A Unique Display and a Giveaway


It's time for another Decor Steals Ingenuity event where two bloggers receive a product to decorate in a unique way to inspire y'all. Easy peasy, right?

Well, not at first....
 When I opened up this huge box and pulled this out I wasn't quite sure what to do with it or where to use it. Uh oh, there's a problem in Houston....or rather in my house. 

Of course the first thing that came to my mind was Christmas cards, but it's not time to decorate quite yet for that plus I have no Christmas cards. So I pondered on it a bit and then BAM an idea popped in my head!

Yes, I know y'all are thinking I have completely flipped out, but wait. I thought why not place some cute farm animal cards in it and use it in the farmhouse style guest room. So I ordered these flash cards.

 Cute, right? BUT WAIT AGAIN! Right after hitting the purchase button another idea came to me. 

How about vintage photos of real farm animals? Hmmmm, where can I find those? I don't live on a farm and I certainly don't have old farm photos lying around. Why, I know, I can search on ebay and sure enough there were plenty to choose from. So I ordered this bulk set and waited for them to arrive. Of course the flash cards would be super uber cute in a child's room, too.

I started looking through the pictures and stuck them in the slots here and there.

There are chickens.


And a farm.

This card carousel is very tall and has a chippy finish on the metal and a nice wood base.

I always love a touch of whimsy in a room and this certainly adds that. 

For more ideas be sure to check out my partner's post by Christy from Our Southern Home. I know I can't wait to hop over and see it in her beautiful home.

You, my readers, can click on over to DECOR STEALS HERE and buy this card carousel before it goes up for sale at 10 amET and be sure to enter the giveaway on their fb page, too. You'll find that link on their site.

I'm so glad I have a card holder for Christmas cards this year instead of taping them on my fridge.
No kidding.

Disclosure: I was compensated for sharing this product, but all opinions are 100% my own. You can see my full disclosure policy here.


  1. Old family recipes would look cute in the kitchen. You know, the ones that we have in our old recipe boxes.

  2. Kim, those old photos of farm animals are priceless! What a wonderful way to display them. I can just see a guest spinning the carousel around to get a look at all of them, making it quite a conversation piece! Definitely a great way to display Christmas cards as well.
    Edith & Evelyn

  3. Great idea!! Love the cards and the photos!! So many beautiful options!

  4. This is such a cute and clever idea Kim. Love this with the old farm pics.

  5. This is perfect for your guest room. Those sweet flashcards work perfectly in the space. Like you, I can't wait to use this for Christmas!

  6. Kim, don't know which I like best. The teacher in me loves the cute farm vocabulary card with their bright graphics, but the farm loving girl loves the nostalgia of the real black and white photos. I'd say you have two great ideas going here.
    I smiled when I saw this pop up. I'm visiting a friend in Santa Fe, and in the guest room she had a card holder different from this but the same concept. She has filled it with fun post cards and pretty note cards she has received from guests that have visited. It's a darling idea for a guest room in a second home where lots of friends shuffle in and out through the summer months.

  7. I really love the old farm pictures in it. The recipes is another great idea too!! Have a neautiful day, Kim!

  8. Kim,
    thank for posting this! I have just opened my watercolor studio gallery in my Maine home and this will be great to display my watercolor cards in a stylish and easy to view way.
    Hope you are enjoying your house portrait. Your blog is always a great source of ideas.

  9. I love most of your decorating, this is just not attractive. It looks out of place with both ideas.

    1. I'm sorry you don't like it. We are just trying to share some ideas for this product and thinking outside the box.

  10. I have so many pictures of my beautiful grandchildren. This would be perfect for that! LOVE IT!

  11. Oh, I have been eyeing that! Love it.

  12. I think both of your ideas were clever. For me, I'd like to use the rack to hold museum postcards. For the past 17 years, my children and I have been visiting museums. At the end of the visit, we go to the gift shop and buy postcards of our favorite pieces that we were able to view that day. After all these years, we have quite a collection - and that display piece would be a great way to show them off.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com
    P.S. As a teacher, I could also see it used in the classroom. It would be a great teacher gift for Back to School or, later, at Christmas.

  13. What an adorable idea KIM!!! This gave me a little chuckle. You could have come here and taken all the farm animal pictures you wanted! xo

  14. The black and white photos look great with the carousel and them being of farm pictures is a bonus!..love the idea of the flash cards too...A very cute item!!...Yes, great for Christmas cards.

  15. I am agreeing with alliecat on this one. The size of it competes with the lamp. I know it was sent to you for free but NO WAY, Jose'! LOL!!!!! I would think it best for Holiday cards.

  16. That's too cute in that room! I never would've thought that people sell old photos of farm animals? Great idea, Kim;)

  17. It'll be great to hold Christmas card and it could also hold postcards in the summer from the places family and friends have been in holidays.

  18. Kim, I love this! Both ways are adorable but those old farm animal photos are the best! I would never have thought to look on eBay :)