Fall Is... Time for Show Home Tours


I love to go tour show homes. You know, those homes that are usually out of our budget and may be a bit over decorated, but it's still fun to check them out and get a few ideas. Well, my sister and I took a tour of a home that is for sale for 2.1 million. Yea, a bit out of my price range. The Roswell Women's Club puts on this tour every year and the money from the ticket to tour the home goes to a good cause. I took a lot of pictures with my phone of this home. It isn't exactly my style inside, but I did love a few things in it.

The house sits up on a hill and is on a pretty busy street in Sandy Springs, Georgia in the Chastain Park area which is why this house has a high price tag....location.

After stepping in the foyer the room to the right was made into an office.

Loved this chair.

Across the foyer is the dining room. Not my style at all, but some of you will like it. Each room was staged by a different company.

Powder room.

Straight in front of the foyer is the living room. I took this from the stairs.

Loved this sofa. Eventually I would love something like this except a bit smaller in place of my red sofa that I have had for fifteen years. 

Loved the beams in the living room.

Nice big bright white kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

Breakfast room with a modern light fixture and a nice view of the pool.

On the other side of the living room is the master bedroom. This was my favorite room. It was not quite as modern as the others.

Love the planked ceiling and those beams.

Tub in master bath.

Large double vanity.

At the top of the stairs is this landing area where they created a bit of drama. Like I said not my style. There were navy velvet drapes hung on the walls on three sides with gold mirrors on them and then this one tiny bench in the center.

This bedroom was done in navy and white and I guess a bit of a global theme. The headboard is just birch branches tied together and standing behind the bed. 

Another bedroom.

Girl's nursery. There was a guy sitting in the chair to the left, see the end of his shoe, talking on his phone and I kept waiting for him to move so I could get a full shot, but nope, not happening.

Boy's nursery. 

Nice covered patio out back.

Pretty pool.

There is a lower level with a family room, mini kitchen, exercise room, and powder room.

And the room that was more my style was the cute powder room with the gray checked walls.

And I'm going to end it here with the mud room since this is the last space we saw as we exited.

So if you want to move to Atlanta and you have 2.1 mil lying around you can buy this home.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hmmm, like you, not my style at all. Two things that stuck out like a sore thumb to me were the wrinkled bedding in the master and the little bench with a pillow stuck on it in the other bedroom. I don't get a pillow stuck on a bench, it especially looks strange on that small bench. Things I did like were the patio, the nurseries were cute - I liked the window treatments in both nurseries. Nice lot. The big city near me does a home like this each year with proceeds for the symphony. It's usually pretty nice.

  2. Oh how so beautiful!.....I love that office chair too...and I can see why you love that cute powder room!! And my heart skipped a beat when seeing that gorgeous beamed ceiling in the master!...Love Fall show homes..unfortunately have not been able to see any this year.

  3. I was looking for something a bit more grand for my 2.1 mil. (he he he!) Lovely home . The only room I didn't care for was the bedroom with the headboard made of sticks. Thanks for the great tour!

  4. I enjoy home tours! Thanks for sharing! Beyond the staging, it's a lovely home. Additional photos - including the chair in the girl's nursery :) - http://homeofdistinction.com/15Atlanta/photos.php

  5. Except for the ceiling and the bathtub, this house is pretty boring to me. I guess it's true location location location

  6. Lots of cool touches but overall it seemed so sterile and lifeless. Loved the birch branch head board, might not be everyone's cup of tea but it least that room had spark and creativity and a touch of color and lots of texture to make it interesting. I love a house tour, thanks!

  7. Well, this is not my taste either but I saw a FEW things I liked. The brown bedroom is my style and I would LOVE a covered patio. The pool is beautiful too. The other rooms just seem cold to me. They need something alive, plants or something! Thanks for the tour.

  8. Well,it is a little stuffy,but to each his own. I like a home that is cozy and you aren't afraid to sit down and this one didn't do that for me.

  9. I kinda did not find any take-away-ideas at all. Well maybe, the plank wall. Wish I could say something positive, but not with this house. Oh, the pool was nice. Hee, hee Judy C

  10. What do these decorators have against color??? Style differences aside, it needed lots of "pop"!

  11. Like you I loved that small powder room with the gray check on the walls.
    I also liked the basement decor more than the main floor.

  12. Hi Kim,
    I saw some of the pictures that Kelly had up on your fun tour of this house too. It is a gorgeous home. Too big for me but really pretty. Have a great rest of the week.

  13. I live for home tours...I think I liked most of the things you did. Loved that sofa. It looked like you could just sink right in. The kitchen was to die for, loved the master bedroom and that checked wallpaper!!

  14. Thanks so much for your efforts in taking us on this home tour with you. I always enjoy seeing different types of homes even if they are not my style. Fun to be a looky-loo!

  15. Beautiful home. I could move right in as I'm sure everyone could.

  16. Not so sure about it. Interesting how the mirrors were hung in the last of the pictures.that powder room is all you,

  17. I haven't made it to any home tours this years, so this was a treat.

  18. Thanks for the show home tour, Kim!

  19. Love the master bed, beams, and chandy!!!

  20. I love the ceiling in the bedroom, but I find some rooms too perfect to be interesting.

  21. I like the kitchen and Master too! The walls in the office looks interesting as well.

  22. I love going to the home tours also. Especially the ones that are homes that people live in instead of model homes.

  23. Loved the tour, Kim! I agree though...not my style either. Although I did love that chair, and the powder room's wallpaper:)

  24. What a beautiful home! My husband and I used to enjoy those tours. It really does inspire, even if we can't afford it ;-)

  25. Beautiful home! The hardwood floors here are really nice.Do you know if they are reclaimed wood, or just new floors made to look original? They really give the home some depth and a sense of warmth. Hardwood floors in that style can be challenging to mix with marble counter tops, but this was done really well! Awesome home!