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If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time then you know I have a slight thing for stools. They can be tall, short, new, old, wood, metal, stained or painted it just doesn't matter I seem to gravitate towards them when I see them. I was thrilled to be invited to create a curated collection for Bits Of Vintage. I love to incorporate vintage with new in my home and there are lots of items in this collection that will mix with many styles.

When I first saw this little white chippy stool I just knew it needed to be in my home.

The fact that it has little lockable casters makes it even better. 

When I was a little girl I didn't live near my grandparents. We had to drive several hours to go visit and we usually went for Christmas. I remember rolling my grandmother's stool over to the sink so I could reach it and help her wash dishes. She didn't have a dishwasher like we did so I thought it was so much fun to wash in her big sink of bubbles. Maybe after our Thanksgiving dinner my granddaughter will help me wash some of the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher.

There are so many uses for stools besides sitting and standing on. I like to use them to hold decorative elements especially at the holidays, or to hold a stack of towels or bath accessories by a tub. They also are great as an extra little spot to place a drink and snack plate on next to chair if there normally isn't a table there.

Here are some of the pieces from my curated collection.
Embossed aqua tin mailbox.

Accordian wall sconce.

And of course I picked this farmer's market sign. You know I love anything cow.

Be sure to check out the other eight items in my curated collection at Bits of Vintage and much more starting at 11:30 amET.
If you buy something be sure to use the code savvysavings to receive 20% off from now until December 7.

Happy shopping!

Thanks Bits of Vintage for my cute stool.

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  1. Great collection and happy that you have fond memories when you look at that stool of your grandmother...I wish I had those memories of my grandmothers....they both passed away before I was born...the stool has to be my favorite because of the memories it sparks with you.....

  2. How exciting Kim! Yes, you do love your stools...such a sweet story about your grandparent visit too. Can't wait to go visit Bits of Vintage!

  3. Fabulous picks, Kim! I need that charming stool. Want it as a plant stand for my topiary. Maybe I need a pair!

  4. Have to check it out! Love how you styled your little stool!

  5. Love the stool, Kim. Could you tell me where you purchased the red & white rug in front of your sink? It totally matches my kitchen curtains! Thanks :)

  6. That tin mailbox is so adorable!

  7. That stool is great as are all the other items. I, too, have fond memories of my Grandmother as we lived with her for 6 years til she passes away. She was the sweetest woman I knew. Thanks for stirring those memories. I hope your little one helps you on Thanksgiving. I also hope my sweet Colleen will have good memories of me when I am gone. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Kim and congrats on the collection!!!

  8. Me encantan tus taburetes, yo tambiƩn me compro los que puedo restaurar y ademas me gustan que vayan dando vueltas por casa hasta que encuentran su espacio. Un abrazo.