Evolution of the Breakfast Room


I shared the evolution of the kitchen the other day and could have included the breakfast room, too since they do go together, but the post would have been too long so I'm sharing the breakfast room today.

How many of y'all remember this? I shared my breakfast room the first time in February 2010 and then republished that post again in April for a link party.

In that post I shared this old photo of the way the breakfast room looked before blogging and before I got the yellow table and chairs. I still have this butcher block table and chairs stored away in the bonus room. You can see more of those old photos here.

This wall has changed many times over the years. Y'all know I like to switch things up. 

In March 2011 I revealed the new look in here after beadboard wallpaper was hung high with trim  and a fresh new coat of paint. I loved those cow canvases at that time and they were such a steal. I think this was the start of my cow fetish.

I've been known to swap the breakfast room chairs with the dining room chairs. I like the mismatched look.

In January 2013 I replaced the cows with some dogs. I fell in love with this painting at an antique store and hung it here. Then it moved later to the great room. I had also replaced the red checked curtains with these burlap panels from the Ballard's outlet when burlap for a bit when burlap was all the rage.

A trip to the antique mall again in the winter of 2013 I lucked up on these vintage Ethan Allen sconces and they were perfect on each side of the painting. Now they are in the dining room on each side of the hutch.

The chandelier was replaced with this brick red lantern from Ballard's in September 2013. I am still very happy with this change. You can see the work Mr. Savvy had to do to hang this baby here. Oh, and the artwork changed again when I found this vintage Ethan Allen painting at a consignment shop. It now hangs in the foyer by the stairs. 

February 2014 I shared my French farmhouse table that I bought in France on my first time to France in September 2013. I have used several different chairs with the table. The black ones were with the original butcher block table that I shared above. And as you can see the painting changed yet again with this painting I found at the Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. 

The red checked curtains were shortened into cafe style in July 2014 by Mr. Savvy. This was an easy no sew job.

I decided to paint the kitchen and breakfast room in French Canvas by Benjamin Moore in August 2014 after painting one of the guest rooms upstairs with it. It has less yellow than the Frappe I had painted in here before. I also had Mr. Savvy hang my pitch forks.

I told y'all the wall went through many changes and last March I decided to do a gallery wall using my vintage breadboard and some copper molds. It still looks like this today. 

In my summer home tour I had swapped out the chairs again and used the ladder back chairs from the dining room.

Soon I will share the way this looks now since the chairs have been swapped again.

Catch up on past evolution posts here:

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. It's fun looking back and seeing all the changes. I really like your bread board gallery wall.

  2. I am loving these evolution tours. I didn't realize it has been that long since you went to France too! Time sure flies!!!

  3. I love these room evolution posts, Kim! Such fun to see all the transformations!

  4. Wow....lots of changes....all of which I love.....

  5. Love the changes.My favorite will always be the full length checked curtains. Gorgeous.

  6. Love watching the evolution but I nearly fell off my chair when you said Mr. SSS hemmed your red check curtains to a shorter cafe length! Sew or no sew -- is that SO???!!!!
    He must be very talented! My husband is a great guy but his household tasks don't go much further than changing lightbulbs or loading the dishwasher! LOL
    (And he would be the first to admit this, honestly)

    I am impressed and I love your breadboards.

  7. I actually love each one of the looks.

  8. Just when you have it perfect, you make it even better! I have several of these pinned on my Country French board.

  9. I like all the looks, I really admire your energy! Blessings, Pam (everydayliving.me)

  10. Wow! I had not seen the first pics. I really like the present look - pared down, lightened up - and no roosters LOL (I have a thing about roosters).

  11. I almost couldn't believe it's all the same room! You have managed to decorate them so differently yet with some similarity that the overall feel is that I'm looking at different rooms!you are an excellent re-decorator! love your latest gallery wall with the bread boards Kim!

  12. Kim, it's really fun to see how you've changed up this space through the years. All the renditions are so warm and pretty but I really love your wooden cutting boards and copper that you currently have on the wall!

  13. I really enjoy seeing how your style has changed and I can't wait to discover the new look!

  14. I love the beadboard look, is it really wallpaper? If so where did you purchase it.

  15. I love every room until the next change and then that's my favorite.

  16. Bonjour chère amie,

    Il est très intéressant de visualiser l'évolution de votre charmante cuisine. J'aime beaucoup les rideaux en vichy.

    ❀ ✺ ❀ Gros bisous ❀ ✺ ❀

  17. I always love your dining room with every change.

  18. Regardless of how you changed things up, it remains beautiful! Love your home, Kim:)

  19. Fun to see how this room has evolved over time! I love so many of the looks. :) Your breadboard wall is great!

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of this space. It's so beautiful and inspiring.

  21. You have not changed that wall since March?!!??? WHAT????? lol I bet you will be just itching to change it now that you realize it has been that long. Gotta say, though, I really love the display of breadboards!
    I love lots of the looks you have had there, Kim. I know it has been a fun evolution for you- xo Diana

  22. I always loved best the yellow table, yellow chairs and red check drapes. Then the French farmhouse table arrived and love that now!!! Can't wait to see what's new.....

    1. There isn't any big change. I probably shouldn't have mentioned sharing what it looks like now.
      Small change.

  23. Love your rustic space...your breadboard wall is a favorite of mine, this room speaks to me in a calm gathered and collected chic-ness!
    Love the different tables and the last one is so me!

    Enjoyed the tour of changes.


  24. I always think I love your breakfast room as is and then you change it up and I love it even more. Except for the Wooly Mammoth painting :) It took me a few days to warm up to that one! I sort of miss him now.

  25. It just gets better and better and each time you change it out, i think to myself that this is the best and then you go and do it again!...Love the evolution!!!...Fun to look back!!!

  26. I love the last and current breakfast room the best! I love the gallery wall with the breadboards. So pretty.