Weekend Productivity


My goodness the days are just flying by since we got home from vacation. I sure do miss the long lazy days of doing nothing. Over the weekend we were quite busy around here working on little projects that I have been wanting to get done and I was waiting on Mr. Savvy to do some things before I could do my thing. Here are some peeks at what we worked on and reveal posts will come soon.

I bought this cool bar stool a few weeks before we went on vacation and I love the details of the rungs. It was raw wood and of course needed to be painted. First I had to have hubby cut off the legs a bit since it was too tall.

This is the first coat of paint, but it doesn't look like this anymore.

I have added a sofa table, that I already had on hand, behind the sofa in the great room, but it was a little low. That was fixed and I will share how.

And this is something else I took care of.

Plus I worked in the yard all day Saturday.
Oh, and I also took some of y'all's advice and sanded the the painted upholstered chair. Now it is as soft as a baby's behind.

I hope y'all have been productive, too and have some new things to share at Wow!

I'm off to do my favorite thing....get my hair done. Bye bye roots!

See y'all tonight at 7pmET!

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  1. Just reading your post makes me tired! LOL Actually, you've inspired me to get off my "youknowwhat" and get a few projects done (thanks)! I look forward to seeing your newly painted pieces.

  2. Can't wait to see!
    We are keeping busy around here too.:-)

  3. Tease! I want to see the stool!

  4. Looks like some great projects in the works!

  5. You have been busy!...Can't wait to see the projects' reveals...and seriously?...just sanding the fabric made t soft?....I need to paint a chair, but wanted it to feel just as soft as the fabric that is on it now...

  6. I am busier than a one armed paper hanger til Joe can get back to doing all his chores but really have nothing to show for it. It is all weeding, watering, deadheading, edging etc. Plus trying to do all my stuff inside. This summer has been kinda a bust for us, I am REALLY looking forward to Fall. He should be better, I can decorate for Fall, the air will be so much better etc. You are one busy bee!!!!!

  7. You are a whirling dervish of projects - it seems like there is always some paint out at your place.

  8. Can not wait to see! I have been busy getting the boys ready for school and thinking about fall decor. I am hoping the Mr. Front Porch and I can start on a project this weekend that I have been dying to a accomplish.

  9. Now I am curious! We are puppy sitting for a few days so I'm not getting a lot done. Hair day is always a good day. Mine grows so fast I have to go every five weeks, but should really go every 4 :(

  10. Wow you came back rested and ready. Excited to see what you are doing.

  11. i hope you guys had a great time on vaca. speaking of roots, thank you. i need to call my hairdresser.

  12. Had to laugh at the roots comment I just realized I should have taken care of mine today, lol! Can't wait to see more of the projects you've been working on.

  13. Anxious to see your new projects! Time for me to get my roots done too:D