Blue and White Table Setting


While some are already jumping into Christmas decorating it will not be happening here until after Thanksgiving. I will just enjoy looking at those who share theirs for now. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and I don't want it to look like Christmas. Our tradition is to start right after Thanksgiving and I'm already gathering up ideas.
 Today I thought I would share some photos from a post I did in 2012 for a make believe Thanksgiving table since I was not the host that year, but wanted to set a pretty table. I'm sharing this just in case you need an idea for your table this year. 

Blue and white isn't what you would think for Thanksgiving, but why not?

I placed a grain sack with a blue stripe down as a runner and then grabbed my blue and white jars and vases and placed those down the center along with some candlesticks.

Layers of gold, white and blue.

I'm not a formal table kind of girl so using these casual checked napkins and wicker napkin rings give the table a nice mix.

My little squirrel salt and pepper shakers keep the table fun.

If I don't have six of the same dinner plates then I like to mix them up. The blue and white ones were at the end of the table and the for the other four I used my grandmother's china that I inherited. I love the pretty flowers on them.

Now I need to figure out this year's tables.

How about you do you know how your table will be set this year?

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  1. Blue and white always works, no matter the season! Happy Tuesday! Pam (

    1. I agree! My grandmother had old blue willow plates...and they worked with everything. Now I am using my blue and white more and more. Sheila

  2. I love it....It's beautiful and I love blue!

  3. Blue and white is always a winner! I have no idea what I am doing this year table-wise, but have been squirling away some ideas.

    I don't know about you, but this time of year in blogging stresses me out. So many people rushing the Christmas holiday and so many people getting annoyed with other people rushing the Christmas holiday. It's just tiring :) I have some Christmas projects planned for November, but won't be decorating until after Thanksgiving.

  4. I love blue and white no matter what time of year! I also agree with you on the Christmas decor. As much as I love gathering inspiration from other blogs, I don't put up my Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. We host Thanksgiving every year so I like to keep the fall look going until then. But of course I still have to decide how the Thanksgiving table will look...

  5. I am not decorating for Christmas yet either. I don't want to rush it. We always go to my daughters now because her in-laws won't drive this far to come here. So, I will set a make believe table too:) I already got my turkey figurine out and on the table. I remember when you set this table. Loved it then and still love it. See ya later for Wow.

  6. Beautiful....I remember this the blue and white!...I have to start Christmas decorating or I will not finish it by many personal events for me between now and Christmas, so decorating whenever I get the know me and my schedule! :)

  7. I think using the blues for Thanksgiving is a beautiful idea! I also think you should use your mad painting skills and create some of those blueish/greenish pumpkins! Maybe throw in a few of those little boo white pumpkins...the dough bowl would look awesome with that too!!! Ok, I got a little carried! But the blue looks fantastic:D GREAT JOB!

  8. It's beautiful, it's classic, and a refreshing take on the usual Thanksgiving setting~

  9. I don't do "traditional" colors for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our home is lots of pale neutral colors (cream/taupe) with aqua/turquoise the main accent color. I will carry those colors onto my table settings for both holidays. We do use some brown accents also (hubby needs his leather chairs LOL), so I love mixing in brown transferware. I'm thinking my Thanksgiving table may include burlap chargers with aqua plates. I have floral napkins with those colors or brown/white ticking might work! White and the blue/green pumpkins work well in our home too. Christmas decs do not go up will after Thansgiving.

  10. I am finding blue and white to almost be a neutral. I used it with Christmas reds and whites last year, and this year the oranges. Looks great with most colors. I just did a post on blue and white dishes with yellow. Can we say that blue and white is now a decorating neutral? Ha. Sheila

  11. I am often accused of planning way too early (is there such a thing??)... so I've got Thanksgivings table planned. No blue and white just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving to use the blue willow....
    And as far as Christmas...well, as soon as the Thanksgiving company has left....I've been known to bring out a few things...but decorating for Christmas is the day after.....
    I'd love to see what you come up with for Thanksgiving this year for your table...

  12. Good Morning Kim. I think your table with the blue and whites from a few years ago is gorgeous. Love the cozy feel. I know what you do this year will be beautiful too. Have fun.

  13. What a beautiful tablescape. I never think to decorate my table...I should start doing that maybe everyone will enjoy my dining room more and stop using the table as a catch all.

  14. So elegant and timeless. I love the blue-and-whites, and your layered dishes are gorgeous. I'm not ready to even "pin" Christmassy things just yet. Like you, I just want to stay a while in November.

  15. It's good to hear another blogger declare a moratorium on Christmas decorating until the end of November.
    The blue and white table is lovely, and a nice departure from all the gold, green and brown.

  16. I love my blue and white table settings! Love it for Thanksgiving!

  17. I am so glad that at least ONE blogger is holding off on decorating for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving... to be completely honest I LOVE Thanksgiving more than Christmas, we call just enjoy each others company around a bountiful table and are grateful... My wife and I decorate our house for every season. Autumn thru Christmas is by far our busiest time for decorating because we start in September, with our Autumn decorations, then October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving, and then the BIG finale December for Christmas.... I am by my own admission a dish collecting crazy person, we have at last count 13 complete sets of china, stoneware etc.... I have dishes for every season and even month and or Holiday. While I also have Blue Willow, and your table looks pretty it just does not say Thanksgiving to me ..... I use my Thanksgiving Johnson Brothers, Turkey dinnerware for the holiday.... Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, knowing that there is Always, Always, Always, something to be Thankful for..... Blessings Curtis & Sherrie Chipley..

  18. Beautiful tablescape, I'm loving how your paired those patterns together! I don't host Thanksgiving, so I don't have to worry about the tree going up early. I don't have much going up , but lots of tours and things coming up, so I need to get started.

  19. Thanks for the Holiday sanity. Love celebrating one Holiday at a time.
    And your blue and white is gorgeous!

  20. Blue and white always make a beautiful table, whatever the season!