My Stylish French Girlfriends


Well, not my stylish French girlfriends. Why would I have stylish French girlfriends? :) I wish I did, but I'm talking about this fabulous book by Sharon Santoni who also writes the blog My French Country Home. I was thrilled when she asked me to share her book on my blog.

This quote by Sharon describes the essence of what the book is about:
"My girlfriends come from all walks of life and from all over France. They may live in a chic Paris apartment, a little country cottage or a grand chateau. The important thing is that they are doing things with style and that they love what they do."

I don't read many books, just mostly look at the pictures, but this book drew me in and I just had to read about these ladies' lives. I want to go riding with Frederique
and I want to sit and chat with Charlotte who doesn't want to be called a collector but a curator. She has quite a collection curated home.
I would love to visit Clarisse in her Paris boutique filled with beautiful flowers
and I'm not a good cook, but I could learn from Catherine.
I would love to tour Nathalie's beautiful gardens.
I'm sure I would be in awe seeing these stunning bridal gowns designed by Celestina in person.
I know I would enjoy shopping in Christelle's shop.
This photo is a favorite of mine of Alicia and her son. I would love to watch her in action staging a wedding that she is in high demand for.

What I love the most about this wonderful book is that the women, their homes and work places were photographed just as they appear in everyday life. No styling, props or fluffing.
If you love French style and want to see how real French women live and read about how Sharon became friends with each one then be sure to get this book Here.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and someone please send the sun back here and if you need rain I'll send it your way.

I was provided with the book to review and all opinions are my own. Full disclosure here.
All photos were taken by me from my copy except the cover was borrowed from Sharon's blog.

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  1. Very interesting indeed, I will check it out, thanks for the heads up Kim!

  2. Hi Kim

    I have just seen your article, thank you so much, I'm very happy that you like the book :) .... and I'm sure you have some french girlfriends from your trips here!

    warm wishes


    1. Sharon, I've only been once. Would love to go again.