First Impressions...Christmas Foyer past


Can y'all believe Thanksgiving is almost here and I'm still not sure about my tables and I need to send out an email to my family members telling them what to bring. While I'm working on Thanksgiving I have definitely been planning for Christmas and even attended a Christmas open house at a beautiful home interiors store about forty five minutes away. So worth the drive. I came home with a bag of stuff and can't wait to start using it. The first spot most of our guests will see is the foyer and it's important to set a good first impression. Today I'm sharing past Christmas ideas from my foyer. I hope these give you some inspiration.

In 2011 I filled a wicker tray with greenery from the yard along with pine cones and my wooden carollers. A tall chunky candlestick/pillar adorned with a candle ring and the lantern from Ballard's finishes it out. Funny thing I still have all these things. 

Some live greenery and a vintage style stocking hung on the stairs. I spy miss Bailey, too.

In 2012 the same lantern was used. I placed a red dish on top of a stack of old books along with more clipped greens and pine cones. A small twig wreath hangs from the mirror.

A grapevine angel welcomes you at the door.

A twig deer from the Pottery Barn outlet along with a wire basket filled with more greens and pine cones. A faux pine wreath with a plaid ribbon and a little bird I attached were used in 2013.

Last year same deer in a new vignette using stacked cake plates and greenery. The chest and mirror had been changed earlier in the year.

I was looking back through my Christmas tour from last year and really loved what I did, but a new year brings new ideas. I can't wait to get started.

Here is some of my stash beautifully packaged from the open house last night. That's a little bird they clipped on as a free gift. So sweet!
They had quite a spread of food and drinks, too and a blue light special every thirty minutes.
Have y'all attended a Christmas open house?

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I went to an open house last Saturday and one earlier this week. The one on the weekend I bought greenery (not swags really but I don't know how to describe) with bows for my outside lights and lamp pole. Tired of the wreaths on the windows look. The one this week I bought wax and crackle stuff (it was at my Annie Sloan stockist) and some candle holders. I LOVED their decorations and think I will follow. Mostly greenery and white lights. Classic, elegant and simple. I am going to incorporate 3 ribbons on my mantle greenery and will probably add in feathers again. That will be the most colorful spot. I loved the peaceful almost reverent feel of the paint shop's decorations. I have a nativity set, but they had a gorgeous white tin one that they had white lights around that I can't get out of my mind . . . may be going back!

  2. I love shops that do Christmas open houses. I am headed to one in the next town on Saturday. I have picked up a few things for our "downsized" slim tree, plus some of those tiny tiny battery operated lights. I am going to try to create a vignette inside of a clear glass cookie jar and hope to use those lights.. I found the inspiration on your blog a few days ago. I am like you...I have thanksgiving and Christmas in my head at the same time. ha.! Sheila

  3. There is a Christmas open house tomorrow at one of my favorite local shops but I have to work *grumble grumble* I love going to them, so much fun! I enjoyed your tour of past Christmas decor... Hard for me to choose my favorite of them all, they are all so cute and pretty!

  4. I am going to tour a beautiful old home this Tuesday and I can't wait! Great ideas from your past Christmas foyers! It is so good to have your blog to refer back to, because I can't remember from year to year! Happy Saturday, Kim

  5. Love going to Christmas Open Houses, however, my schedule lately has prevented me from going to I shall browse later...great foyer of Christmas past.

  6. All the photos were so pretty. I liked them all, can't wait to see what you do for this year.
    Have a great day.

  7. I love your foyer and can't wait to see what you do this year with your Christmas goodies. My favorite store had a holiday open house last weekend and I couldn't go because of the board and batten project we're working on, sigh!

  8. Christmas is such a fun holiday to decorate for, i just love it and your pretty foyers gives me so many ideas. Thanks Kim and i will be looking forward to see the sack full of things distributed.

  9. Beautiful inspiration! I always look forward to Christmas Open House.

  10. Beautiful inspiration Kim I can't wait to get started this year too!

  11. LUV Christmas open house !! I have 2 friends with beautiful shops and I look forward to attending both. Went to one a couple of weeks ago, and the other is next weekend. I get a lot of gifts and décor when I go.
    I am missing another friend's open house , but she's 4 hrs south. This has been too busy a year :/

  12. Your post makes me want to get busy decorating! I can't wait to see what you are planning this year!

  13. What is the design on the cabinet? I love it.

    1. That is toile fabric I attached to the door fronts years ago. Thanks

  14. Great looks for your foyer, Kim. Such a pretty mirror. The greenery looks real.

  15. Love that the open houses have started. So much inspiration. Ohhhh your bag of goodies looks intriguing can't wait to see what you do for this year. Have a lovely Sunday.

  16. Sounds like a FUN open house -- Blue Light Specials and all!
    Cannot wait to see what you got.

  17. Love the twig reindeer! Can't wait to see your ideas this year!!!