I Confess


Let me just confess......I am a chair-aholic. That's right I have a small problem with bringing chairs home that I find while out junking. I don't know how this problem started, but I need to get it under control. :)

Meet my latest obsession. 

I had gone to a shop that my sister had blogged about and didn't buy anything at it, but I decided to check out a cute artsy shop next door.

I was just strolling through the store and noticed a stack of quilts (another obsession) sitting on a chair. I was checking out the quilts and then saw all this chippy goodness.

I removed the quilts and gasped. Seriously. I mean it looks like something meant to go to the trash, but I loved it!

There wasn't a price tag on it, hate when that happens, so I went to the check out counter and asked about it.

I had to show the gal what I was talking about and she quickly told me the price.

So even with its quirky shape, chippy paint and raggedy seat it came home with me.

Because it was only $40 and perfect!

Here are four chairs that have found their way home with me over the last few years.

1. French style found at local antique fair.
2. Antique found in Normandy, France.
3. Cafe chair from Restoration Hardware Outlet
4. Craigslist

See, told y'all I am a chair-aholic.
How about you? What catches your eye and tugs at your heart while shopping?

Have a fabulous weekend and happy junking!


  1. I like chairs too, but I don't have a supply on hand. LOL Hubby and I are going antiquing this afternoon. We have an appointment with our financial planner, who is actually in another city near us, so after our meeting we will hit some shops and somewhere to eat. Happy Friday!

  2. I have a slight chair problem too Kim so I completely understand! Love this one!

  3. Love the new addition ... such cool texture! And, okay, now "I" have a confession to make ... I (and the rest of your readers) already knew that you had/have a chair addiction! LOL

  4. I love chairs too. Most of mine however do not look as nice as yours.

  5. My mother just told me yesterday that I have a chair problem! Lol! But I also have a fetish for glass...and baskets:) I love your new little chair:) Its always fun finding things that make your heart sing😉

  6. Yes...chairs and quilts! Me too! I have had to curb my chair scouting since we downsized, but quilts, I am still on the hunt. My fave is your antique French chair...but being a French teacher, I am partial to les choses français. Sheila E.

  7. Love your new chippy chair find! I use to be on the hunt for old chairs that I could mosaic, but since I don't mosaic anymore I stopped looking for them. You have a great collection of chairs.

  8. I'm so happy to know I'm normal! I have a "thing" for old and unusual chairs and my husband commented once about having enough chairs. And I once read a book about a girl who collected tons of chairs.

  9. I confess, I too have a weakness for chairs. We play musical chairs in my house, except it is the chairs that move, not the people. I find there is always a spot for another chair. If not, they are easy to fit up in the attic. I may or may not have an entire set of dining room chairs in my attic...okay, okay, I do. Totally relate, Kim. Have a great weekend.

  10. Love all your chairs you have adopted and given a new home too!!!! This latest one is awesome. I too would have ran to the car with that chippy love. She is a beautiful one. Have a great week end.

  11. Kim, I've always had an attraction to chairs too, so plenty have followed me home. I especially like children's chairs, so your little guy makes me smile. I think it's great that someone has saved it rather than it going to the trash dump. I think it is full of charm and character.
    Quilts, yes that was another obsession of mine many years ago. I had to stop bringing them home. Chairs too! I've run out of space! '-(

  12. Chairs, stools, and maybe too many tables too! My husband started taking pictures the other day of what "he" was going to put up for sale on Craigslist...my bar stools which I am re-working from wood to white with numbers and dark wax...I love, he hates. He did not post the bar stools you can bet on it.

  13. Oh you had to have it...there's no doubt...it so cute!

  14. Yes,i too love chairs and my sons tease me all the time. Your chair you bought is a lovely old piece with a lot of stories to tell i am sure. Have a great weekend.

  15. I think this new little chippy chair is the cutest thing, and I congratulate you on a terrific find!

  16. Kim- if you're able to get it under control -you're better than me!
    I've written 3 blog posts long ago about this obsession, and showed pictures proving it. My readers were even ENcouraging my "disease" upon seeing the chairs I cited!
    It's a sickness and there's NO vaccine! Just go with it, and know that --we understand!

  17. Hi, my name is Cindy, and I am a chair-aholic too!! Haha! My obsession seems to be with french chairs....I can't seem to walk away from them if they are a good price. Love all the chippy goodness in your newest treasure!
    Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  18. I collect chairs, lamp shades, silver ware, garden pots, picture frames and things made with shells.
    I plant succulents in sugar bowls & creamers, but I don't always find ones I like.

  19. I loike all your chairs, Kim. You have a great collection. Hope you have a great weekend.

  20. I raise my hand too, Kim. It's hard to resist a beautiful chair, let alone one with character! Have a great weekend.

  21. It was just screaming at you to take her home!!!...What a very cute find...looks great in the Farmhouse bedroom!!

  22. That chair would have come home with me too, Kim! It looks gorgeous in your farmhouse guest room! LOVE the quilt that was on top of it too!

  23. I love that chair for your home. I am a pillow, lamp, mirror addict. Always looking and on the prowl. LOL

  24. Hi! My name is Magali and I'm a chair-aholic as well. I'm very proud to say that I resisted a beautiful one that was obviously too big for Cottage a few days ago, but had I met your chair, I know I would have fallen off the wagon!

  25. Me too!! I seriously never thought I would find someone obsessed with chairs the way I am :) Good to know!

  26. Yes! Kim. That sweet sad chippy distressed farmhouse ladder back chair would have had to come home with me as well. I can see somewhere down the line it had someone's hands in trying to repair it and that adds to the charm of the newer leather weave.
    Your number one chair I have that exact same chair made in Itally and cane sat and back. I picked mine up with. My mother in 1972, I was her young helper in her interior design business :)
    Throught the years when I moved out on my own age 18 with a girlfriend my mom gave me several pieces and the chair like yours was then mine. I much rather now have your new old chippy white one and I love it sitting right next to the red armoire.

    This was a moment of ahhhh haaaa! I am working on an armoire right now, and plan to place it in the from from with a sweet old chair sitting next to it, those are the sweet places that don't encourage sitting when you have those old fragile pieces for just looking at, not for sitting :)

    You my dear have a keen eye,

    I have a quilt thing, a linen thing, a chair, and stool and bench thing, all in which truly soulfull connect to each other in bygone times.

    Here's to you and your new CHAIR!


  27. I know what you mean Kim. But hey, I support your obsession haha I think a unique chair adds SO much personality to a space. Plus--I always love to see what you do with them. :)

  28. What a cute little chair. Who could resist. I must admit I too have a chair problem. At this time I currently have 13 chairs in my master bedroom. Some are being used, some being stored, and some waiting to be refinished and slipcovered.

  29. I love the age and simplicity. Looks quite French, sitting next to the pitch fork!

  30. Love your new chair Kim. It looks right at home!