Antiquing In Destin


Helloooooo, I am so glad to be back! That was a much needed vacation and break and now I am renewed, recharged and refreshed. We enjoyed a nice family vacation in Destin, Florida. There was lots of sunning, swimming and eating......of course. There was also a bit of shopping and I hit up my favorite antique store in Destin called Antiques On Holiday. This store is actually on the road we turn on to go to my dad's.  I thought I would share some of the pieces I saw in this store. They have fabulous antiques and they had just gotten a new container from France in. All photos were with my new iphone 6 that I had to purchase the day before we left since I dropped my other phone in the foot bath at the nail salon. Oops!

Now, I'm not a collector of religious artifacts, but there were plenty and they made me think of Cindy from Edith and Evelyn who is a collector.

Do you see the price on this piece? That is not in my budget for sure.

This French hutch was similar to mine, but not in as good of condition as mine and cost a whole lot more. The doors and drawers wouldn't even shut on it.

There were many anduze pots and in many different colors. The green I'm familiar with.

 Love this pale blue color.

And these gray ones.

Oh, and these black and blue ones sitting on this lovely piece.

Huge butcher block table.

This bottle drying rack was actually very reasonably priced.

Lots of demijohns throughout.

This one is H-U-G-E and a unbelievable price, too.

Lots of old cloches and a few confit pots. The cloches are so pricey.

Beautiful mirror that I wish I could have gotten, but there was just no room for it in the car.

The wood on this old farm table was amazing. 

In fact I took a shot of the planked top. Just look at all that patina.

There are even more goodies upstairs.

Interesting figures.

See this cute sheep? Well, it's yours for $995.

I gasped when I saw this gorgeous French iron bed. It even came with the rails. If you follow me on instagram and facebook then you already saw it.

Love these blue shutters. Next time I need to go down in a U Haul. Of course a couple things may have found their way home with me this time. I will share those soon.

We went on this trip with this little one and she loves to swim.
Can you believe she starts school this week? My babysitting job twice a week for the past five years is coming to an end. It sure did fly by.

The pool is the main reason my daughter chooses the condo to stay in. This was the view from our room. The place actually joins the beach across the alley way with another pool. The ever popular restaurant called The Back Porch is the orange building.

Loved having a break, but it's good to be home.

Have an awesome week!


  1. I love your post, but the biggest surprise is that your granddaughter is starting school. I can't believe that I have been reading your blog since before her birth. She is still a beautiful little girl.

  2. Oh, this antique shop has amazing pieces! I am in Crystal River, am relatively new to Florida and look for places to visit. Destin is going on my list. Thank you for sharing. : )

  3. Love the santos you saw! I had fun antiquing in Destin too and brought home 2 of my brass giraffes from there! Your little baby is such a darling, time sure does fly by, at least you had her all to yourself for a lot of times!

  4. OMG!!!!! I could hurt my self in a shop like that....everything is just divine!!! I started collecting religious relics several years ago and have bought most of my finds on line or picked them up when we travel. There is nothing like that shop around here that's for sure. Glad you had a relaxing vacation with your family :o)

  5. Looks like a good place to vacation and shop, Kim. I know what you mean about being home being good. And wow, I bet having your granddaughter starting school is bittersweet - having the free time will feel so good, yet seeing her growing up gives the sense of time flying. My local Panoply sister does a lot of caregiving to her granddaughter too - it makes for hectic schedule juggling, esp when we try to work our spaces or travel together. Enjoy your week. I hope the transitions are good ones for all of you.

  6. I'm thrilled to see pix of Lela! She is such a cutie and really growing up. I bet she will love school. You will have to share a first day of school picture with us. There wasn't much in the antique store pix that jumped out at me. Apparently I am not big on french stuff LOL. I did like that wood table and the shutters. What are the small pieces in front of the HUGE demijohn? Yes, we do antique on trips. Most any trip we will stop at places enroute. We have vacationed in the Charleston area many times and know the stores on all of the islands and surrounding areas. LOL Glad you got to see your dad!!

    1. tina, those are weights that go with an old scale that was sitting close by.

  7. What a great shop! I'm curious why there was a skeleton hanging from the ceiling near the butcher block table though. Lol! Looks like a great place to vacation.

  8. In regards to the skeleton - they probably couldn't afford to buy food after paying for the table so they starved to death. LOL


  9. Glad you had a wonderful time and that antique shop is amazing!....Looking forward to seeing the goodies you brought home!

  10. Gorgeous resort Kim! Im shocked that you did not hook a uhaul up and come home with lots of goodies. So many "look just like you"! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    1. If I had huge pockets of money I probably would have. :)

  11. Oh Kim what a great antique store. That french cabinet was beautiful. Love the lamb but a little out of my budget lol! What gorgeous pieces. Glad you had a great vacation.

  12. Oh my so much to desire in that shop! I loved the farmhouse table and butcher block table and the....well as you can see I definitely wouldn't definitely had difficulty too. But thankful budgets and how do I get this in the car are often "good restraints". Happy you enjoyed your vacation too!

  13. Ok marking the shop to visit when we are there for thanksgiving. I usually shop Rosemary Beach , after eating at La Crema, Grayson Beach and some of my regular stops at antique shops in Ft Walton. I also hit some thrift stores in PCB .
    I hope she had a great time before she starts school.
    After Florida I'll be scoping out Savannah and Charleston. I ship my items home to California via Greyhound. Where there's a will $$ there's a way.
    If you have any favorite shops to suggest I'd appreciate it. Not my husband but I would.
    Barbara Ann

  14. Love that shop....they always have such amazing things! Seeing those religious pieces made me weak in the knees! Thanks for posting! Can't wait to see what you brought home!
    Edith & Evelyn

  15. the blue shutters, the bed and your darling granddaughter were my favorites

  16. We passed this shop I believe on our way back home on Saturday. We actually passed quite a few antique shops but none were open yet. I can not believe Layla is starting school! Time is just flying by. We are back home but honestly are wishing we were still beaching it. The boys go back to school in two weeks.

  17. I would enjoy that shop!
    I had thoughts of a Uhaul when we visited Franklin TN a few years ago.

  18. Wow! What a great shop with some amazing pieces - lots of history! LOL - I was wondering about the skeleton too!!

  19. Kim, I am so glad you enjoyed a restful vacation and enjoyed some antiquing! The pieces you shared are amazing! Have a great week!

  20. what an amazing shop, I wanted the little sheep until you said 995, cough, sputter! Your little gal is such a cutie, how did she grow up so fast?

  21. That is a great shop! Can you give us an idea of what the demijohns cost? I don't know what a good bargain for them is. Glad you had fun and are refreshed. Leila is so agorable, I know you will miss her!!! They all grow up too darn fast!!!

  22. Have only been to Destin once. It's a beautiful destination! I've shopped Antiques on Hollywood too. The bed is still my favorite. Can't get if out of my mind. '-)

  23. Hi Kim,
    We usually rent a condo in Seaside, FL but this location looks great!
    Can you tell me the name of the condo's?

  24. I remember that shop from a few years ago when we vacationed in Destin....I believe there was another shop either in front or behind this one that I actually liked better. I did a blog post on that shop several years ago. There is a good Goodwill shop on the highway going into Destin that I found some goodies at...of course its always hit or miss at Goodwill!

  25. Your granddaughter is adorable and those antiques look amazing!
    Michelle from