Master Bedroom Evolution


It's time for another room evolution and I have a doozy for y'all today. The master has gone through many changes over the years from paint colors and carpet to different bedding looks so get comfy and grab a snack.

This is how it looks today, but get ready to go way back in time.

I wish I had digital pictures of how it looked twenty years ago, but this is the best I have. The walls and carpet were green and all the trim was/is white. We had cherry furniture that came with us from our first home that we also lived in twenty years before moving to this one.

This is actually before the other photo. I had white valances before getting the custom plantation shutters.

The first time I shared my room on the blog was March 2010. We had replaced the other bed with this large wood paneled one from Haverty's. The duvet was from Pottery Barn, the coverlet I believe was from HomeGoods and the gingham shams and bench were from Ballard's.

A few months later I took the desk/vanity out since the leg was broken and brought in my French commode a.k.a. chest. The brown lamps were painted white.

The bedding was changed to mostly white in March 2011 and the armoire was painted white. Sofa table replaced the chest.

In November 2011 it was all about winter whites. Apparently the chest was back again and a new small bench was added to the foot of  the bed.

A new tufted headboard in an oatmeal linen replaced the big wood bed. My style was changing and this bed was certainly a better fit.

The striped bed skirt was replaced with this buffalo checked skirt.

In June 2013 some bigger changes were made. The walls were painted a little bit lighter in Alexandria Beige by BM paint, the shag carpet was replaced with an off white textured carpet, and some drapes from Ikea were hung. Also a new mirror went above the bed found at an antique mall.

December 2013 winter whites and some new pillows for the season.

On this side of the room, which I haven't been sharing, the mirror and lamps changed in 2014 and as you will see they have changed again.

A touch of French farmhouse style was added when my antique bench from France arrived.

Last November another big change happened in here. We got a king size bed!
I loved the tufted queen size headboard we had so I wanted something similar so I ordered this creamy linen one with the side wings. Of course a new bigger bed meant new bedding, too. So new shams from Pottery Barn, a new duvet from Ballard's and the quilt is from the Restoration Hardware outlet. The ticking bed skirt that I had on the queen size bed was put on here because it is actually a king size bed skirt that I was making fit a queen. I can't believe we have had this bed almost one year and I still love it.

 I toned down the white paint on this armoire to make it work until I found a new one.

Last December I bought myself a Christmas present, a new chandelier. Out with the ceiling fan!

Last February I was craving some color in here so some red bedding was added.

Then spring came and neutrals were the name of the game.

Last May I lucked up on this gorgeous armoire on Craigslist for just $225. I was so glad to see the other armoire that was falling apart leave.

After finding the armoire I decided to paint my dresser. The room was just too heavy with this large dresser and the armoire being brown with the brown walls.

And we are back full circle to the way it looks now......for now.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Wow! You have made so many great changes along the way. I think you have great taste in bed linens!
    Michelle from

  2. Every single change up has been beautiful. I think the chest if your favorite with moving it back in. It is so pretty by the side of your bed. You have such great vision with your bedding. That armoire from Craig's list for $225 is a SCORE!!!!! WOW beautiful.
    Happy Week End.

  3. It's amazing to see the difference of your bedroom over time.

  4. I'm getting ready to embark on phase 1 of the burger bedroom, so this post was so enjoyable and helpful. Love how your neutral backdrop allows you to change so beautifully with the seasons. A beautiful room!

  5. Totally amazing! There are so many beautiful changes it's hard to pick a favorite. Love the French bench you had in there for awhile. Hope you found a good spot for it in another part of your home. Would love to see a better picture of it. It's really unusual and beautiful. Love ALL the bedding and the furniture you painted. You have tons of talent! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Michelle, just click on the highlighted links under the photos and you will see all of the original posts. Thanks

  6. Love all of your photos, but my favorite is the photo with your new bench from France and the brown plaid bed skirt. And the last photo of how it is today.. Love the color on the walls also.
    Have a great Sunday.

  7. Love to see all the changes you have made, Kim. I remember most of them since I started following you. Some are subtle - some are dramatic...but all fun and it has always looked nice and comfortable. Good job- xo Diana

  8. Hi Kim, Do you have a linen closet or armoire? Just curious how you organize your linens. Would love to have a peek in your linen storage! I love what you've done with your bedroom.

  9. Keeps getting better and better!

  10. Kim,
    An amazing transformation in the Master Bedroom!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I are embarking upon a more gender neutral decor for our Master Bedroom, soon!!!
    Thank you for creative inspiration!!!

  11. I love how gradually your bedroom became lighter.

  12. I had to scroll back and forth a few times to take it all in. I love each and every stage. One of my favorites is the winter whites one from 2013. I love the way the colors of those pillows look with the rest of the room. Also, do you happen to know the name/brand of the textured carpet you have in there now? I really love that look. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for sharing your design. It's a beautiful, harmonious, blend of old & new, French & Contemporary.
      Count me in for any lead you have for the carpet!
      Thanks a bunch, Lisa in granite bay ca.

  13. What I love about your evolution series is how I see how your style and tastes evolve over the year, and it just keeps getting beter and better!

  14. Isn't it fun to go down memory lane and see how the room has changed as your tastes change. Love the lighter look...can't imagine the room looking any better than this!

  15. I think every room in your home is just dreamy...the transformation over the years is amazing. And I still can't get over your Armoir find! Everything is picture perfect:)

  16. You must stay awake at night thinking about all the things that you can do in your home, and the end result is always just right. My changes are minimal and infrequent!

  17. It's simply grand the way your bedroom evolved. Love the bench the simplicity of decorating and the brightness of the room. Beautiful!!!

  18. Hi I love the duvet from Restoration Hardware. Its beautiful. Do you remember the name of the Duvet? Elaine

    1. No, but it should be on their site. They only carry a few different ones. Thanks

  19. you have a lovely style and I enjoyed your pictures. I, too, am curious about how you store your linens. More so, I'm curious how you get your "Mr." to agee to the expense of all the changes. My "Mr." wouldn't tolerate the changes so often knowing they cost money. What's your secret to getting your "Mr." on board? :o)

    1. I have plenty of storage places plus some older linens have been given away. I pay for the changes myself from the money I make blogging. :)