have a special offer for you. If you purchase My Paint Saint from 7/1 to 7/6 and come back here and leave a comment you will receive 10% cash back and delivery in October. That means a can that cost $20 now will only cost $18 and you will receive it a month earlier than anyone else. This offer is limited in quantity and duration so click over to the MPS page HERE and get one or a set for yourself and your friends. Then pop back over here and leave me your name and that you purchased the MPS. When it arrives to your home open it up and you will find the cash back discount inside.

There is also a GIVEAWAY if you will just click HERE.

I received three My Paint Saints to review, but of course all opinions are my own. You can view my disclosure policy in the tab under my header.


  1. 29 holes? You are my kind of girl!!!! I have a paint saint too and love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This product is awesome!....My granddaughter had lots of fun touching up the scuff marks that "people" make when sitting at the bar in the kitchen....Love that you can touch up and area within a minute from start to finish!...My hubby thinks I create lots of holes in the got me beat!

  3. When I saw this, I knew I had to have it. We just had the family room and kitchen painted and I have already moved things around !!! I ordered one...can't wait to get it! I will not have to scramble around in the garage looking for the right paint anymore!!!!!

  4. GENIUS idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

  5. That's a great idea someone had. I would remind folks that there are some paints that don't do well on spot painting like the eggshell finishes, but with other paints this is a genius idea! Thanks for telling us about it.

  6. 29 holes!!?? That made me LOL!! My hubby would have an aneurism:):) Too funny! This sounds like a GREAT product. I entered the contest. Hope he gets this in the stores!!!!!!!

  7. Kim - mine are not even that small anymore & still they feel the need to touch all the walls! Those not so tiny dirty finger prints! You nailed it there - or should I say you nailed it in the wall!! 29 holes under those plates! Well cudos to hiding them & for repairing them with My Paint Saint! Great post & product!!

  8. Awesome idea. I just saw this on Shirley's post too. Great little idea. Happy 4th Kim. Enjoy.

  9. uhhhhhhhhh who came up with this idea? Can we NOMINATE "her" for some incredible award??

    1. Jonell, click the link and watch the video to see the inventor.

  10. I love this idea! This is so brilliant!!! And of course it's totally awesome to see all you bHome bloggers dedicated to Mark's invention! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing:)

  11. Just signed up! What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!