Holiday Bedroom Ideas


Do you decorate your bedrooms for Christmas? Nothing over done, but maybe just some touches that add the holiday spirit in the rooms? I like to decorate mine especially if there are going to be guests staying in them. Today we are going back down memory lane to see how I've add a few holiday touches to the bedrooms.

For those of you who have not been reading my blog since the beginning the now farmhouse style room used to be done in a nautical style. In 2012 I added flannel sheets, a vintage quilt and then just added a big star pillow made from an old quilt. I purchased the pillow at the country living fair the first time I attended it. Also the enamelware pail was from the fair, too and I placed a small tree in it.

I made the little lifesaver looking ornaments out of curtain rings and paint.

The other room that used to have green walls also got some flannel sheets in a green ticking and then a vintage quilt and some cute little Santas. 

I tucked a tiny tree in an enamelware coffee pot on the nightstand. 

In 2013 the green room got a mix of patterns on the bed with a little bit of the wild side added in the animal print pillow.

Another tiny tree got tucked in a vintage silver champagne bucket and wrapped with some cute garland from France.

The old birdhouse got a simple ornament.

The nautical guestroom was transformed to a farmhouse style and this was the first time it was decorated for Christmas in 2013.

Last year the farmhouse style guestroom looked like this. Red and gray flannel were used and may get mixed in some this year, too.

This was one of my favorite looks last year. A faux garland draped across the headboard was so simple for a lot of impact.

Even the master gets decked out. Just a few linen changes and some added accessories is all it takes.

 I hope these sparked some ideas.

Soon I will start decking these rooms again.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Your bedrooms are inspirational be it the Holidays or not, I will decorate this year and I'm excited to do so for the first time!

  2. i am decking my bedroom out this year with a white tree. first time ever. have a wonderful weeekend.

  3. All so very beautiful, festive, but most of all so warm and inviting....a true feel of the Holidays!

  4. For many years my hubby and I have enjoyed a tree in our master bedroom. I do a few other touches of Christmas in there also. Guest bedrooms are not decorated for Christmas. (We won't have guests.)

  5. Curtain rings + paint = lifesavers! PURE GENIUS! And oh my goodness where in the world did you get Santa from? I love it all!

  6. Those are always beautiful, Kim. You do a wonderful job with just enough in each room. I also decorate every room in this house for Christmas. It is a sickness, I tell you! lol I am changing themes this year and moving all the "traditional" down to the media room area. The main level will have a "cooler" palette this year. I am anxious to get through Thanksgiving so I can get started. xo Diana

  7. Love what you have inspired here, I am looking for an old quilt with holiday colours for a room in my home, you my dear are the designer of all the right touches.

    Loved my visit.


  8. I love all the looks. Today it's on my list to Christmas up our master.

  9. I'd love to know where the bird shams in your master are from. Love your ideas.

  10. I'd love to know where to get the bird shams in your master. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. I got those last year at Pottery Barn, but I think they still carry them.

  11. I sure do decorate the bedrooms! I am anxious to get my NEW duvet cover on our bed, Santa brought it to me last year! The guest room is getting all dolled up too! Love seeing your past decor.

  12. I love your farmhouse bedroom oh so pretty!! The red and gray, be still my heart!!

  13. I love your Christmas decor, year after year.