I Saw Past the Flaws


How many times have you gone antiquing and found something you really like, but you didn't buy it because it had flaws? Well, if I turned down everything with flaws I probably wouldn't own many of the things I love to collect. Perfect items cost a lot more than the imperfect ones. When I spied this huge green demijohn, while on vacation, I gasped. Then when I took a closer look I realized it was covered in what looked like flecks of concrete dried all over it, but I also noticed the great price.

I don't mind pieces having chips, crazing, discolorations, but this was different. This wasn't normal aging of a piece. It looked like maybe this bottle was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But when the price is very very good for a bottle this size you buy it and then figure out how to fix it or just live with the imperfections. This was my tool of choice.

 I sat outside on the deck with the razor blade and scraped away and it all came off rather easily and quickly.

 All I had to do was wash it a bit and I had a new demijohn to add to my collection. This picture shows just how huge this bad boy is. It's so big it wouldn't fit in the kitchen sink.

Soon I will share where I placed it.

For those of you who collect these and have priced these you know how high they can run. I have been lucky and scored bargains on the ones I have collected, but this was my best score yet.

$125 for this huge one!
I have seen small ones for that price.

I'm so glad I saw past the flaws.

I hope y'all come back tonight for Wow Us Wednesdays and share what you have scored lately or any crafts, recipes, DIY's, makeovers and more.

See y'all there!

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  1. Good for you getting it all clean up and seeing past the gunk :)

  2. What s fantastic find! I feel so good when I've scored big, and you sure did.

  3. You are right. The perfect items cost more and more. It's better to take the challenge!

  4. Oh wow! What a great deal and it looks so wonderful after you cleaned it up. I am very happy for you,have a great day.

  5. Wow! That is such a beautiful transformation -- good eye to see past the flaws!

  6. That's an outstanding price for such a large demijohn - hooray for the razor blade, too! Jane

  7. Great find. I love it and what a super size.

  8. Kim, I'm fascinated with your new demijohn! I've always thought what a smart storage vessel of choice for the wine and spirit merchants! I did read that the word ‘demijohn’ appears in the literature beginning in the early 1700s. While large blown European bottles exist from as early as the 1400s! Amazing!

    You do have some awesome treasures and what a steal! You've got a great eye and always get past those flaws, girl!

  9. Good call on that one! And great thinking too!!! That's beautiful, Kim:)

  10. Kim, that was truly a great find and it is so gorgeous!! I know you were dancing all the way home! :-)

  11. Wow, it looks beautiful now close to the white ottoman! But the price shocked me, we found them here on Spain at flea markets for 20 € the more expensive ones... I have some beautiful ones different sizes and colors from my mother in law.

    1. The shipping over here drives up the price plus the mark up.

  12. That cleaned up beautifully! You did good, and got a deal besides!
    -Miriam Gebhart

  13. Well done, Kim - wow - great price for that amazing demi - it's gigantic! YAY!!!!

  14. Wow! The demijohn is huge and pretty. What a find!

  15. The demijohn bottle is just beautiful! Smart shopper-- a little elbow grease yielded a wonderful treasure